Laws of Manifestation – The Reality Circular Flow

Thoughts Manifesting Reality

There are two ways of thinking:

Active thinking through Logic. Passive thinking through Understanding.

Two states of mind: Love and Fear.

Love (love for life, self-love or self-acceptance, order) is the connection to the only one and main Source (point Ο). Love at its highest level becomes a passion (selfishness) and at point (O) becomes pure love or self-love (self-less).

Fear (fear of survival, self-deny, hate, anger, disorder). At point (O) fear is at its minimum level (fear-less).

The central point (O) stands for the observer. It also refers to wholeness (that is the meet point of the above opposite states of mind that are also forces or triggers to the balance of the system that are both extinguished at this point). Either love or doubt (beyond point O) through the various triggers are both disruptions of the wholeness. Love at point (O) is zero while disruptions to each side, are one. A split of the whole into parts.

A thought is a raw function of the mind. It is the byproduct of the processing of many thoughts for a long period. The thought is used for the solving of various problems and the ideas form the solution. It is the last function of the procedure of cognition. Ideas concern its manifestation in reality.

A thought, concept, belief, intention or plan is actually a collection of ideas or sensations that only exist in the mind. Material objects are a collection of ideas that reside on the mind.

Every thought is also an assumption. But the assumption can also be received or perceived as a query or doubt. This assumption, as a result, triggers the belief system of truths in a very certain way. Will this assumption or dilemma come to fruition or not. Does this assumption hold true? Will this assumption come to reality or will not come to reality? By using this way the assumption finally comes to someone’s awareness or in existence as a thought or idea (along with nonexistence). There comes duality (our reality). To be (someone or something) or not to be!

How To Manifest Reality – The Creation of Reality Matrix

Reality is a sequence of true beliefs experienced in unlimited ways. There are many truths and experiences. So the reality is the proliferation of experiences into action. But experiences are perceived thoughts, emotions, and feelings. So those emotions and feelings define reality. What you feel actually you perceive and experience. Feelings and emotions derived from previous or a sequence of previous experiences cause reality. 

The belief system of a person or society of what is right or wrong, true or false becomes fundamental to how someone perceives reality. Reality is perceived through the opposite emotions or feelings and is actually the proliferation of the belief system of truths and values. You can not alter reality.

However, you can consciously alter gradually the belief system and the underpinning set of values that are interconnected with one another that sustains this reality. A conscious shift from an active to a passive way of thinking. From intuition to insight. From a rational to an irrational way of thinking.

The belief system develops through intelligence and culture and every doubt or assumption is a disruption of the belief system as a chance for growth. From negative to positive emotions and feelings.

Knowledge is the realization of a certainty. We know something to be a true belief. Experience is something that is not tangible. It is something to rely on to verify our knowledge. Knowledge is also tangible. Belief is not something to be seen or touched.

Knowledge derives from certainties. From reality. From Matter. Experience derives from knowledge. But actually, there is no matter. The matter is a cognitive illusion. So what there is is only the experience based on beliefs, truths, or ideas hold to be true. Reality and matter become a psychological state where holds always (imaginary) beliefs to be true.

Different approaches to this knowledge through science and philosophical or theological knowledge lead to the same destination. A point of merger. Free will and predestination refer to the ongoing experience as the way someone returns to the Source (point O).

How To Manifest Abundance

Reality and matter are psychological states where hold always beliefs to be true. These psychological states make reality as an expression of someone’s personality. Previous experiences create current experiences through predestination using different personalities and the illusion of free will.

The dilemma or doubt always leads to the existence and nonexistence of something. Whatever truth (truth or value) comes to existence with its non-existence either as knowing or as understanding. In this way time (future) comes into play. Time is an illusion. A cyclical metaphysical attribute because of psychological factors. It is only a cognitive procedure between active and passive thinking a matter of perception and reflection, decision and knowledge, knowing, and understanding.

Thinking and understanding are actually both forms of perception. 

