“Divine Code” 369 Now Revealed

In this article, we will answer what the “Divine Code” is in detail and clarity and how it is related to the formation of human reality in a step-by-step procedure through the intervention of human consciousness.

Questions such as:

What is the magnificence of the number 360? What it represents?
How is it related to Nikola’s Tesla number of 369 “Divine Code?
What is the magnificence of the number 180? How it is related to the “Divine Code”?
Why number 6 is considered to be “a perfect number”? What does this mean in this case?
What is the magnificence of number 9 to the reality existence? How is it related to the number 0?
Is zero really a number? What is a “digital root” of a number?
What is its significance to consciousness in reality creation and existence?
Which is the role of the numbers 3,6,0 and 9 to consciousness?
How 3d Reality is Created by Consciousness?
What are Schumann Resonances and what do they represent?
Which is the role of the colors in consciousness?
Which is the impact of the way of thinking on consciousness?
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The Relation of 360 to “Divine Code”

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The numbers 3,6,0 as distinct symbols represent the Pace Length of Reality Creation and Existence Phase Cycle, and if we consider them as symbols and treat them as numbers they are equivalent as well to the numbers 369 Nikola Tesla’s “Divine Code” “if you knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe.”

Number 360 is equivalent to the number 369 “Divine Code” because nine as a number and as a symbol is equivalent to zero as a symbol, three as a past, six as a present, and zero as a symbol of a full circle (empty circle) replaced by nine as a future event or act not yet in existence (which reflects distance or a lapse of time), symbolizing nothingness, emptiness, or everything.

In both cases, zero as a symbol symbolizes the outer space of a circle (circle circumference) as a static condition or state as an end, finish, or emptiness, and nine as a dynamic condition or state of non-existence that gradually leads to emptiness against 6 as the number of completion perceived as a present moment. Thus, 9 as a digital root of 90″ (9+0=9), measures the inner space of a circle as a distance between number 3 as past and number 6 as a present time which in turn reflects an extrinsic to an intrinsic value of 3.

The Magnificence of Number 3

Number 3 symbolizes a false certainty as a provable solution based on past experience to a problem or risk and also the graphical reproduction of an 8 cut vertically into halves of two halves of a circle.

Number 3 is the number of good fortune. The Pythagoreans taught that the number 3 was the first true number. It is also the first number that forms a geometrical figure a triangle.

According to them the number 3 is the noblest of all digits, as it is the only number to equal the sum of all terms below it and the only number whose sum with those equals the product of them and itself.

Number 3 controls the preconscious mind and there has been a symbol of “strength in unity”.

It is considered the number of harmony, wisdom, and understanding.

It reflects the Preconscious, Conscious, and Subconscious mind. Past, Present, and Future. Birth, Life, and Death. Beginning, Middle, and End. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Faith, Wisdom, and Courage.

The Magnificence of Number 6

Number 6 symbolizes 6 parts of a circle as an actual solution to a problem or risk, by dividing or doubling the previous solution number 3 (divided always by half 0.5) that reflects the present moment as a certainty (3/0.5).

Through the above mechanism by doubling the previous (provable) solution as a (false) certainty or value reflects a clear positive effect of emotions on reasoning performance.

Certainty as number 6 together with the occurrence as number 9 (that something happens or is true as self-certainty), forms the present moment as a reality 6+9=15=1+5=6 digital root, (truthness, self-certainty, or self-affirmation).

Number 6 as a symbol refers to the first or main key of the human value code system that reflects the constant universal reference number “Divine Code” of reality creation as certainty or value.

Number 6 controls the conscious mind. Therefore controls reality through certainty as a present moment.

God created everything in 6 days according to the bible.

Number 6 is the first perfect number to be discovered whose sum factors are equal to the number itself. eg. 6=1x2x3=1+2+3. It doesn’t happen by luck. It happens exactly because of the intervention of consciousness. It refers to an extrinsic (or measured) value.

Augustine (354-430) in The City of God: “Six is a number perfect in itself, and not because God created the world in six days; rather the contrary is true: God created the world in six days because this number is perfect, and it would remain perfect, even if the work of the six days did not exist.”.

Number 6 symbolizes happiness, harmony, and stability.

It is the smallest positive integer which is neither a square number nor a prime number.

Number 6 is a naturally lucky number. Under its energy people live in the present moment and do not worry about the future.

It is a loving, gentle, beautiful, and peaceful number.

Pythagoras also believed that this number signifies love and family responsibilities.

This is also the number of socialization. Number 6 has many significations and can be related to a hexagram that has 6 sides. It is also related to “as a mother” (feminine qualities).

Number 6 is also related to love, nurturing, and protection, emotionally, spirituality, and physically.

The Magnificence of Numbers 0 and 9

Everything in this world is made up of particles and if we go deeper at an even more microscopic level, we reach into the quantum world, that is pure mathematics. All the Living things in this world are made up of cells.

Multicellular organisms are formed by the division of a single cell. A single cell divides into 2 cells, then after their division, we get 4 cells, then 8, 16, 32, 64, and then 128 cells are produced. In this way, the doubling sequence continues and finally, we have a full multicellular organism.

The same exactly happens with consciousness. Each and every human cell or group of cells represents a unit of consciousness. Every cell (or group) as a consciousness unit carries all the inherent characteristics and qualities that form the individual’s personality that makes in turn personal reality.

Number 9 derives from a complete circle or cell (as a risk or problem as a space or value) that divides always in half into 2 equal halves (as a solution to that risk or problem) that results always in the number 9 as a digital root expressed as a measure of distance or lapse of time (an extrinsic or measured value).

