Life and Death: Is Death an Illusion?

How Life Works

What is being structured through the left and the right hemispheres of the human mind is decomposed into the right hemisphere after a decision is made. On the right hemisphere, there is knowledge and experience. On the left hemisphere, there is understanding, awareness, and imagination.

They both owe their existence to each other. The birth of the emotions in the right hemisphere results by default in the birth of the thoughts in the left hemisphere of the mind and vise versa. Then the decay of both thoughts and emotions takes place and the subsequent death in the left hemisphere. Always.

The constant alternation between continuous conceptual births and deaths from both hemispheres creates the human living experience called Life.

Are Lifelines Real?

So Life is created from many little births as deaths. With one main difference. Conceptual births lead to conceptual deaths, not vice versa.

The difference is that you think that you are part of it as a central character as a director and as an actor at the same time. The approval of it is that you’re unable to watch your self directly.

You can only reflect your self-image through the self-perception or through a mirror as self-projection. A self-reflection. Thus, in reality, nothing is created nor destroyed.

In the same way, the past and the future are reflected at the moment and the moment is projected back into the past and future. Time is a psychological attribute that lies in between or because of these conceptual exchanges. It contributes to the connecting line between the past, present, and future. So lifelines are real to the degree that people perceive them as such!

How Life Changes

On the right hemisphere, there are thoughts as feelings while on the left there are awareness or perception as emotions that support them. One cannot exist without the existence of the other.

In order for the awareness through the conscious mind (as part of consciousness – conscious, unconscious, and subconscious mind) that holds the personality together for the individual to exist as a distinct or unique unit, there must be the corresponding experiences that underpin it.

Also, in order for the experiences (previous or current) to happen or to exist, the awareness that supports them must exist. Each one triggers and reinforces the other through an endless cyclical procedure.

Therefore, thoughts or feelings, and emotions, or illusions as triggers, define reality. The living experiences derived from increased awareness contribute to a further rise in consciousness and so on.

Life and Fate

The conceptual changes between the two mind hemispheres represent the pace of the imaginary events perceived as a cause and their effects expressed as a matter. They are only conceptual perceptions and expressions. Conceptual reality. Virtual Reality!

Always from order to disorder. This gives the impression of a direction. A destiny or a future. Always moving forward even though concepts move against each other all the time. From perception to the bonding of logic and understanding and then to their decomposion and death.

This is due to the semantic differences that occur between the two parts or states of mind (knowledge and understanding) as there is no direct communication between them, except through the electric and magnetic fields causing the creation of material reality. An endless present moment of continuous pictures as a movie film.

Life vs Death

So physical death is the end of the continuous conceptual births and the opposite deaths through matter during a life span and nothing more. From non-existence to existence and back to non-existence again. Always from order to disorder.

So, in reality, there is no existence so there is no life at all. The whole life cycle is an illusion (a cognitive deception of the senses) that becomes possible mainly due to the existence of the time cycle as its catalyst which is also an illusion either (an emotive deception of the senses). So Death is not an event in the sense that is not a cognitive experience. It is not an illusion either.

Death is the absence of both feelings and emotions. An altered state of existence in another realm.

Life is a dream. A Great Dream! Conceptual perseverance! Half feeling, a half illusion. Half-day, half-night. Half-asleep, half-awake. The half-reality, half-illusion. Half-alive, half-dead. Death is simply the absence of earthy living experiences or feelings. Conceptual indifference. An opposite state of mind. A neutral state of mind. A new way of living in another realm. A very Real one.

When you have your eyes open you actually dream while being awake. When you dream then you actually live! The only difference between life and death is by being in the opposite state of mind. Flesh and reality result from their interaction. When mind silents and rests at its focal point, there will be just inaction (Spirit). No more action-reaction pain and remorse. Only freedom, peace and joy, endless happiness, and bliss.

In Conclusion

Life and Death work as opposite states of mind just as Love and Fear. They actually constitute the reflection of each other. Fear as a state of mind refers to the unconscious mind, to the illusions.

The same happens with death. So death works as a fear. It’s actually the fear of death. It is there for a reason. Its scope is to make living possible. It is not a threat. It’s a human trait, a condition. Its an inhered procedure as a way of living. It reflects the effect when life is the cause but also the cause of a new life in another realm. This is a spiritual law. That is to remind us to live our life to the fullest! Mindfully!

Whenever the mind has relaxed and lives on the moment only then you are connected with the Source. Whether you are awake or asleep when you are or feel connected with the center of your heart then you know that you are connected with the Source. There is no place for fear. There exists no fear of death either (Fearless).

A change in orientation. In the way of thinking. By being Mindful. Turning your thoughts and attention inwards instead of outwards. There lies the real essence of life. Everlasting life (selfless or endless). At that point meets the physical world with the spiritual world beyond physical bounds and commitments!

Are The Moon and Earth the Same Size?

What is of particular interest is that the earth on a manifestation or Mental Expression level appears as taking three times the size of the moon.

By examining a previous article, we can conclude that at the level of creation the collective consciousness creates reality by taking into consideration the two parts of the dark light (that reflects the dark energy) and one part of the bright light (or energy).

So we perceive the existence of the moon as a bright disk about one-third the size of the earth. This constitutes a fixed pre-condition of consciousness that is always reflected throughout the whole creation of the universe, as the main rule.

As the global or collective consciousness continues to grow, the difference (between dark and bright light or energies) will diminish until the masculine and the feminine energies bond together into single energy. Then the moon on the sky will become equal to the earth on one to one basis until they both bond together into the wholeness.

Indeed, the round shape of the earth is derived from the round shape of the moon that in turn comes from the circular flow of creation of reality (The Reality Circular Flow) due always to the dualistic – materialistic cyclical way of human thinking!

Why The Moon Landing Was Probably Fake

However, the existence of the earth is mainly due to the deceiving existence of the earth’s satellite, that is, the moon throughout the Sun as an intermediate body or means.

The only reason that the moon there exists on the horizon, is because of the mechanism of consciousness through (Epignosis) as an unconscious frame reference of the earthy conscious living experience (Gnosis).

I repeat the moon constitutes a sensory perception or a frame reference to the earth’s knowledge and experience. Without this reference, there can be no earthly experience and life on the planet.

Furthermore, according to the above model or mechanism, no one ever visited the moon as it seems to be only an empty energetic space or electric field beyond the three first states of matter).

It reflects the unconscious mind. It’s only an illusion, a sensory perception, a projection, a reflection like a mirror, an image, a plasmasphere (Plasma is a form of matter in the Sun and the universe – fourth state of matter) or whatever else could that be, except the solid giant rock that seems to be!

Finally, we can assume that if someone tries to reach the moon then it will find out that it refers to or derives from a single reflection of the earthy living experience as empty space (like a mirror) throughout the sun and nothing more! Indeed, the relativity of its size comparing to the size of the earth gives a false impression of the existence of a distance!

Why The Moon Orbits The Earth

Also, the full moon phase occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, called opposition. Only then their opposing energies are perfectly aligned through the Sun as proof of the above writings. Also, a lunar eclipse can only happen at a full moon.

We have to state that the moon can be seen moving in the sky possessing the attributes of a real planet (satellite), but it is not real, as it is derived from an illusion or reflection (as an image) that it also takes space in the sky like an empty energetic body or a field of plasma (anti-physical) because of the existence of the magnetic field and the consciousness.

Indeed, by studying the above model, the sun doesn’t appear to move. It actually works as a communicating vessel between the earth and the moon. In the same way, the moon gives the false impression that stays together with the earth. In reality, there is no movement at all.

The above lunar eclipses and the moon’s elliptical orbit are due to precession (proporeusi in Greek) of the different stages of creation and existence, from notion to image and then to reality.

So, it is more than obvious that we talk about energies and their adjustments on a regular basis, throughout the sun, as always the part of the moon that is seen from the earth it depends always on conceptual perceptions and other psychological factors.