Conscious mind refers to behavior as part of the personality. Different personalities through conscious minds lead to the soul’s entire personality and to the shift in consciousness towards higher planes.

We live and experience reality because we believe that it is Real! Doubt creates existence and faith makes the living experience behind this existence that we call LIFE!

Interwoven life experiences based on a belief system of truths are the precursor of future life experiences. ​

The Mechanism Behind Reality Manifestation

How it comes to a fourth-dimensional reality from one- or two-dimensional thinking? Through duality. Duality by conflicting thoughts. But a linear or non-linear way of thinking are both two-dimensional. How it comes to creativity in the three or fourth dimensions? By comparing linear thinking (logic) as a basis against itself. Critical thinking is the result (also analytical and other types of derivative thinking as well).

How? By comparing truth (logic) against itself (understanding). True or not true (equals false). The mind can not conceive or perceive the term false. It only can perceive true or not true. It works this way. The trigger and the main source capability of the mind are to either accept (affirm) or question everything. 

Now, every disruption to the system splits energy (through the thought’s fission – see below) and thus creates light (reality). The universe is a hologram. Mind, when triggered, divides this hologram into two identical holograms. Then makes a logical choice (either way by knowing or by understanding). Either choice a priori holds to be true. 

Manifesting Your Desires Into Reality – Fundamentals Of The Thought’s Fission Process

A thought’s fission is a process where every thought when the mind is triggered from any kind of disruption emotions or feelings (that is the cause – either from active or passive states of mind) is split into two (2) pairs of opposing and equal forces (that is the effect) at the very same moment (instantaneously).

Reality results from this procedure. So the body becomes the reflection of your own thoughts, experiences, feelings, and emotions and the whole universe becomes the reflection of your spirit, mind, and body!

How Thought’s Fission Process Works?

When the trigger comes from fear or doubt (passive perception as a state of mind) then thought is split from a central point (O) towards the points (M) and (S) instantly (because of the thought’s fission).

The thought is also split at the same time from a central point (O) to the points (F) and (H). I state that the second split happens also instantly (among the first ones caused by fission) because of the action-reaction law. In this way, passive perception force initiates (cause) while its polar active perception force perceives and acknowledges (effect).

However, when the trigger comes from love and faith (active state of mind) then thought is split from the central point (O) towards the points (F) and (H) and then towards the points (H) and (F) instantly (because of the thought’s fission and action-reaction law as above). Thus the active perception force initiates (cause) while its polar passive perception force receives, nourishes, and ejects (effect).

So as we realize, through the above procedure finally OU=OK that is Knowing = Understanding and the opposite, deriving from the opposite Greek words Gnosis = Epignosis (that is awareness, consciousness, and insight). That also means that Perception = Expression that further proves without a doubt that Cause = Effect.

Furthermore, the above forces (cause and effect) also have equal magnitude, opposite direction, equal degrees, sums to zero. F (total) = 0! Cause + Effect = 0. Also applying the same principle Needs = Wands. Their sum is also Zero!

So it doesn’t matter the choice made itself. Nothing created nor destroyed. Reality becomes an intellectual procedure by exchanging thoughts, feelings, and experiences between the two sides of the mind (through your heart). It only matters the experience through the opposite feelings derived or perceived behind these choices.

It doesn’t matter what rationale or irrational thinking used or choice made the result will always be the same. In this way, they only become psychological states of mind and nothing else. A given or fixed destiny based on duality through the belief system of truths.

A constant interchange between needs and wands (values as opposing forces) making the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory obsolete as they do not comprise a pyramid or hierarchy of needs anymore but rather than dynamic outweigh of opposing forces (values) caused by or having an impact to an intrinsic value metric system. No matter!

It is very important to state that everything resides at the central point (O). Your soul, your needs, your wands, your dreams, your truths, and your aspirations. They are right there at the bottom of your heart. Nothing is outside, never was and never will be.

