Altered States Consciousness – A Great Shift In Consiousness

Consciousness Defined

Consciousness is the direct perception that someone has about himself for his psychic actions (perception, thoughts, desires), which emanate from him and which with their appeal return to him. This is no metaphysics. They follow natural laws proven by science and technology.

Definition Altered State Consciousness

Altered State Consciousness or Awareness is a new state of mind which differs significantly from a previous normal state one. It’s caused by various environmental issues or factors as a reaction to them. Those factors can be internal or external mental or physical. They can be recognized by the individual as a subjective experience. Actually, life goes on and people change. Changes are present on different levels of someone’s life as a direct perception through feelings, thoughts, and desires (consciously and not unconsciously).

Definition Altered State Consciousness
Types Altered States Consciousness

Here we will examine Altered State Consciousness that are mainly included in spiritual experience, learning, insight, mental and emotional development and understanding (such as reality manifestation). Also, emotions influence someone’s behavior that in turn alters the state of consciousness and they can be influenced by various stimuli.

Maintain A Healthy State of Mind Spirit

Reality is a matrix an image of reality as our physiology can perceive. Inside the universe, there are no shapes, smells or flavors there is only a sea of energy that exists in unity. All that exists is an ocean of energy. Reality is created through the eyes within the brain. Reality does not really exist. It is created through the sensations allowed by our physiology. We ourselves are actually images of such a reality. The universe is a wholeness which cannot be divided.

The matter is the bending of space-time that human senses perceive as density. This density increases until is lost by the senses. The curvature of the earth is due to this phenomenon. The matter is a curved time-space to the fourth dimension. Life is due to this from start to finish. The healthy state of someone’s life depends on the fraction of the energy increase (nominator) to the energy consumption (denominator) in order to remain constant.

Manifest your Dreams into Reality

Images are ideas. Individuality can be lost, but space is not. Evidence that there is no death. The physiology of a man is like a supercomputer. The brain is a powerful processor that creates reality. It moves matter only through thinking. Information can be sent like telepathy to someone in a long-distance without losing its density.

Fear is created by the existence of needs or necessities. Lack of love also leads to fear and not hate as many people think. Doubt is a byproduct of fear. Therefore, the shortage of love leads to the existence of doubt and fear. However, the enhancement of love leads to the diminishing of fear and the installation of peace. Doubt and fear are due to the lack of faith. Love and faith go hand by hand. They are mutually reinforcing each other. The empowerment of faith leads to the empowerment of love. Concentration trough love leads to an increase in energy density as a result. This, in turn, leads to a further rise in Consciousness.

Evolution of Human Consciousness

Now the energy level (the nominator of the fraction) remains stable in the short term. The denominator concerns the continuous manifestation of reality on the 4-dimensional plane. It’s an ongoing procedure. We’re actually in a period of a continuous expansion of the universe. When the denominator tends to the infinitive the fraction tends to zero (given that the nominator – energy level remains stable). As a result, there is great turbulence to multiple levels of someone’s state of health (mental – emotional – physical).

Definition of Duality

There is no time. Time is an illusion. The human brain is unable to perceive the 4 dimensions of matter. Feelings are the effects through perceptions of the six (and not five) senses. Reactions to the feelings are the emotions. Love is actually the main feeling of connection to the only one and main source. All other feelings derive from love and through love. On the other side of love, there exists the opposite feeling of fear. They are both actually something more than simple feelings. They are states of mind. The mind is a hologram. The universe is a hologram. Every other feeling and the subsequent emotions lie in between those two diverse mind states. This is what mind perceives as DUALITY!.

Duality means double of something or an increase by two. Emotions are in some way reactions to someone’s environment. Reactions that derive from a love state of mind are considered positive. Those that derive from a state of fear are considered negative. Every other emotion comes in between or is neutral. As we already saw feelings are perceptions. As a result, the reality is perceived.

Emotions are actually reactions as responses to a belief system. Feelings are perceptions of who you are, your consciousness, your soul and they are subjective. They are influenced by personal experience, beliefs, and memories. According to the above state of mind there comes and the perceived reality. Reality is also subjective. Mass exists yes but definitely there is no matter.

Having No Expectations: The Secret to Freedom and Happiness

Feelings can change through a change in consciousness, belief system etc. This change can only occur through a change to emotions and not to the other way around. Changing consciously in the way someone reacts against the perceived feelings will lead to a gradual shift in consciousness and the subsequent belief system. Balancing the emotional state through a positive way of thinking becomes fundamental. By being true to yourself through a thoughtful action and not reaction and having no expectations suppressed emotions will diminish themselves. Nothing to wait, nothing to aspire. Only freedom and happiness!.