Time is also another main psychological factor that is counting always on an upscaling scale and contributing in this way to the false impression of the moon’s orbit!

In Conclusion

The cyclical way of human thinking and the existence of consciousness hold together on the electromagnetic field give the impression of the existence of the planets, their satellites, and their movements.

Also, their orbit around the planets around the Sun is an illusion as they do not exist as a matter but as mental expression derived from previous experience and belief system due to the above existence of consciousness through the conscious – unconscious mind.

As we now realize we can talk about a self-sustained system where the reason for its creation becomes also the procedure of its existence and vise versa.

The above reflects exactly what the cause and effect are all about. Their special relationship between them consists of an interwoven net that makes life so unique and so excited and at the same so complicated and unpredictable!

Now we realize more than ever that it was meant to be that way so there is always a reason to exist! Notion and matter are tied strongly together in such a way to form as a reason to be here and now so life goes on and on to an endless present!

Entropy: The Hidden Force That Complicates Life

Entropy is “the amount of order or lack of order in a system or a measurement of the energy in a system or process that is not available to do work” (Cambridge English Dictionary).

Entropy means internal change. Entropy continuously increases spontaneously. It occurs through the flow of heat from the warmest to the coldest bodies in a system. The flow of heat in a system has the effect of increasing its entropy. Living matter is not autonomous in terms of energy. It is often described as a dynamic equilibrium state. The dynamic equilibrium state holds the sun’s energy in the form of a constantly expanding biosphere.

Each occurrence of an event that occurs in nature increases the entropy of the part wherever it occurs. Through metabolism, the body achieves its release from all the entropy it has to produce as long as it is alive.

If Entropy Always Increases How is Life Possible?

The second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy of a closed system cannot decrease. However, within a system, the entropy of a system can decrease by raising the entropy of another system.

Entropy is a state of function. The changes in the entropy of a system are determined by its initial and final stages. The total entropy of the universe can never decrease. Entropy can decrease, provided that it increases somewhere else by at least as much.

How Does Your Body Maintain Homeostasis?

Homeostasis, from the Greek words for “same” and “steady,” refers to any process that living beings use to actively maintain fairly stable conditions necessary for survival. 

The core of human nature is positive. This is happening for the reason that he always stays connected close to the Source. The basic human motive is self-fulfillment. This provides a continuous opening to experience and competence as a strong drive for improvement.

This above is a self-centered approach to understanding the environment and personality. The subjective way that each person experiences their environment also determines their behavior. But this is also a major problem.

Finally, man is self-defined by the belief that he has the capacity or the right to free will and choice to live the life he likes or wands within the limits of his inherent abilities.

That is not true in actual reality. As we have seen in another article, free will is just part of the process as a mechanism and not as a right to free will or expression. Freewill finally leads to pre-destiny and vise Versa. Thus there exists a pre-defined destiny that no one can avoid or surpass.

Why is it Important For Our Bodies to Maintain Homeostasis?

Maintaining homeostasis is essential for any organism to remain healthy and stay alive. It is essentially the body’s ability to control the environment from the inside. Basically, it is characterized as the way that your internal organs work together in perfect harmony.

The only way for a man to change his fate is to gradually change this self-centered approach to understanding the environment and personality. Even though he is living on an individual level and experiencing inside an open system he does not perceive it as such.

While the sun provides infinite power that could support its biological needs forever, thinking and understanding through the above materialistic approach drives him gradually to biological degeneration and ultimately to physical death.

How to Change Entropy in Life Expectancy

Although man has succeeded in creating and preserving matter and reality through consciousness and the subsequent materialistic way of thinking, he has not yet succeeded in preserving himself inside this reality for long.

The reason is because of the everlasting conflicting thoughts between the opposite poles as states of mind that are logic and understanding, trying always to find his initial origins and final destination.

The same reason that creates his actual reality using cause and effect as a push driven approach (as a mechanism) comprises at the same time the root of the problem. Especially the western way of living and the mentality behind it gives a false impression that the mind by causing the effects can impose its own reality.

However, affecting the causes through a pull driven approach is the solution to the problem that consists of a conscious raising of awareness towards higher levels of consciousness, described in detail in another article.

In Conclusion

The western way of living and mindset with its many amenities gives the false impression of the ability of the mind to impose itself on reality and matter. This is not true at all as at the same time the human body and mind comprise and consist of matter.

What you can do instead is to understand this simple finding to let your unique destiny take over and lead you wherever it wants you to be, providing the least resistance.

That further means trusting and accepting your destiny by being mindful at the same time and taking care of the next steps will create the needed purpose and keep your mind on the right track. That will be enough!

By combining logic and understanding as mental portals of creation with entropy as an essential state of function at a physical expression level, reality and time always flow because of heat. It keeps the human body temperature stable for a very special reason. For mind and body to thrive and create a safe environment.

Body temperature is a marker for measuring the timing of the circadian rhythm. Body temperature decreases to a minimum during sleep at around 04:00 hours and increases until the maximum of the rhythm is reached at about 18:00. 

Solar light and heat flow through matter from the warmest to the coldest bodies inside an eco-system. This also constitutes the basis of collective consciousness.

Each part of the human body or sub-system also posses its own intelligence as a part of a broader bio-system and human intelligence. You cannot reverse or stop intentionally this matter’s flow but you can very well let it follow its own path. It knows better how to find the path with less resistance just like a river does.

This is the true essence of life and its greatest lesson! In fact, this is not a defeatist approach to life at all. Οn the contrary it is an important victory!

Allowing personal luck or fate to lead your life and having confidence in your superior self, living here and now you can always be safe. You will eventually become a survivor and a real-life winner.

And this is because it works in the best way not only for everybody concerned but for the common good of all creation as well.

By reversing your mindset by shifting your consciousness from an enclosed to an open ecosystem and accepting and facilitating your personal destiny through a less self-centered approach towards an open and desirable collective destiny only then will you be part of the solution rather than the problem towards the highest levels of consciousness, a better understanding of himself, higher levels of happiness and contentment! A blissful life!

How Personality Creates Personal Reality

The prerequisite for human existence on earth is the existence of the planet that will host that existence. Thanks to the existence of the planet earth the earthy living experience is possible. In order for the mind to create the earthy living experience, it will, therefore, has to acquire or create the home that will house this being.

The mind experiences what it acknowledges and acknowledges whatever it experiences. Otherwise, there is no experience at all.

Prior to this living experience, the appropriate level of awareness is needed through understanding. We have to make it clear here and realize that the appropriate level of awareness as a pre-condition is necessary in order for the living experience to take place, as a condition.

Just recall the rule of the cause and effect as their underpinning forces that have an impact and apply both to the physical as to spiritual reals also. As above so below.

Interpreting all the above we can say that without the existence of the planet earth is not possible any form of earthly living existence but also without any sort of experience or consciousness on earth, the existence of the planet itself is not possible either.

The moon orbits the Earth and the Earth orbits the sun.
They are all in the same galaxy, The Milky Way. The moon and the sun can not support life but they can both support life on earth.

We can now conclude that the existence of the moon, earth and sun is only possible for the sake of the collective consciousness (including human consciousness) and vice versa!

How Our Personality Shapes Our Interactions with Reality – Implications

Personality traits are defined as habitual patterns of thought, behavior, and emotion that endure over time. Our personality affects our perception and actual behavior.

At the center of creation, there is the consciousness that forms the basis of personality. Personality includes also character. Consciousness sustains personality. Personality creates personal reality. The sum of personal realities creates a collective reality. Collective reality expresses and affects creation as a whole.

At the center of all personal realities there exists the intersection point. There lies the center of collective consciousness (including human consciousness) but also its source (sud-consciousness). It all starts and ends there. At the center of collective consciousness (as far as human consciousness concerns), personalities and personal realities are human hearts.

The entire human body reflects the actual personal reality expressed in the material world. The upper part of the body above the heart reflects the consciousness through the functions of the conscious-unconscious mind before the manifestation of reality. The lower level of the body below the heart reflects reality before manifestation.

