What Is Human Soul And Spirit

How Are Soul And Spirit Different

The word “Soul” in Ancient Greek is the word “psyche” that derives from the word “cold” and the verb “I blow”, which literally means the “cold breath”, that is the last indication of life in the body that is felt like the last breath.

Similarly, the Spirit used in English in a various sense, derives from the Greek word “pneuma” “a blowing”, “to blow”, “to breathe,” or “pnoe ” “breath” that is the power that gives life to the bodies.

The soul is the immaterial part of a human being that is immortal while the spirit is the non-physical part of the living body as a power or as a condition of the soul when it gets involved in duality through polarization.

Because of the above polarization, right in the center of the system, at their interaction point, there come powers of action-reaction through the two opposite states of mind Logic and Understanding.

At their interaction point, at a physical level, there is also the human heart. Underneath the human heart, there exists the Soul. There also exists the belief system consisting of values and truths as the two opposite polarized sub-conditions of the soul.

The values in turn reflect the subjective reality, the internal environment through Character, (as expressed attitude or feminine energy as an emotional body) while truths reflect the objective reality caused by the external environment, through Spirit (expressed as a non- physical part of a living body).

Created In The Image And Resemblance

Created in the image implies a reflection of the appropriate values as mental frames or references (deriving from the left hemisphere of the mind – Understanding) bonding with the opposite truths, turning to facts, as fundamental attributes of creation of the emotional body, as an underlying power.

Created in resemblance implies similarity chiefly in appearance or external qualities of the mental thinking procedures as truths bonding with the opposite values, turning to experiences, through spirit or pneuma as the underlying power of giving life to the emotional body and creating the human physical body at the mental expression level (deriving from the right hemisphere of the mind – Logic).

In both, the above cases Logic through critical thinking has the ultimate decisive role of choosing the appropriate bonding pair of truths and values no matter where the initial trigger for creation comes from (Logic or Understanding).

What Is The Mind Soul And Spirit

Feelings constitute mental portals of incoming stimuli as data, while illusions are mental abilities of visualization of incoming stimuli as images.

Stimuli can come from both sides, either from feelings or illusions but in order to be finally perceived by the mind as an internal perceptual experience, both sides should be combined or bonded.

Feelings also constitute the sources of information or knowledge of the external environment and reality. The feelings affect and at the same time are affected by truths and experiences while illusions by values and facts.

Feelings reflect the external environment while illusions reflect the internal environment and they both form internal and external experiences.

Values and truths finally form, affect, and are both affected by the state of consciousness through awareness and they refer to the internal visualization of external facts and internal experiences.

Logic vs Understanding

Feelings concern the means as logical statements while illusions concern the ways of reflecting them, through understanding. The first ones refer to external conditions as actual behavioral patterns while the latter refers to the conditional states as role models or habitual patterns.

Feelings are five in number as well as the corresponding illusions (known also as the 6th sense) which also constitute sensory abilities of perception by the human brain. Illusions refer to the way the brain interprets the signals it receives such as the sound, the temperature, the pressure, the smell, the taste, the pain, etc. These are mainly related to the reference frames and the corresponding images such as optical, acoustic, etc.

Both of them feelings and illusions refer to information and informational references, habitual or behavioral roles or patterns and by connecting through the nervous system they both reflect the inherent or personal perceptual experiences.

Personality And Personal Reality

Knowledge and experience reflect objectivity while understanding and facts reflect subjectivity. In this way, the subjective reality that reflects attitude is combined with the objective reality that reflects behavior, in order to form a coherent reality.

Subjective reality always equals objective reality. They both combined form personal reality that reflects personality (character and behavior).

Personal reality is incorporated into collective reality through objective reality. Any change of one of them affects the other but to the extent that each one is linked tightly to the other, the result will always be the same as in both cases any changes are inherent with no external observer in order to pinpoint any difference.

That’s why we’re talking about a pre-determined destiny, future, or reality. As a result, it doesn’t really matter what someone lives or experiences, but how to handle the impacts in order to lessen the implications through the adjustment of the emotional state, towards higher states of consciousness.

However, handling the impacts is like putting the horse before the cart. It creates a vicious cycle. A new more proactive approach is needed in order to out wave the causes of those impacts before they appear.

Indeed, humans are born and grow up and then finally die because they gain experience by living and experiencing and by altering their belief system gradually, as time goes on.

Death is imminent as living experience is perceived by the mind, as a closed cyclical system, going always from start to finish as a cause and effect, from both sides of the human mind.

Feelings and Emotions

By reversing the initial orientation of truths and values, as shown above, the external stimuli through feelings and experiences interact with the opposite illusions and their subjective reflection through understanding and they both affect and adjust the intensity of the emotions and the general emotional state of the body.

The emotional state in turn, through the opposite emotions as triggers, that are action-oriented, affect back the way someone perceives and experiences reality by adjusting the internal to the external environment and vise versa.

In Conclusion

The man was created in the image and in resemblance to his Creator.

The human body constitutes an “info Project” as a result of the experiential experience along with sensory perception. There are saved all the recorded information about his past, present, and future.

The excellent characteristics that he is called to use and exploit are the binary way of thinking and expressing through the mind, combining spirit and behavior with character and comprehension.

In this way through the identification of his true identity and superior potential, he is given the opportunity through the rising consciousness as a vehicle, to touch perfection and Soul.

The journey is long and difficult but the lessons are unique and eternal.

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