In order for the human mind to further change the way it reacts and maintain its mental – emotional – physical state of health in good shape, it has to trigger an increase in consciousness through an increase of the sixth sense. Insight or foresight. An increase in foresight (that is the direct knowledge without the intervention of reason) will both reduce ambiguity, doubt, and fear and at the same time will give rise to faith and love. When fear diminishes love will fill the void. It is that simple!.

So, there is not any real threat to be afraid of. It is only a part of the procedure. They are shadows of a continuous alteration of scenes at a given (perceived) time period of someone’s life. Without them, change cannot appear. They consist the beautiful moments of Divine reality manifestation on your own pace and terms through SYNCHRONICITY. Accept and welcome them without judgment as omens that you’re actually on the right track. You can not separate dark from daylight but you can still enjoy the beautiful delights they have to offer.

The reason behind all this is to live your life to the full as the ultimate cause is for you to experience the extraordinary effects that destiny has in store for you. No human words can really capture their greatness. You only have to accept them. Then divine will give your always more and more because Life is not only for LIVING as a LEARNING EXPERIENCE but also for ENJOYING!

Law Of Attraction – New Secret Law Of Attraction

What the law of attraction means? The Law of Attraction simply states that like attracts like. Thoughts by using the power of the mind can turn into reality. Sorry to say how far away is that from being true. Why? Simply because the mind is made to facilitate and sustain reality. So does it mean that mind has nothing to do with reality? No, it’s not true either. Mental thoughts are mental projections into let’s say space at a given time. Mind makes thousands of thoughts per day. But rarely they come true at a predictable time span. They may come true or they may not come true. Who knows? The Law of Attraction is considered the biggest utopia or misunderstanding of all time. Gurus all over the world used it to give hope to people who are desperate for their well-being and success of all kind. It rather consists of an obsession of their own vanity.

It pretends that gives people the needed hope and the courage to go on with their lives and break the vicious cycle of the undesirable unknown future with all the feelings that derive from it, such fear, worry, negativity and so on. They even recall science, quantum physics to give reason and proof to the power of mind in the creation of reality. A mind is a remarkable tool that is mainly unexplored up to nowadays. The secret is not a secret anymore. It has become an enigma. That means that every trial to decode the secrets of the mind, it broadens the gap of our knowledge against ignorance. They talk about enlightenment tools to be used such as best practices or they even recall ‘karma’ and all sort of things in order to reinforce a false state of manifestation and reality. The only thing that they are able to do for sure is to hold someone accountable or even responsible for his own life condition creating feelings of alienation and guilt about decisions that never made, lost opportunities and all sort of misery and misfortune.

New Secret Law Of Attraction

Sorry to say that the law of attraction has finally become the epitome of distraction. It points to a wrong way and has been obsolete by the results that never came. Life is something more complicated than the law of attraction claims but more simple than it tries to prove that it is. Confusing isn’t it. Not really. The manifestation of reality has certain rules. They apply to everyday life but Divine has its own rules that human minds are difficult to unlock. The reason is that mind plays tricks. Mind in its core essence is another human body organ with its great strengths and weaknesses. It’s limitations. Mind facilitates what perceives as valuable and aborts what it considers as a threat to its existence.

Divine Love – The Real Essence Of Reality

So it creates its own scenario of a possible (preferable) manifestation of reality on the mental field. They are unmanifested thoughts, wants and desires but also fears, doubts, agony and all sort of positive and negative thoughts derived from the opposite feelings. Positive feelings create daydreaming for love, soulmates, money, well-being and all sorts of good luck, abundance and so on. Reality is another thing altogether. Reality is the manifestation of dreams that come true. But they do not come true most of the time for many people. Why? Love is the missing key. Divine love is universal. It caters, underpins and sustains every entity and every being that surrounds us inside our universe. This is the real essence of reality. The Secret Law Of Attraction

On the other hand, love is the most misused or misunderstood word ever. People are unable to understand that love is actually light, is pure energy that can not be seen but is felt in various ways. It could take countless hours to describe love only because there is no human word to define It. Divine love is something that human minds can only reflect about. It can not be seen. However, it gives direction as it is the real magnet that attracts someone to its own and unique destiny and not the other way around. Now it is easy to realize why the law of attraction is a halfway true and halfway wrong. It doesn’t work because it misses fundamental parts of reality manifestation.