The body also reflects the unconscious mind before manifestation and the conscious mind reflects spirit. They have to bond together in order to create reality. At the center of the heart, there also exists the subconscious mind or Soul.

The human heart there exists as a focal point facilitating and sustaining the whole procedure as a communicating vessel between conscious-unconscious and subconscious minds. It applies to both personal and collective consciousness as their subequal realities as well.

How Human Body Relates with Solar System

The human heart is an organ that pumps blood throughout the body via the circulatory system, supplying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and removing carbon dioxide and other wastes. The tissues of the body need a constant supply of nutrition in order to be active.

The heart contains electrical “pacemaker” cells, which cause it to contract — producing a heartbeat. A healthy heart contraction happens in five stages. Then the cycle repeats.

The solar system comprises the Sun and all orbiting objects. Apart from the planets, their satellites and their rings, several smaller celestial objects such as asteroids and comets are found within the gravitational field of the Sun.

Because hydrogen is a major constituent of stars, this means that the star’s plasma consists primarily of free protons that need to bond together to form the helium element. Under these conditions, the Sun is a huge thermonuclear reactor that converts hydrogen into helium.

On the other hand, the solar wind, which is a stream of particles from the sun, forms a bubble in the interstellar medium that encompasses the Sun, planets, and asteroids.

The importance of the Sun in the evolution and maintenance of life on Earth is crucial as it gives all the energy, even for the creation of oil and coal, with the exception of nuclear.

With the fundamental process of photosynthesis, it provides the necessary energy for the growth of plants and those of living organisms and maintains the surface temperature of the Earth at tolerable levels for life.

How The Human Body Reflects Reality

The human body reflects the solar system. It connects every planet to every major human organ. It doesn’t matter which planet with which organ. It is important to observe that just as they organize the solar system around the sun; they organize the human body around the heart. The focal meeting point of the two systems is the sun and the human heart accordingly.

Proof that the heart of the solar system is the human heart is that it pushes blood to circulate inside the arteries in such a way that it reaches all organs. It is a natural pump that takes blood from the veins and sends it to the arteries. The heart functions continuously throughout the life of the body.

The heart circulates blood through two pathways: the pulmonary circuit and the systemic circuit.

We can conclude that the human heart is also the center of the solar system. Thus all the features that transpire in the sun also correspond to the characteristics of the human heart and the opposite.

How The Mind Reflects Reality

The mind circulates data through the two hemispheres in order to create reality.

The heart function also reflects the mind function. They both work in stages and in a cyclical way. They also work through circuits.

This is how the mind creates and sustains reality through the heart’s functionality. The two circuits of the heart reflect the two circuits of reality creation. From logic as the conscious part or side of the mind to understanding as to the unconscious part or side of the mind and vise Versa.

At that point where the two circuits meet is the point where the electric field meets with the magnetic field. Every electrical intervention consists of a disturbance into the system that bonds the two separate fields into one field that is the electromagnetic field. This is exactly the field that facilitates and sustains reality and matter.

The bonding of the two fields into the electromagnetic field is possible through the nuclear fission of the divided thoughts at the interaction point where the two fields electric and magnetic bond together, and that is exactly what actually happens underneath the solar’s activity.

It reflects both the mind’s and heart’s functionalities. As a result, solar activity through light gives birth and sustains every living existence on earth and solar system or galaxy.

Indeed, sightsees light expressed in reality as matter, as it does not perceive the underpinning energies that generate and sustain that matter which in turn results from the bonding of the electric and magnetic fields, deriving from the divided thought, caused mainly by the materialistic way of thinking, as a mechanism.

In Conclusion

I realize that it is somehow difficult for someone to grasp the fact that everything that comes into existence is inextricably interconnected. From cognition to understanding and then to the shaping of the body and to the formation of the external environment and the whole universe.

However, based on the existing level, everything is infinitely connected. Indeed, every cell of the human brain reflects exactly the relevant position, stigma, and classification of just about every celestial body inside the universe, known or unknown yet by scientists, and any human cell, organ, and function. Nothing is left outside or by an accident.

Collective consciousness creates and sustains the whole creation and manifestation of reality. The earth and the galaxies are the effects of collective consciousness and the underpinning materialistic way of thinking, as the main cause.

Every living or abiotic being on the planet is involved to a certain degree in creation as long as they possess any sort of consciousness. Human personality creates and sustains personal reality on an individual level of consciousness.

The whole system develops always and evolves through the rise of consciousness at the individual and collective levels towards higher and higher levels of creation and existence.

The nuclear reaction to the sun’s core is also the effect of collective consciousness as a cause. In this way, the materialistic way of thinking forms the basis that governs all creation including sun that in turn supports and sustains life on earth.

At the physical level through the supply of free energy from the Sun through the mechanism of the free choice from reproductive models, every living organism is constantly increasing its entropy as a state of function in order to stay alive (We will review this in detail in another article).

How The Earth-Sun and The Moon Were Formed

Are The Earth and Moon Planets?

Through a dualistic way of thinking a materialistic way of living became available as a new reality. It doesn’t really matter when, how or why it happened. It’s a fact. According to this new dualistic or cyclical way of thinking, as a mechanism, what is constructed in the right hemisphere of the mind is deconstructed on the left side and the opposite (going from order to disorder). This happens in three stages:

Stage 1

Knowledge is based on the right hemisphere as logic and experience (see above diagram). Earthy experience and cognition are therefore based on the right hemisphere of the mind. From the right hemisphere, this knowledge (the earthy experience) is deconstructed through understanding in the left hemisphere of the mind. The later consists of a conceptual reference or a sensory perception. A pattern like an image.

Because the above image is actually the opposite (negative) of the original concept (as an emotional reaction to an external stimulus), the earthy experience would finally have to be transformed into a fixed, non-living (dead) body as opposed to the giant blue planet full of life that is our earth, as we know it today.

It wasn’t always like this. For many years the earth was considered to be a single level flat land and thus passed into the collective consciousness. The moon is actually the catalyst for this collective consciousness to exist that has long been regarded as such.

All of the above co-exist on the Mental View level (electric field) before the matter is created on the material or Mental Expression level or magnetic field (Positive Expression).

Stages 2 and 3

At the 2nd stage of the creation, the moon (which I repeat is a conceptual or sensory perception of the notion of the earthly experiential living experience as a stimulus) takes now exactly the opposite view of this image on the magnetic field or Mental Expression level, that is our home planet earth, as we now perceive it, as our reality.

The above happens because of the feeling that occurs after we become aware in our mind of the earthy living experience that is actually the effect of the reaction to an illusion as a cause.

Indeed, this deceptive empty space of the moon (that reflects the feminine energy or dark light) takes place unconsciously without even realizing it, as a pre-condition that seems very real and very present, just as an image, inside the unconscious part of the mind that is the left side – understanding.

Thus, it actually constitutes a form of organization or a womb as the outer shape where masculine energy (from logic – right side of the mind) is projected consciously and fills the void and finally gives the shape of the matter as we perceive it in the outer world at the magnetic Mental Expression level (3rd stage).

It is worth mentioning here that the three above stages even though they happen instantly they are experienced as separate.

To summarize, we can conclude that the notion of the existence of the earth leads to the image (illusion) of the moon which, in turn, reflects back the creation of the earth and the living experience on the material world.

Just imagine the mind just like a camera taking a picture not from an actual object but from an idea, fact or experience and then bonding it to the most appropriate pattern already saved, and then processing to virtual reality. The difference is that the whole procedure takes place inside as there is actually nothing outside. That’s never the less the mechanism behind creation!

Why The Moon Changes Shape

It is therefore not surprising the existence of the very strange attributes of the moon that often changes shape mainly in the mornings until the energies are tuned up but also the changes of its brightness in the sky or the fact that we only view continuously only one side of it.

