What is Emotional Body: Connection to Body Parts

Phase 1. CreationSetting the System Up

At zero point where all parallels meet there exist Soul (psyche). There is also saved at the magnetic field all the accumulated information (belief system) from all the previous incarnations. At this point also meets the magnetic with the electric field as opposite states.

When the belief system is exposed between the two opposite fields there comes polarization, and then information gains self-organization and self-disposition properties moving between the two fields through motivational powers and initiatives such as self-actualization and self-acceptance, creating two main opposite mind emotional states of Love and Fear setting up the basis for the creation of the emotional body as a sub-system.

The two opposite mind states, interact with each other through the above setting up powers and start creating the opposite feelings and illusions sorting them according to their significance, deriving from values-truths (aligning truths to feelings and values to illusions), as mental portals and their inhered references of external and internal stimuli by giving to them a conditional orientation between the opposite mental states.

The Emotional Body as a Way for Self-Regulation

Because of the internal and external stimuli, initial mental states, break down into emotional sub-states of mind.

Needs and wands as some of the emotional sub-states draw values-truths accordingly through the opposite emotions as their underpinning regulatory forces and as a way of interacting between them.

As a result, the emotional body with the human heart as an initial focal point builds into an entire emotional body, and then through the intervention of spirit as the underpinning behavioral factor, they finally merge into a physical living body as we perceive it through our senses.

Thus, the physical body before its final state is an emotional body. It comprises a layer above or before it becomes physical in appearance.

The emotional body is created through emotions as the underpinning forces in order to express needs from one side and wands (desires) from the other side.

In this way, everything that you encounter in your life triggers your emotions and they, in turn, influence your health emotional or physical- behavioral states, relationships, perceptions, and perspectives of the world.

Are Emotions and Feelings the Same?

Phase 2. ExistenceAdjusting the System

Now after the system is all set up it starts to exchange information and experiences through the opposite emotional states of mind, through the dualistic way of thinking. So thinking and existence comes into play. It doesn’t really matter the condition of the states of the mind as thinking turns always to emotions as emotional triggers or responses.

It is important to understand what emotions actually are and how can they affect your life and then how to develop the necessary skills to sense them, how they emerge, and express through your body and how they affect it. As forces of causes and effects at the same time, they have a double scope.

Emotions passive or active constitute opposing forces of a cause and effect that are action-oriented.

Emotions are responsible both for exploiting the appropriate pair of feelings and illusions at the expression or existence level and weighting the results deriving from their interaction, at the perception or creation level.

Emotions are self-regulated in order to achieve and maintain a healthy emotional and behavioral state of balance. From a state of action to a state of balance and inaction. A state of fulfillment, contentment, joy, satisfaction, or bliss.

Why Emotions Matter

Phase 3. Bonding Creation and Existence

The degree of the intensity of each emotion is weighted against truths -values deriving from the belief system located at the center of the heart.

Whenever the active emotions as forces outweigh the opposite passive emotions then a state of equilibrium is installed as an emotional – behavioral state of balance of the body.

Whenever a state of emotional-behavioral balance is achieved then the system turns to a state from action to inaction. In this case, feelings and illusions are perfectly aligned that further means that they are also aligned throughout the heart.

Then as result feelings of accomplishment, contentment, satisfaction, joy, or bliss come from the bottom of your heart.

That also means that the effect justifies the cause. No further action-reaction is needed. The emotional and behavioral states of the body are perfectly aligned. The internal and external environment, character and behavior, mental, emotional, psychological, and physiological states, are also perfectly aligned. Hopes and aspirations come to fruition.

Otherwise, if the effect doesn’t justify the cause then the emotional and behavioral states are still out of balance, and illusions (the opposite of feelings) trigger emotions of anger, sorrow, worry, and suffering that also come from your heart as an omen of unbalance.

That further leads to another action-reaction loop in order to finally come to a new state of emotional and behavioral balance of accomplishment and fulfillment through the opposite emotions.