The Love Law Of Attraction Secret

Now that we know that the secret is not a secret anymore how to turn it to someone’s advantage? Is there a practical use of the secret of law of attraction? Yes and no at the same time. Yes because it is possible and happens and no because is not magic to happen instantly. Not at least at its initial stage. It’s actually a procedure that needs much more effort and time to succeed and give results. Inside the new context of manifestation of reality, awareness and self-acceptance play a major role. No one can change reality by intervening directly to it. It happens as someone turns inside and listens to his heart. What the heart dictates the mind should follow. Not the opposite. The law of attraction is an outdated theory that never came true. If for some people worked it is because of coincidence. Yes, this is finally the secret. Coincidence is another term for reality. Life is full of them but an unsuspecting mind that is unaware will never know. It happens all the time but unintentionally. Now it is a big chance for someone to do it intentionally. Mind spirit through love makes possible every real desire come true. It is the only real cause and effect at the same time. The Love Law Of Attraction Secret! The Law of Heart – Mind Coinside!. This is the law of manifestation that It is known in our earthy terms, as a Synchronicity!.

New Use – The Love Law Of Attraction Secret New Secret Law Of Attraction

So give your self a new beginning. Now you know what makes your reality. Listen to your most hidden desires that lay down deep inside your heart. They are what they really make you feel content and happy. Follow your intuition. Cultivate day by day your new discovery. Use your intuition. These are the real motives that make you go on and make everything possible. Be yourself not someone else you thought that wanted to be. Close your ears to sirens. Forget for a while your egoism. Look at the Divine signals sent to you. Follow coincidences in your life. Watch them. Look for the hidden reasons behind them. Try to uncover their true meanings into your life. They are actually omens or signs that you are on the right path. They are the building stones of your own unique destiny. They are going to lead you where your true essence wants you to be. To the top of what you ever thought possible that you wanted or needed to be. To the best of you. The Greatest. Now it is time to celebrate your personal Glory. You deserve it! Celebrate your new self. YOURSELF!

Master Your Mind Design Your Destiny – Release Your Mind

Behind every certainty, we will always find some assumption, question or doubt. This is just the nature of mind. Doubt triggers our perception against our belief system in order to create reality. Reality is the effect when doubt is the cause. Inside the old context, the effect is derived from the cause. On the other hand, when the belief system is challenged there is always an attempt for the mind to anticipate the possible or the desired results. In this way, the effects are preconceived a priori so there is no psychological cost or emotional letdown. So inside the new context, we have the doubt – action – result – experience – reality. When we consider that time is an illusion (mental projection) then doubt makes our reality. Release your mind from preconvictions. Clear your mind. Expand your mind to a new potential.

The mind now becomes the mechanism behind that procedure and doubt the trigger. Mind in this way becomes the projector and the receiver at the same time. The mind is the mean and the initial cause. So actually in this way the mind receives what it really preconceives. Brilliant! So there is no possibility or ambiguity but only desire and then certainty. Now the environment becomes more predictable. Good is most desirable and mind works in this way in order not to create harm. But there is not actually good or bad result in certain circumstances until it comes to someones’ knowledge in order to make a judgment. It has to come and be weighted against the actual value system. Incrementally continues rising in awareness and then in consciousness. This is the real query behind every experience and the other way around. It goes both ways. Control your mind. Master your mind design your destiny. It’s a loop!

Master Your Mind Design Your Destiny

People learn from situations that make a sense or contributes in some way to their way of living. Now valued is something that has a meaning and therefore is important to someone. Only then something makes sense to their value metric system. Values are actually needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows their importance “A Theory of Human Motivation” and they are arranged in a hierarchy with the higher ones taking precedence over the lower ones. Basic needs lay at the bottom of the pyramid. They are perceived through feelings and transmitted to the mind. Then they become wants. Wants are needs that come to the someones’ awareness just because of their absence, lack or shortage. Now every decision someone makes is based upon the hierarchy of their needs – wands (or values) that in turn triggers the desire (motivates) to go on in order to cover that need or wand. So inside the new context, a value is a need, a wand or a desire as long as it has a meaning or makes a sense to someone’s value metric system. So basic needs are received instinctively but wants or values are actually perceived.

Access Subconscious Mind

So how can someone change his reality? By changing the way of thinking? Not really. The mind is made this way in order to sustain and evolve someones’ reality. There is a way to silent mind but seems to be unachievable because it is difficult for someone to handle or take over the mind. However, to silent mind is possible in order to access subconscious mind. The human body is actually a peripheral memory where data are stored. Body feels, acts, reacts and surely remembers. It is a perfect machine. Keeps whatever it needs in order to work properly. When something goes wrong then adjust itself and heals. So there is no need to store data inside the mind. Mental thoughts of every kind and for every reason are made by mind. So mind at the same time works as a projector, as a receiver, and as a processor in order to survive and thrive through everyday trials.