It is almost certain that this is a hologram perceived as a true planet but it is probably not. This happens because of the existence of consciousness and the cyclical or materialistic way of human thinking.

As we already mentioned in another article Gnosis = Epignosis and the opposite, that further means that at the energetic (electric) level Earth = Moon. They are actually not be seen as physically equal for a very certain reason that we will explain below.

The Moon vs Earth

However, the earth is also a hologram manifested in the Mental Expression level as a conceptual experiential living experience through the existence of the moon.

Thus the feminine energy expressed through the moon (throughout Sun) gives birth to the male and female energies at the Mental Expression level that is also known as creation or matter giving to the earth dual sex. Male and female sex as a dual condition.

This is exactly the case with both male and female human sexes. These sexes reflect exactly the dual sex condition of the earth. So we’re not talking about only two different sexes but also different planets, worlds, entities or realities taking place at the very same moment as a coherent experience or reality!

In Conclusion

These exact above factors reflect the existence of the sun, the earth, and the moon, due mainly to consciousness and the electromagnetic field, that hold them together and in order (and not because of their gravity as most people believe).

The dual sex condition of the Earth reflects and is reflected back to the dual human sexes. We find male and female attributes inside the different sexes representing both sexual archetypes maintained at the belief system as conceptual references or patterns before creation. The proof that we talk about conceptual references is that people differ as their fingers prints differ also.

The initial choice of human sex is based on which part of the mind the first thought comes from at an early stage even before a choice is made at the embryonic level.

So we are not talking about any fight of sexes between males and females but rather an ongoing inner struggle for adjusting both sides of mind by balancing their supporting energies masculine and feminine as two entirely different realms or worlds.

In another article, we will examine in detail what the sun is all about and its importance in the procedure of the creation of different realms. Only then everything will be tied together in order for the entire system to make sense!

How Manifestation Really Works

Love and fear comprise the two basic or main states of the mind. They also represent the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind as the two opposite sides or poles. In the middle, there exist the values – truths, experiences, and facts that they comprise the belief system (point O).

Emotions are forces that bridge the two opposite poles and we conceive them either as cause or effect. Emotions are action-oriented forces that turn to motions after the intervention of the thoughts or feelings and the conscious mind (free will). Reactions are actually emotive responses to actions through the subconscious mind, and they are finally perceived back again by the conscious mind creating new feelings and emotions as new experiences and then the cycle begins again. Through this mechanism, personality comes into play and then personal reality or matter.

The main condition for the above system to set up is the connection with the center of the system that is the heart (point O). Then the two fundamental states of the mind (Love and Fear) lie opposite on the two sides. Under the two fundamental states, there are sub-states that derive from the main above states (such as faith-doubt, knowledge-decision, etc).

The bridge between the above poles – states (or sub-states) is the emotions as forces of cause and effect and by their density. The density of these forces depends on the levels of the emotional and cognitive states because of these values-truths, facts, and experiences (belief system) and from the level of consciousness.

The leveraging in the density of feelings or thoughts and emotions along with the level of the consciousness comprises the level or the degree or the span of the perceived reality and accordingly the span of possibilities that lead to the actual or personal reality (through personality).

The bigger the span the most possible the thoughts (or desires) to come to fruition. The higher the level of the perceived or anticipated reality the broader the span of expressed reality the easier-smoother and the higher the quality of life. Values-truths and facts and experiences (belief system) are enriched each time through new experiences.

New experiences also increase the level of consciousness. The higher the level of consciousness the higher the pace of synchronicities the more anticipated the effects the better confronted the causes, the actions – reactions, and the safer the results.

Why Your Manifestation Is Not Working

The above sources – powers push the system that continuously adjusts through conflicting powers (cause and effect). This constitutes the push driven approach caused by the current way of thinking of humanity. This brings uneasiness to the system. A hard and unpredictable life. From order to disorder. There is needed the existence of equilibrium to make the system calm down and stop the pendulum of cause and effect.

From the old and obsolete system to an adjusted one following the shortest or middle road. From cause and effect to affecting the cause. A brand new pull driven approach. To our very own luck, there is one! That is the point(s) that is called the middle in-between point(s) that we will now examine in great detail.

How Personal Manifestation Works The Best

Now the system as far as the personal reality is concerned, because of a continuous interchange between the conflicting powers mentioned above (cause and effect) on the personal level, gives the impression of the existence of time.

But already as we know time is a cyclical metaphysical attribute caused mainly by the cyclical way of thinking. Time is an illusion. A psychological factor. It gives the impression of things evolving in a linear or no-linear way or time span.

As a result, logic and understanding on a personal level now become purpose and vision. Why? Because the notion of time and future creates an expectancy upon the individual that in turn creates desires and initiatives. Potential comes into play and a new uplifting stage of awareness from both sides.

From the purpose (right side of the mind), we have self-actualization as a desire that according to Maslow is the full realization of one’s potential and one’s true self.

From the vision (left side of the mind), we have self-empowerment as an initiative that is taking charge of your own life through the decisions you make every day by not giving away your power by allowing others to decide for you. This consists of a new context or way of thinking. A reverse way of thinking. An intended inter-change of poles or states of mind.

Manifestation How-To Apply

Through the above self-actualization as a desire, we will finally arrive at a new sub-state of mind (point E) that is mindfulness (nonjudgmental state of a heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions or experiences on a moment to moment basis).

Through self-empowerment will finally arrive at self-acceptance (point F) as a new sub-state of mind (becoming aware and acknowledging your behavior, habits, and personality and not being afraid to look yourself as you are). Those are the middle in-between points that we mentioned above (E and F). Through these points, the rectangle (A, B, C, D) takes its highest value or area.

What is the main difference between the push and pull driven approach? In the first case, awareness comes only through the conscious part of the mind while in the second case awareness comes from both sides of the mind (purpose and vision).

And why this is important? Because besides balancing the system by taking charge of your own life, those two new states of mind draw the values-truths (that is the regard that something is held to deserve or principles or standards of behavior or one’s judgment of what is important) and facts (they refer to the truths about the world or a statement about some aspects of objective reality) against the new sub-states of mind (mindfulness and selfempowerment ) neutralizing the causes and then their effects.

That’s why we call this approach affecting the causes. Now the whole system (rectangle A, B, C, D) is balanced and the cause and effect of the old system become obsolete. Perfect!

How Does Manifestation Happen

But this is not all! Values-truths will be drawn and weighted against mindfulness and they will alter from a judgemental subjective state or condition to a nonjudgemental one of complete awareness.

On the other hand, facts will be drawn and weighted against self-acceptance and they will finally alter from a subjective state or view as they actually are to an objective and honest selfreview and adjustment, accepting their true meanings as omens or reassurance of the appropriate path to follow.

In this way, by becoming aware and acknowledging your behavior, hobbies, and personality from one side (that is your outer world) to your character on the other side (your inner world) they will adjust to each other and be perfectly aligned.

As a result, expressed reality (rectangle E, F, C, D) that is the reflection of the lower part of your body through personality and which actually reflects matter, will be aligned with perceived reality or character that is the upper part of your body through personality again (rectangle A, B, F, E) which in turn reflects only a subjective reality enhancing your own interests.

In this way, perceived reality (inner world) will get feedback from expressed reality (outer world) and adjust to it towards a new more balanced and predictable actual reality.

That is something that could not happen by following the old way of thinking and mindset of cause and effect. Everything now takes place in the inside as an inner war or adjustment but purposefully.

That’s why we call it a pull driven approach by altering your mindset towards new reverse states of mind and affecting the causes! Now the system works backward extinguishing all the stresses and agonies caused by the old cyclical way of thinking.

In Conclusion

To summarize we can say that for an individual in order to change his way of living for the better he has to realize his true potential inside the context of his true abilities or capabilities on a steady day to day basis.

By being in the seat of driving his own life instead of following the others and by searching for the gold inside instead of outside then he will come to a new state of awareness through self-gnosis (that is a clear view of his personality) and then to a new state of existence on a higher plane of self-knowledge and consciousness.