Emotions Can Be Categorized

Passive emotions can be either the causes or the effects as forces of various stimuli perceived mostly as an inherent response to a particular moment, event, behavior of another, or not fulfilled expectations.

Their main characteristics are that they express needs as a shortage or as mental deficiency of something through actions or reactions.

Passive emotions are mostly intuitive in nature and they are triggered by the state of mind of fear through the opposite emotional sub-states that now become forces action-oriented in nature. They occur typically when an action or a thought of action or occurrence is involved.

They are mostly expressed through illusions and their main scope is to diminish fear and the subsequent dysfunction of psychological factors to meet physiological factors of the body by adjusting the opposite behaviors.

Active emotions can also be causes and effects as forces of various stimuli mostly from outside. Their main characteristics are that they express wands or desires trying to increase contentment, satisfaction, joy, or bliss through actions-reactions.

They are mostly instinctive in nature. The shift from a main mental state of love to the emotional sub-states of wands and desires and then to active emotions. They occur when an action or thought of action is involved.

They express feelings and their main scope is to increase love through emotional sub-states and they are finally weighed against facts and experiences in order to ascertain that they justify the causes and adjust the subsequent body behaviors and physiological factors, to meet the opposite psychological factors or attitudes.

Emotions as forces follow Newton’s third law. The law states that forces act in pairs. There is no action without reaction and the opposite. Those forces consist of an interaction pair.

They always come in action-reaction pairs. They act in opposite directions. They exist together or not at all. They also have equal magnitudes and different directions. Their sum is zero.

Needs and Wands

Needs and Wands (or desires) are emotional sub-states of mind and they constitute concepts that are similar in nature and in most situations they overlap with one another. Actually, as opposite sub-states of mind, the fulfillment of the one leads to the fulfillment of the other.

They also appear in pairs through emotions. There is no wand without an opposite need as they constitute opposite states of mind that trigger emotions to act as action-reaction forces responding to an internal or external, cognitive or imaginary, stimulus.

Needs refer to those that are necessary for survival or the well being of someone.

The most basic needs are hunger, clothing, and shelter and then there come psychological needs, and so on. Satisfying basic needs are very important as they are essential for the very existence.

Wants or desires refer to something we want for ourselves. Strong desires refer to the intensity as to how much work or effort someone has to put in place in order to achieve or the cost of acquiring something.

Desires are not essential to our very existence but they are essential to our well being from a healthy perspective or a psychological state of the view. In this sense, they become directly involved with needs and they create excitement and expectancy, aspiring for future fulfillment.

They both are continuously growing as they are gradually covered towards higher levels of the pyramid of wands and needs (see Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs).

Desires can be ongoing and endless. Their only limit is that they have to satisfy also psychological needs in order to exist. Desires and psychological needs act always in pairs through emotions, and the fulfillment of the one leads inevitably to the fulfillment of the other.

Actually, when a desire becomes stronger and stronger the opposite psychological need becomes higher and higher to the same degree and vise versa.

In Conclusion

It becomes apparent that the basis of creation is based on the dualistic way of thinking and expression model.

After establishing the model comprising from the two opposite poles as main states of mind, their interaction begins with the purpose of setting up the basic feelings and opposite illusions classified by their importance as a system.

Not only the setting up of the system but also the interaction between feelings and illusions are achieved due to the existence of the emotions.

Emotions play a very important role, both in creation as in existence through self-regulation and self-assessment and as interaction forces.

Thus the inner aligns with the outer environment, the human character with human behavior and the flesh with the spirit.

Living and moving are always possible through the continuous comparison of their partly effects aligning to the truths-values ​​of the belief system, adjusting and enriching previews experiences with new ones.

As a result, the emotional body is created and maintained as an inner layer before the physical layer appears like a living body. To the degree that the physical body reflects the reality, we are talking about a perceived based on the emotions or an emotive reality.

This is an approval that there is no actual or objective reality. Reality is subjective and it has to do more with the inner self and the handling of the feelings and the emotions and less with the outer environment.

In this way, the greatness of creation is achieved combined with the miracle of the existence of Love, as a heritage to every living being on earth, including humanity.

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