Clear Your Mind To New Possibilities

Now here it comes the big truth about reality. We do not talk about alchemy in its old context but an inside transformation. Why? Because what counts positively against its value system remains. Anything else is aborted. It has space to receive and handle whatever it considers valuable. So mind has its own conservation system as any other system inside the human body. What really matters comes to its awareness. Judgment supports the belief system through the value system. A valued system expands through the proper awareness that something contributes to its value. The next step is the experience that follows. A learning experience that gives value to the system leads finally to gnosis. Self Awareness. Self Gnosis. To know someones’ self in its own context. To begin to know who is really hiding behind that person. It’s true essence. Its true destiny and the reason to exist.

Enhancing Your Mind Body Spirit

So there comes the desired transformation through new needs, wands, beliefs and finally a new awareness. An ongoing inside procedure where someone lives, grows and experiences looking deep inside himself and not outside. It is a continues process and it is not a goal-oriented but it is through self-acceptance. Knowledge of one’s self is the key and its ultimate life’s goal. Through conscious acting and not reacting. Listening other’s people point of view and not imposing his rules or wants upon the others. Accepting and releasing.

Look At Your Motives – Listen To Your Heart

Get away from the scene, watch and release any preconceptions and the old belief system. Build a new one. Welcome, a new set of values to your life. Let them come on their own terms. Whatever the self-needs or wands they will come in time and on time either. Recognize what your body asks you to do. Listen to your heart. Trust your intuition. Act with integrity and self-evaluation. Stay focused on the direction look at the bigger picture and let the means and your life goals define themselves on the way. Then the desired results will make themselves. And they will surely and definitely overpass your anticipated results because there won’t be an outdated value metric system to judge against. Look at your motives instead of your needs and wands. Let them define the cause and not the other way around. Welcome to the new era. Change your cosmos by changing your self!. Change your mind change your life! Master Your Mind Design Your Destiny

In this way, someone gives space to Divine to fill the gap and make its presence in every day’s life. New life experiences will give rise and reason for a new state of consciousness to emerge. That new state will lead to a new reality. This is the learning curve inside the new context. As more and more people move to this state of consciousness society will begin to change. New life, new beliefs, new world. As needs and wands become less and less important real values will precede themselves. A shift in paradigm! Transformation! Those new values will finally lead to their real destiny through their Ultimate Goal. HAPPINESS!

Spiritual Love Relationship – A Shift To Greatness

It is well-known that there are different kinds of love. Love relationships, motherhood love, brotherhood love and so on. On the other hand, it is easy for someone to realize that they all have the same origin. Divine Love!. So what makes the difference in love relationships that make people go crazy about and spend countless hours talking and analyzing love relationships. This post will examine those kinds of love relationships from another perspective, a spiritual one in order to de-legitimize them.

Spiritual Love Relationship

Spiritual Love Relationships do not grow in a vacuum. Ordinary love relationships can grow and shift to this state. They can spark facilitate and maintain a spiritual awakening. New feelings, new experiences, new sensations, new beliefs, new experiences, new intimacy. A change from inside. Not outside. A spiritual awakening!

What is Spiritual Love All About

Ordinary love relationships are based on mutual respect, commitment, and communication. Each part tries to give value to the other part and this consists of a healthy basis for a long-term relationship. However, Spiritual Love Relationships are something even greater. They do not try to give value to anyone. Each one part tries to give value to himself first and for the most. This is not an egoistic approach at all. It is a shift in the way that someone perceives himself against the other one just because of his presence as an equal part in a love relationship.

We will try to analyze that kind of mentality. It hasn’t to do with unconditional love either. It has to do on how someone feels, perceives and behaves about himself in the context of sharing his life with someone else. It has to do with the degree of awareness and how someone realizes that plethora of positive feelings about himself. The other part is only the cause or the catalyst and not the end goal. Inside the new context, each lover strives for self-greatness and not for relationship rightness.

How To Find And Maintain Spiritual Unity

Spiritual Love is not usually loving with the first sight. It is not something that is just happening. It is not by accident either. It is for a reason. And the reason is to create and maintain the awareness of one’s self. It is not the couple that gives value to the part because there is no individuality in its old context but the other way around. The individual gives rise to the awareness of feeling happy and content in a relationship. Then the other side becomes aware of those positive feelings and emotions that give rise to his awareness so both parties become aware of the new state of their relationship on a higher plane.