Thus individuality as an old and obsolete mindset will gradually shift and finally bond with personality, the character with behavior, ignorance with gnosis, dark with the light. Then by following the middle and shortest road described above, with optimism and decisiveness, the actual personal reality (rectangle A, B, C, D) of the inner cycle will gradually expand.

It will expand towards the outer cycle that is the objective reality or collective consciousness of all things to be and exist on this 4th dimension (as a passage to the next one of the 5th dimension) until the inner cycle coincides with the outer one (towards points J, K).

Then all parts will come back together into wholeness, masculine and feminine energy will bond together into oneness. Beyond these points, self-gnosis will be replaced by a new state of enlightenment towards higher consciousness that is the direct-gnosis or “opening” of the third eye.

Then the real magic will begin to happen as more and more people will start to realize that individuality and the distinction between cause and effect as opposite conflicting forces are simply a mechanism a materialistic way of thinking an utopia! Needs and desires will loose their initial grip on you and the right answers will be available even before you ask for them!

Manifesting Your Desires Into Reality – Learn How To Manifest

Greatest Manifestation Principle

Two Ways of Thinking – Duality:

1st way: “Duality can be exploited to solve problems, by considering simultaneously two perspectives-the primal and dual view of the problem. These translations take the form of duality: they turn argument-driven computation into a demand-driven computation by exchanging input and output throughout, turning terms ‘inside out'”. (Cambridge English Dictionary).

Now we can say that the above procedure starts from a passive state of mind (understanding – as a cause) towards an active state of mind (logic – as an effect) through positive and negative mental expression (matter).

2nd way: However, turning around the above interpretation we can say that translations (views) starting from an active state of mind (logic – as a cause) can turn supply-driven computation into a demand that is affirmative-driven computation (understanding – as an effect) by exchanging input and output through negative and positive mental expression states again, turning terms inside out once a more.

The underpinning triggers in both cases for any action-reaction, cause, and effect are emotions that are action-oriented.

As we realize in both the above cases (ways) conflicting forces outweigh each other through the primal and dual view of things by exchanging input and output. Knowing (logic) turns out to understanding and the other way around through cause and effect, action-reaction law.

The only objection, here, is that they both comprise of an input to the system. The reason is that the right and left sides of the mind are not correlated directly with each other. They are communicating (corresponding) through the heart and then through mental expression (positive and negative).

How To Manifest Your Destiny

As we saw in a previous article, the above procedure (duality) happens simultaneously but their results are far from being instant. Even though the mind makes thousands of thoughts each day planning about the future only a fraction of them come to fruition in a foreseeable time span. Why? This happens for two reasons.

One reason is to protect us from negative thoughts coming into fruition and hurt our survival. The other reason is that we do not see with the eyes but actually our mind visualizes (though heart, mind, body, and senses) and creates matter in two different and parallel realities inside the same dimension (4th dimension), without even realizing it (see below – The Reality Circular Flow).

Their meeting point (O) where the observer is – yourself – that is where everything there exists as the meeting or intersection point of all parallels. Point (O) is also the meeting point of the 5th dimension or Spiritual dimension. Now everything makes sense!

As a result, instead of having (one) duality driven – reality (deriving from both sides of mind as two ways of thinking) we have a double duality driven – reality (double duality two systems at the same time but only one reality one existence and one living experience).

Yes. We live in two different worlds (two different earth plains) at the same time and this is very confusing. One leg stands on one plain and the other one on the other! Crazy but absolutely true!

The results of this above double duality driven – reality is that our thoughts are either late in coming into fruition or they are outweighed by the next coming conflicting thoughts and then the next thoughts again and again without I repeat being aware of this happening consciously.

Physically we experience one coherent reality. Our own unique reality. But what a fascinating reality! Why? Because ordered thinking turns out to a disordered and unpredictable reality! The disorder becomes a constant way of living. This turns out to be very devastating by most people. Survival becomes a struggle, a constant fight, a hell.

How To Manifesting Dreams

And now comes the great question. Is that created for a reason? Can this change? How can we turn destiny around? Million-dollar questions. Really! Nothing is random, and that is for sure. Everything happens for a reason. But as we already stated in another article, this is more of a self-fulfilled destiny.

The one we all create in another dimension that is the 5th spiritual one without even realizing this. By following our habitual patterns coming from past experiences over and over again.

But how can we alter the sequence of the events or the array of facts being in a physical state here and now? By meditation. And what meditation is all about? Visualization of your preferred events to come pretending as they are already here. At the present time!

As we saw above at point (O) the observer – that is yourself, everything there exists. Every destiny can there happen. So yes, it is very possible to alter destiny and as a self-fulfilled destiny this is, every experience (through feelings and emotions) that you aspire can be the destiny you desire and you deserve to live and experience.

Yes, there is a way to make a heaven here on earth in this life span. Destiny is not fixed or written in stones only if you are aware of it, and if you finally realize this well-hidden secret. No doubt!

We have to make it clear here and now and once forever. Destiny is not something imposed on us by fate or just happens as most people believe!

Free will and pre-destiny are perceived parts (forces) of opposite states of mind (cause and effect, needs, and wands). The one leads inevitably to the other.

A mechanism caused by a cyclical way of thinking. The future and time are also psychological states of mind. A metaphysical attribute. An illusion. No free will, no time, no future, no destiny. Only psychological states of mind with a clear, definite, and residual scope. To create events as an ongoing reality here on earth through actions-reactions!

Manifesting Meditation

So if you are present here and now and then visualize consciously on the 5th dimension then you can have an altered experience here on the 4th dimension in return, which will finally be your reality. You are in charge. By replacing your old and obsolete habitual patterns with new ones. Through your mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Whatever you dearly desire and resonates the most in your heart (that is the truths or values that really motivate you) and this strong and weird feeling makes your belly and body skirts that will come to your life, eventually.

Why? Because at point (O) there meet your wants and your needs (through cause and effect mental view) with matter (their mental expression).

So the upper part of your body (conscious mind) reflects your wants and your needs (perceived reality) while the lower part (unconscious part of the mind) reflects your expressed reality and they are both interconnected through your heart.

They both (perceived and expressed realities) create (here in the 4th dimension) your actual reality (consciousness). At that point (O), actual reality meets also the spiritual reality (that is pure consciousness). Both realities (actual and spiritual) are also interconnected through your heart.

Whatever comes from your heart and you perceive it as a strong and strange feeling in your lower part of your body (mainly belly) while consciously visualizing, that will come to your reality eventually, through synchronicity (events that are “meaningful coincidences”).

How To Manifest Greatness

I repeat once more to make it clear. The meet point (O) reflects also your truths (your values) as a strong motivation (that is your belief system). There exist your truths (that is the meeting point of your conscious – unconscious mind that interrelates through your heart with your subconscious mind).

Everything springs from your heart. Unless you change consciously the old automatic habitual patterns of your unconscious mind (caused by past experiences), you will continue to live your deceptive life here on earth and follow the fate imposed upon you, again and again, living actually in the past (by you – your inner or higher-self).

But if you change the patterns of your life intentionally, aligning your conscious – unconscious with the subconscious mind, your needs and wants, by being mindful then you can turn things around, alter gradually your belief system, raise your consciousness, and finally make your star shine, giving meaning to your own unique destiny and live your legend here on earth on this life span, purposefully or meaningfully.

In this way, by using your spiritual mind that is your subconscious mind consciously (along with the conscious – unconscious mind) by weighing carefully your wands against your needs (moderation is best – “Metron Ariston” – Ancient Greek) you will finally be able to turn your actual reality to an expected or rational destiny.

As above so below” refers exactly to this inter-connection of the conscious – unconscious and subconscious mind, your needs, and wands!

An expected destiny means fulfilling, peaceful, meaningful, content, and full of happiness way of living. A blissful way of living. This is the ever hidden secret that turns everything around. A new way of thinking a new way of living! A new era. Period!