Your heart is the main and the only Source where each trigger begins from. The mind then through its opposite states, becomes the receiver and the processor. It always conceives whatever holds true from the Source as a four-dimensional reality even though has the wrong idea that it creates reality.

In this way, self-awareness, self-realization, and motivation come into play through the cause and effect and action-reaction forces as we already know them in physics.

In this era of duality, every thought or idea that comes to someone’s mind has to appear with its opposite thought (either as knowing or as understanding, cause, and effect). Otherwise will not be perceived by the mind.

In this way, it doesn’t matter whatever someone decides or feels as reality is predestined to happen. It doesn’t matter the trip or the destination but the experience derived from this trip. Brilliant!

How To Manifest Everything – Three Stages of Consciousness 

Spirit, soul and physical as a conscious mind

Gradually souls gain experience through the mind and body. The purpose is the complete unity between the two states of mind through the bonding of the masculine and feminine energies and then between humans and the divine back into wholeness.

Free will is to discover the road to higher knowledge as a cause through passive perception as a state of mind (fear, doubt or decision)Predestination is the effect and the other way around! So freewill is only a part of the procedure and it is more like a mechanism in creating reality and not a liberal choice as it seems to be!

Three main types of intelligence:

Cognitive intelligence (CI) as a mental capability to reason, plan and solve simple or complex problems to learn and experience. To acquire skills as academic or practical personal skills.

The main scope is to comprehend surroundings to make sense or to figure out how to make things right.

It is cognitive intelligence. A conscious trial to manage negativity or frustration and turn them into positive feelings. It concerns a shift of the state of the mind of fear and doubt to the state of mind of love and acceptance.

Thinking is an activity and truth results from thinking and reality. Logical thinking is active.

The underpinning way of thinking is the sequential or linear thinking to process information in an orderly, prescribed manner.

we consider Linear thinking as active thinking and requires a great expenditure of energy that can lead to exhaustion.

This thinking is the one- or two-dimensional (thought or lines of thoughts) but the reality is multidimensional (four-dimensional). In this way, thinking is part of reality but not the entire reality. Thus thinking can give the truth but reality contains over one truth. Rational thinking leads to irrational reality. Reality always escapes thought.

Emotional intelligence (EI) as an ability to understand and manage feelings and emotions one’s own or others to discriminate and use this information to have the desired results on the outer world through thinking and actions (competencies are self-awareness, self-realization, motivation, empathy, unconditional caring or love, valuing honesty and ethics and social skills). They perceive emotions to facilitate thoughts and manage emotions.

(EI) is more related to the present to identify and manage emotions at the moment. Passion and empathy come from the mind and not from the heart.

Sociative or passive thinking refers to a chain of thoughts that are linked by an understandable connection.

The underpinning way of thinking is critical, abstract, divergent or converged thinking.

Common sense concerns the belief system of truths of a person or society to decide between true or false through critical thinking.

The aim is to diminish fear with discipline, to handle stress and to care without conditions.

Spiritual intelligence (SI)

The underpinning way of thinking is holistic (nonlinear). This refers to the ability to see and recognize the greater picture and the various contributing factors expanding thoughts to multiple directions and understand the system by sensing the various patterns.

This way of thinking refers to archetypal thoughts that are not connected to the previous thoughts. They seem that they come from outside.

Insight vs Intuition

Insight means to know something a priori before experiencing. It is also knowledge attained. The power of seeing into a situation or of seeing intuitively.

Intuition is guessing based on experience or a feeling that you know something (that is a sense of knowing). The power to direct knowledge without evident rational thought. Quick and ready insight.

Insight comes from a state of mind of doubt and fear (passive thinking). Intuition comes from a state of mind of faith and love (active thinking).

As you already probably realize each one term of them carries the sperm of the other and this is more than obvious that they are tightly interconnected like communicating vessels. One mind, 2 states, 2 ways of thinking, 4 dimensions, reality, matter. Duality all the way!

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