Those kinds of relationships have a solid basis and they consist a happy, healthy and content relationship. Love in this kind of relationship flows freely and instantly and rises with time in higher planes of awareness, self-acceptance, maturity, and happiness. Classic term for unity loses its initial meaning and we can now talk of souls merging were both parties sustain their independence and grow as even and mutual souls.

Ways to Nurture Spiritual Love Relationships

Inside the old context, both parties try to nurture their relationship by giving space to one another, by caring, by sharing and by communicating their beliefs, their needs and their feelings. In the new context, they do not share needs and wands because there is no spiritual lack or shortage anymore. When someone forgets about needs and wants only then their real purpose shows off. Pure Happiness!

In the new context, there are only positive feelings of being present in a happy union or merge of distinct personal values were self-awareness and self-acceptance is the key. Be present, be content, be happy and then make the other part share your happiness with you. This is the new motto.

The New Approach To Love And Connect

A Spiritual Love Relationship is actually on its core another form of relationship. But this one is a bit different. It doesn’t create any expectations of the other part. It is not a pushing on or possessive relationship. On the other hand, it is not considered to be a passive one either. Whenever one soul feels content the other one feels content too. This is a holistic approach to liking and loving inside a Spiritual Love Relationship. But is not a simple sharing either. It is actually a flow of happiness between both lovers. There is no end to this kind of love because Spiritual Love is energy and as such is neither created nor destroyed. It is an In heritage to humanity and nobody owns it or posses it. It’s also invaluable because is not man-made.

Indeed, in this kind of relationship, there are no emotional walls or hard feelings. Simply because each part realizes that hard feeling are not their feelings itself but the stance that someone takes against those feelings. Doubt and fear of keeping or losing someone is the old way of considering and maintaining a relationship. Inside the new content, there is no doubt, no fear, no cheating, no rejection, no pain, no healing. Only acceptance. Self-Acceptance!

To summarize this is the new perspective were old relationships move towards to new state of consciousness because there is a shift in paradigm. The old model sustained our society for too long up to now. New way of life is emerging and make the necessity for love relationships to change either and move to a whole new context in order to survive and sustain the growth, the wellness and the well-being of the new society which is now born, nurtures and matures with new and higher values following the path of righteousness and integrity.

Spiritual Love Relationships are in the dawn of this new era of Spiritual Awakening. It is time to abandon the old and a brace the new and the unknown. Time to discover the new self the new awareness the new life that takes straight to its ultimate goal. PURE HAPPINESS!








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The Individual is not considered as a separate unit anymore but as a building stone of a healthier, happier, and more content society. Individuality has to do more like a projection of one’s self. However, spirituality has to do more with perception.

Spirituality is a broad term usually used by people to show a change or a transformation in the way they realize their own life. “Dum Spiro Spero” is a Latin phrase and spirituality has to do with the root Spiro “to breath” and the noun spiritus which means “breath, air, life, and soul”.

There Is A Shift In Paradigm

What is the real purpose of spirituality? Stop annoying and start enjoying. Stop asking and start finding the real essence of life. Stop thinking about how your life would like to be and start being, living, and experiencing.

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Nobody is totally correct as nobody else is totally wrong. It’s not the synthesis of the opinions as many people believe or splits of the reality that make the only truth but the other way around as they both constitute the sides of the same coin.

A constant move between opposites. From truth to wrong and the other way around. That’s exactly what reality is. A shift in paradigm. A reverse way of thinking. And that’s REALLY healthy too.

Strive For Bliss Not For Perfection

Embrace this movement with both hands and give yourself what it aspires for. Not only hope but freedom and real or pure happiness. These are actually a mental condition that brings to someone peace and clarity.

This is the old dogma “Mens sana in corpore sano” which means “healthy mind lives in a healthy body” and encourages someone to follow the path of righteousness.

However, when you strive for bliss, you strive for Self-Contentment that is the path that leads to your Ideal-Self, True-Self, One-Self, Self-Gnosis. This is what we consider today as a “healthy state” as body and mind are interrelated more than you think and more than ever.

The way you see things will never be the same. Take nothing for granted but everything for coming. Stop expecting and start accepting. Doubt is an inevitable part of life but being mindful on one hand and trusting yourself and your choices on the other is a whole new state of living.

Spirituality is not only for awareness, for learning, for knowing. It is something even greater. To Be. Not only to Exist but also to Be Present here and now. To Be Blissful!

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