Laws of Manifestation – The Reality Circular Flow

Thoughts Manifesting Reality

There are two ways of thinking:

Active thinking through Logic. Passive thinking through Understanding.

Two states of mind: Love and Fear.

Love (love for life, self-love or self-acceptance, order) is the connection to the only one and main Source (point Ο). Love at its highest level becomes a passion (selfishness) and at point (O) becomes pure love or self-love (self-less).

Fear (fear of survival, self-deny, hate, anger, disorder). At point (O) fear is at its minimum level (fear-less).

The central point (O) stands for the observer. It also refers to wholeness (that is the meet point of the above opposite states of mind that are also forces or triggers to the balance of the system that are both extinguished at this point). Either love or doubt (beyond point O) through the various triggers are both disruptions of the wholeness. Love at point (O) is zero while disruptions to each side, are one. A split of the whole into parts.

A thought is a raw function of the mind. It is the byproduct of the processing of many thoughts for a long period. The thought is used for the solving of various problems and the ideas form the solution. It is the last function of the procedure of cognition. Ideas concern its manifestation in reality.

A thought, concept, belief, intention or plan is actually a collection of ideas or sensations that only exist in the mind. Material objects are a collection of ideas that reside on the mind.

Every thought is also an assumption. But the assumption can also be received or perceived as a query or doubt. This assumption, as a result, triggers the belief system of truths in a very certain way. Will this assumption or dilemma come to fruition or not. Does this assumption hold true? Will this assumption come to reality or will not come to reality? By using this way the assumption finally comes to someone’s awareness or in existence as a thought or idea (along with nonexistence). There comes duality (our reality). To be (someone or something) or not to be!

How To Manifest Reality – The Creation of Reality Matrix

Reality is a sequence of true beliefs experienced in unlimited ways. There are many truths and experiences. So the reality is the proliferation of experiences into action. But experiences are perceived thoughts, emotions, and feelings. So those emotions and feelings define reality. What you feel actually you perceive and experience. Feelings and emotions derived from previous or a sequence of previous experiences cause reality. 

The belief system of a person or society of what is right or wrong, true or false becomes fundamental to how someone perceives reality. Reality is perceived through the opposite emotions or feelings and is actually the proliferation of the belief system of truths and values. You can not alter reality.

However, you can consciously alter gradually the belief system and the underpinning set of values that are interconnected with one another that sustains this reality. A conscious shift from an active to a passive way of thinking. From intuition to insight. From a rational to an irrational way of thinking.

The belief system develops through intelligence and culture and every doubt or assumption is a disruption of the belief system as a chance for growth. From negative to positive emotions and feelings.

Knowledge is the realization of a certainty. We know something to be a true belief. Experience is something that is not tangible. It is something to rely on to verify our knowledge. Knowledge is also tangible. Belief is not something to be seen or touched.

Knowledge derives from certainties. From reality. From Matter. Experience derives from knowledge. But actually, there is no matter. The matter is a cognitive illusion. So what there is is only the experience based on beliefs, truths, or ideas hold to be true. Reality and matter become a psychological state where holds always (imaginary) beliefs to be true.

Different approaches to this knowledge through science and philosophical or theological knowledge lead to the same destination. A point of merger. Free will and predestination refer to the ongoing experience as the way someone returns to the Source (point O).

How To Manifest Abundance

Reality and matter are psychological states where hold always beliefs to be true. These psychological states make reality as an expression of someone’s personality. Previous experiences create current experiences through predestination using different personalities and the illusion of free will.

The dilemma or doubt always leads to the existence and nonexistence of something. Whatever truth (truth or value) comes to existence with its non-existence either as knowing or as understanding. In this way time (future) comes into play. Time is an illusion. A cyclical metaphysical attribute because of psychological factors. It is only a cognitive procedure between active and passive thinking a matter of perception and reflection, decision and knowledge, knowing, and understanding.

Thinking and understanding are actually both forms of perception. 

Conscious mind refers to behavior as part of the personality. Different personalities through conscious minds lead to the soul’s entire personality and to the shift in consciousness towards higher planes.

We live and experience reality because we believe that it is Real! Doubt creates existence and faith makes the living experience behind this existence that we call LIFE!

Interwoven life experiences based on a belief system of truths are the precursor of future life experiences. ​

The Mechanism Behind Reality Manifestation

How it comes to a fourth-dimensional reality from one- or two-dimensional thinking? Through duality. Duality by conflicting thoughts. But a linear or non-linear way of thinking are both two-dimensional. How it comes to creativity in the three or fourth dimensions? By comparing linear thinking (logic) as a basis against itself. Critical thinking is the result (also analytical and other types of derivative thinking as well).

How? By comparing truth (logic) against itself (understanding). True or not true (equals false). The mind can not conceive or perceive the term false. It only can perceive true or not true. It works this way. The trigger and the main source capability of the mind are to either accept (affirm) or question everything. 

Now, every disruption to the system splits energy (through the thought’s fission – see below) and thus creates light (reality). The universe is a hologram. Mind, when triggered, divides this hologram into two identical holograms. Then makes a logical choice (either way by knowing or by understanding). Either choice a priori holds to be true. 

Manifesting Your Desires Into Reality – Fundamentals Of The Thought’s Fission Process

A thought’s fission is a process where every thought when the mind is triggered from any kind of disruption emotions or feelings (that is the cause – either from active or passive states of mind) is split into two (2) pairs of opposing and equal forces (that is the effect) at the very same moment (instantaneously).

Reality results from this procedure. So the body becomes the reflection of your own thoughts, experiences, feelings, and emotions and the whole universe becomes the reflection of your spirit, mind, and body!

How Thought’s Fission Process Works?

When the trigger comes from fear or doubt (passive perception as a state of mind) then thought is split from a central point (O) towards the points (M) and (S) instantly (because of the thought’s fission).

The thought is also split at the same time from a central point (O) to the points (F) and (H). I state that the second split happens also instantly (among the first ones caused by fission) because of the action-reaction law. In this way, passive perception force initiates (cause) while its polar active perception force perceives and acknowledges (effect).

However, when the trigger comes from love and faith (active state of mind) then thought is split from the central point (O) towards the points (F) and (H) and then towards the points (H) and (F) instantly (because of the thought’s fission and action-reaction law as above). Thus the active perception force initiates (cause) while its polar passive perception force receives, nourishes, and ejects (effect).

So as we realize, through the above procedure finally OU=OK that is Knowing = Understanding and the opposite, deriving from the opposite Greek words Gnosis = Epignosis (that is awareness, consciousness, and insight). That also means that Perception = Expression that further proves without a doubt that Cause = Effect.

Furthermore, the above forces (cause and effect) also have equal magnitude, opposite direction, equal degrees, sums to zero. F (total) = 0! Cause + Effect = 0. Also applying the same principle Needs = Wands. Their sum is also Zero!

So it doesn’t matter the choice made itself. Nothing created nor destroyed. Reality becomes an intellectual procedure by exchanging thoughts, feelings, and experiences between the two sides of the mind (through your heart). It only matters the experience through the opposite feelings derived or perceived behind these choices.

It doesn’t matter what rationale or irrational thinking used or choice made the result will always be the same. In this way, they only become psychological states of mind and nothing else. A given or fixed destiny based on duality through the belief system of truths.

A constant interchange between needs and wands (values as opposing forces) making the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory obsolete as they do not comprise a pyramid or hierarchy of needs anymore but rather than dynamic outweigh of opposing forces (values) caused by or having an impact to an intrinsic value metric system. No matter!

It is very important to state that everything resides at the central point (O). Your soul, your needs, your wands, your dreams, your truths, and your aspirations. They are right there at the bottom of your heart. Nothing is outside, never was and never will be.

Your heart is the main and the only Source where each trigger begins from. The mind then through its opposite states, becomes the receiver and the processor. It always conceives whatever holds true from the Source as a four-dimensional reality even though has the wrong idea that it creates reality.

In this way, self-awareness, self-realization, and motivation come into play through the cause and effect and action-reaction forces as we already know them in physics.

In this era of duality, every thought or idea that comes to someone’s mind has to appear with its opposite thought (either as knowing or as understanding, cause, and effect). Otherwise will not be perceived by the mind.

In this way, it doesn’t matter whatever someone decides or feels as reality is predestined to happen. It doesn’t matter the trip or the destination but the experience derived from this trip. Brilliant!

How To Manifest Everything – Three Stages of Consciousness 

Spirit, soul and physical as a conscious mind

Gradually souls gain experience through the mind and body. The purpose is the complete unity between the two states of mind through the bonding of the masculine and feminine energies and then between humans and the divine back into wholeness.

Free will is to discover the road to higher knowledge as a cause through passive perception as a state of mind (fear, doubt or decision)Predestination is the effect and the other way around! So freewill is only a part of the procedure and it is more like a mechanism in creating reality and not a liberal choice as it seems to be!

Three main types of intelligence:

Cognitive intelligence (CI) as a mental capability to reason, plan and solve simple or complex problems to learn and experience. To acquire skills as academic or practical personal skills.

The main scope is to comprehend surroundings to make sense or to figure out how to make things right.

It is cognitive intelligence. A conscious trial to manage negativity or frustration and turn them into positive feelings. It concerns a shift of the state of the mind of fear and doubt to the state of mind of love and acceptance.

Thinking is an activity and truth results from thinking and reality. Logical thinking is active.

The underpinning way of thinking is the sequential or linear thinking to process information in an orderly, prescribed manner.

we consider Linear thinking as active thinking and requires a great expenditure of energy that can lead to exhaustion.

This thinking is the one- or two-dimensional (thought or lines of thoughts) but the reality is multidimensional (four-dimensional). In this way, thinking is part of reality but not the entire reality. Thus thinking can give the truth but reality contains over one truth. Rational thinking leads to irrational reality. Reality always escapes thought.

Emotional intelligence (EI) as an ability to understand and manage feelings and emotions one’s own or others to discriminate and use this information to have the desired results on the outer world through thinking and actions (competencies are self-awareness, self-realization, motivation, empathy, unconditional caring or love, valuing honesty and ethics and social skills). They perceive emotions to facilitate thoughts and manage emotions.

(EI) is more related to the present to identify and manage emotions at the moment. Passion and empathy come from the mind and not from the heart.

Sociative or passive thinking refers to a chain of thoughts that are linked by an understandable connection.

The underpinning way of thinking is critical, abstract, divergent or converged thinking.

Common sense concerns the belief system of truths of a person or society to decide between true or false through critical thinking.

The aim is to diminish fear with discipline, to handle stress and to care without conditions.

Spiritual intelligence (SI)

The underpinning way of thinking is holistic (nonlinear). This refers to the ability to see and recognize the greater picture and the various contributing factors expanding thoughts to multiple directions and understand the system by sensing the various patterns.

This way of thinking refers to archetypal thoughts that are not connected to the previous thoughts. They seem that they come from outside.

Insight vs Intuition

Insight means to know something a priori before experiencing. It is also knowledge attained. The power of seeing into a situation or of seeing intuitively.

Intuition is guessing based on experience or a feeling that you know something (that is a sense of knowing). The power to direct knowledge without evident rational thought. Quick and ready insight.

Insight comes from a state of mind of doubt and fear (passive thinking). Intuition comes from a state of mind of faith and love (active thinking).

As you already probably realize each one term of them carries the sperm of the other and this is more than obvious that they are tightly interconnected like communicating vessels. One mind, 2 states, 2 ways of thinking, 4 dimensions, reality, matter. Duality all the way!

New Secret To The Law of Attraction: How To Manifest!

In this article, we will try to examine some of the reasons why the law of attraction, as most people know it, is incomplete or inaccurate and then clearly define what are the steps needed to apply in order to make the law of attraction work appropriately and bring your heart’s deepest desires to fruition.

Definition of Law of Attraction:

The law of attraction simply states that like attracts like or as above so below, and seems to be simple or easy at first. But many people wonder why it doesn’t work. There are obviously some reasons why this happens and will hopefully be fully understood in this article. We will also explore the right way to make the law of attraction work efficiently.

5 Main Reasons Why The Law Of Attraction May Not Working:

1) One reason can be that it doesn’t work instantly. Sending out positive energy doesn’t seem to be enough. Some others claim that you must trust the law of attraction in order to send you back in its time. You may ask for more money for instance and hope that you acquire this money somehow from somewhere. You may send out positive energy with gratitude in order to receive back the goods in multiple ways and times.

2) Another reason is that people put much emphasis on what they see. If the law of attraction is not working they lose interest and become frustrated. Then they lose confidence and stop believing. They tried hard to make positive thoughts, visions, and affirmations but nothing really worked.

3) Another reason is that people lose clarity. The Universe needs specificity. You maybe ask for more money but how much money you ask for? A dollar, a hundred dollars, a thousand dollars and so on. want to make every day your best day? See this resource that will raise your “success vibration” and will help attract what you desire

4) Another reason may be that someone may not be strongly attached to the outcome. Luck of persistence could be another reason for not manifesting your desires. The universe responds to your vibration but you’re not really free to choose the right vibration to respond accordingly. Then you get confused and you lose interest. You feel hopeless and desperate. Indeed some people think that they focus on the absence of what they really want.

5) The last but not least underpinning reason for not manifesting your desires is momentum. This is the real reason behind all this. The law of attraction responds mostly to your feelings that are in turn controlled by your thoughts. Your thoughts can gain momentum projecting in different directions thousand thoughts for good or bad, better or worse.

The last reason seems to be the most important missing element. Sometimes people project negative thoughts being in a negative state of mind and as a result, they receive back unfortunate events. That, in turn, leads back to the negative thoughts leading in this way back to an unfortunate and negative spiral.

4 Steps Towards Manifestation – The Appropriate Way:


First of all, you have to find a solution such as a way to lessen and soften bad feelings and emotions that are for so long depressed deep down inside you. But it takes time and energy as it doesn’t happen instantly all of a sudden. The right momentum is very important and it needs time and practice in order to become your second self, as a new habit.

Unfortunately, this is not enough either. Possible feelings and emotions derived from a positive frame of mind are not enough to make the desired reality come to fruition. The reason is that everything up to now appears on the mental level. Actual reality the one that you perceive may become different from the anticipated reality altogether.

Why? Because of the lack of the momentum mentioned above. Another word to describe momentum in order to fully understand is synchronization, that is all those events that suddenly appear in our lives and we become aware of, as coming to us for a very special reason. This awakening of awareness can be defined as a rise in consciousness, that is a special meaning of a higher purpose for achieving your ultimate needs and wants throughout your life.

That also happens because there are no accidents inside the Universe. Everything happens for a reason. You have to definitely understand this in order to intentionally manifest your desires and not unintentionally. In this way your spiritual journey begins to make a meaningful change in your life, bringing you back more and more coincidences, as real omens, that you are actually on your right track.

But what we mean actually by saying on the right track? Is there any and how to find out? However, the right track is the true essence of the law of attraction that most people miss realizing and most of the gurus tend to ignore. The law of attraction happens every time and all the time but you are not fully aware of its presence in your life. Want to make every day your best day? See this resource that will raise your “success vibration” and will help attract what you desire

(2nd Step):

Then, you have to make a conscious association between your thoughts and the coincidences that appear in your life. The reason behind all this is that the anticipated reality, the one that you really hope and aspire, differs significantly from the actual reality the one that you are living in. The sent omens by the Universe show you the path that you should follow. Please be aware that, at this stage, you cannot impose your own terms to the Universe.

You can only follow, watch carefully, listen and learn. By doing this you will able to un-code the pattern of your life’s path and realize where it heads on. Then you will realize your life’s destiny. Your ultimate or higher purpose. How? Because they reflect the most innate desires that your inner being truly desires the most. They consist of the ultimate purpose of your time living here on earth.

(3nd Step):

Your heart felt’s most innate desires are those that make you go on despite the challenges you have to face. The derived experiences from the above adjustments will make you feel more content, happy and secure. This is because it is not what you think you really need or want.

Now the most important thing is how to realize who are they and what they mean to you. They are deep inside your heart as this is the “real mind” that will bring you to the appropriate path, and make you meet the unique destiny that waits for you full of gratitude and positive feelings in every aspect of your life. Then you will feel free and content as those feelings will resonate the most inside of your entire being.

(4th Step):

Align your heart’s innate desires with your mind’s positive thoughts. In this way, the real magic should start happening in your life. Mind and heart should coincide. The heart dictates the path. Then the mind pinpoints the means, sustains and facilitates the procedure. Never the opposite. Conflicting masculine and feminine energies will come together. They will be perfectly aligned with each other. Only then actual reality will start taking place gradually day by day according to your dearest desires.

In Conclusion:

Take a look deep inside you and you will find the gold you’re looking for. Choose to always think, act and react from a positive state of mind no matter what life brings to your path. Listen to your inner self. Listen to your heart. Your heart is the real magnet and not the physical mind alone that will gradually bring you to the way to manifesting your most innate desires such as health, love, money, and career, aligned to your life’s real purposes and to lead you to a more joyful, exciting, fulfilling and delightful life. Start here and now. You deserve it!

If you wish to find the way easier in order to finally transform your life for the better, taking a structured and proven approach on how to really make the magic happen, please be open-minded enough and take a close look here.

Thank you. I hope that you found my article helpful.

Good Luck!

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Divine Love – Law of Creation

Divine Love Meaning

Everything starts from a state of mind of love. Divine Love is the main feeling of connection with one and Main Source. The mind can not recognize its existence directly. It has to give a reason for its existence. Thus even though it consists more of an emotional condition it shifts to a cognitive condition because for the mind in order for something to come to existence it has to come with its opposite non-existence.

This cognitive condition of the non-existence of love is the main trigger that initiates the procedure of the creation of our reality as we experience it through duality. The cognitive condition of the non-existence of love leads finally to action and then to an opposite and equal reaction (Like in the matter as an interaction pair of forces of action and reaction – Newton’s third law).

Feelings vs Emotions

The underpinning emotions through the opposite
feelings are the cause and at the same time the effect of creation.
Then the system shifts gradually through the emotional condition and the underpinning factors.

The cognitive condition is what someone 
expects from life and it refers to the anticipated reality.
Anticipated reality leads to action. Action leads
to reaction. The reaction leads to knowledge (its the perception of
the density of an action). The reaction is then waited by the bliss
it creates.

Pursuit Happiness Definition

Bliss refers to a state of mind of supreme awareness and gratitude through self-contentment. Happiness refers to an ephemeral satisfaction while bliss is a permanent state.

When the action comes from a state of mind of doubt and fear then the cognitive condition tends to expand sooner than the opposite emotional one. As a consequence matter accelerates without the opposite increase of bliss. The system shifts gradually towards imbalance. However when the action comes from a state of mind of love and acceptance then matter diminishes its acceleration with an opposite increase of bliss. Gradually the system tends to shift towards balance.

As a result whenever despair and misfortune are greater than bliss then there is an opposite decrease in happiness and a rise to unhappiness and misfortune. As you probably realize even though we are all created as the children of bliss through love and acceptance, we’ re constantly looking after for more and more ephemeral satisfaction in order to experience happiness.

The matter is a cognitive illusion caused by duality. When anticipated reality coincides with the actual reality the system is in balance (which rarely happens). When the emotional conditions (actual reality) varies than cognitive conditions (anticipated reality) it leads to further action as a reaction and so on. Actually, the system is out of balance constantly. It consists of a loop that is actually what life is all about.

Underlying forces under the state of mind of doubt and fear that lead to action are ignorance, fear, doubt, hope, sense of lacking, hesitation, suffering, pain, non-existence. Underlying forces of reaction under a state of mind of love and acceptance are knowing love, bliss, happiness, existence.

What we actually are is the density of your emotions. Life is constant handling of emotions. What people actually strive for is not for knowledge nor for happiness but for bliss. Bliss is the prize behind any action. A gradual increase in the density of bliss will lead to the third state of mind that of bliss as an ultimate goal. This consists of a psychological state of mind.

Cognitive Intelligence vs Emotional Intelligence

The end cause of the procedure is for the mind to shift to a new state of bliss which now becomes a new psychological state of existence. Every action through the interference of the feelings will finally lead to an opposite and equal reaction. Reactions are emotions.

The density of the emotions leads to the sift of the opposite psychological state of bliss. When a cognition coincides with the psychological state (that is how finally is perceived) then balance comes to the system. Bliss finally becomes a state of being while love has the ability to take action. Love (or its non-existence – fear) is action, emotions are reactions or manifestation. Bliss is inaction. When someone lives under a state of bliss there is no more reaction as fear, anger, hesitation or despair. The mind should be quiet at this stage. But it’s not! The reason is as follows.

Physical Emotional Effects Stress

The main reason is that bliss is conceived by the mind as ignorance! There are different layers of presence depending on different contributing factors. These contributing factors are cognitive, emotional and psychological factors. Psychological factors such as distress and depressive mood caused by the opposite emotional stress can reverse affect both cellular and immune function and status. Those factors are interrelated and can influence cognition. Factors, in turn, is likely to be interpreted egocentrically and can cause beliefs to diverge rather than to converge. For the mind, there is no only one obvious interpretation. In this way, bliss is interpreted by the mind as ignorance. This consists of a vicious cycle when it happens unconsciously.

That makes duality possible as cognitive emotional and behavioral factors make someone feel confused. That is what duality is all about. Those cognitive or emotional factors then become or they are derived from psychological patterns. So life becomes a behavioral pattern of existence that is actually perceived through the opposite emotional and cognitive factors. Thus life has to do with the facets of the personality of someone. Life is psychology and psychological patterns make living possible.

You are what emotions dictate and the way you react to these emotions. On the other end, you are what your personality dictates. Personality affects the way someone reacts. Actual reality becomes the proliferation of your own personality and vice-versa. You actually reside inside the main source. That is where your true essence or your soul resides. You’ re not aware of it because of ignorance (bliss) caused by or because of duality. Duality makes you go blind.

Thoughts and emotions contribute to the psychological shift through the experiences to the degree that the psychological state contributes to the enrichment of emotions and to the patterns of thinking. It goes both ways. That makes life possible through duality. Life is also possible because of duality. In this way through the linear way of thinking we experience matter time and space that are actually psychological states of mind and nothing more. Everything we live and experience is because of and due to psychological facets of our personality.

Search for Bliss

The constant search for bliss and contentment brings a simple, artless, tranquil earthly happiness. Peace and comfort. Now that you realize it you can consciously shift your patterns of thinking and then the derived emotional patterns of reaction through better control. This sifts, in turn, will gradually lead to a psychological sift and to a higher state of mind and existence. A rise in consciousness.

How? Force the simplicity and natural thinking and feeling. This is all you need. Just release it and let it happen. Consciously. On its own way. Act. Do not react. Be proactive. Know that you can not intervene directly to mind and impose your own terms to the outside world. But you can intervene in your inner world by handling emotions and reaction to the various circumstances. This is the way to go. Gradually patterns of action-reaction will change. Density will lessen. Results will come sooner and easier. Have faith. Have faith in yourself and your choices. Notice that choices are actually facets of you. Your own personality. They can’t be wrong! Be optimistic. Then gradually you will shift from a state of mind of fear and ignorance to a state of mind of knowing, safety and peace. This is a chance to succeed. But still, realize you’ll have a lot more to work on. Simply because life is not only for striving but for Living!.