Devide 360 in half: 360”/2= 180”+180”=1+8+0+1+8+0=18=1+8=9 (digital root). Devide 180”/2=90”+90”=9+0+9+0=18=1+8=9. Devide 90 in half: 90”/2=45”+45”=4+5+4+5=18=1+8=9, devide 45”/2=22,5+22,5=2+2+5+2+2+5=18=1+8=9 and so on. Actually, as we saw in another article it happens because human consciousness follows the Pace Length of Reality Creation and Existence Phase Cycles going through the 8 lunar major phase cycles.

Also time: minutes/day 1440, speed of light 18628 miles/sec, the diameter of earth 7920 miles, the diameter of sun 864000 miles, the diameter of moon 2160miles, 3600 sec /hour, sec/day 86400, om frequency 432 Hz, and so on, they all have a digital root of 9.

Number 9 refers to the second key of the human (extrinsic or measured) value code system that reflects the constant universal reference number “Divine Code” of the reality existence or occurrence as truths, one of the highest single-digit numbers in demical system, among primates in existence (nine months length of gestation).

Actually, symbol 6 turns gradually as an action to the right until the completion stage while at the very same time symbol 9 gradually turns left to the opposite way of the number 6 measuring the covered by the number 6 distance as time working like an hourglass.

In fact, this happens gradually in stages reflecting exactly the phases of the moon that gives the mechanics and the pace of the procedure mentioned in a previous article.

Evidence that digit 9 refers to a symbol as a reaction to action is the fact that if in any number you replace the zero by nine then there is no change in the digital root of the number: 308=3+0+8=11=1+1=2. Now replace 0 by 9 you get 398=3+9+8=2+0=2 and the opposite 796=7+9+6=2+2=4. Now replace 9 by 0 you get: 706=7+0+6=13=1+3=4.

It becomes obvious that the existence phase cycle of reality creation is represented by the number 9 that is actually the symbol of non-existence bringing together past (3), present (6), and future (0) by improving output performance.

The Role of 3,6,0 and 9 to Consiousness

Numbers 3,6,0 and 9 as symbols represent the belief system of an individual as intrinsic or extrinsic values or truths as parts of the Pace Length of Reality Creation and Existence Phase Cycle of human consciousness.

Number 3 through conscious-unconscious mind symbolizes the action-reaction forces that reflect intrinsic values (preconscious mind) against trues as extrinsic or measured values (subconscious mind). Intrinsic values are totally independent of outside influences while extrinsic values reflect an influence outside of the belief system.

The intrinsic values are compared with these true values to check the accuracy of their measurement. True values are controlled by the senses as desires while values are controlled by emotions as needs.

By the interaction of the action-reaction forces, in the creation of the reality creation phase cycle, true values turn to possibilities (future possible events through the subconscious mind) and intrinsic values turn to probabilities (past facts through the preconscious mind).

After the assessment of the measurement of the level of the risk, probabilities turn to certainties and possibilities to uncertainties.

Probabilities reflect a provable solution (based on past experiences) to a problem or risk and possibilities reflect the future as a possible result of the previous solution experienced as an earthy living experience at present.

Just because number 3 reflects Past, Present, and Future through the Preconscious, Conscious, Subconscious mind, this is the reason that it has been a symbol of “strength in unity” and that’s why it forms a geometrical figure a triangle.

By the intervention of the interaction forces of cause and effect in the reality existence phase cycle, certainties turn to abilities and possibilities turn to responsibilities.

Abilities as strengths, certainties, free will, or rights are represented by a free action under the number 3 as an intrinsic value that eventually turns to number 6 (as an extrinsic value) towards the fulfillment or the realization of the desired result as an actual solution.

Responsibilities as weaknesses, uncertainties, or obligations that are represented by a reaction to the previous action under the number 9 as a result that comes to fruition, completion, or into non-existence as a measured or extrinsic value.

This is an ongoing activity under the numbers 6 and 9 that takes place at present moment and it is felt like a space-time continuum.

Number 6 represents an action as a current or an actual solution of a problem or risk assessed from the previous reality creation phase cycle towards its completion. At this phase cycle of reality creation, certainties as abilities reflect the human character of the individual that is in harmony with the values of his belief system.

At the next phase cycle, occurrences as responsibilities reflect the appropriate behavior of an individual. Behavior is in harmony with the truths of his belief system and they are represented by the number 9 as the result of the previous solution as an opposite action (reaction) towards non-existence.

How 3d Reality is Created by Consciousness?

Whenever number 6 appears as an action that represents the creation phase cycle (creation spiral) towards a natural path from the chance to reality (certainty as a real event, self-affirmation, to be) the opposite number 9 follows as a reaction to action (as self-certainty, or self-assurance, to exist) that represents the existence phase cycle (destruction spiral).

Under the influence of number 6 through observation as abilities, an electromagnetic Field is created as a property of space (value), and through overt observation as responsibilities, under the influence of number 9, a motion is caused to the electric charge as a measured value (time) due to the Magnetoelectric Effect.

Number 6 represents space (as an intrinsic value 3 that finally turned to an extrinsic value 6) and number 9 represents time (as a measure against the extrinsic value 6 by carrying also the same mass as number 6).

Number 6 reflects character while number 9 reflects behavior. When they both meet at present as extrinsic values 6 and its measurement 9, they turn to 6 again: 6+9=15=1+5=6 (digital root).

In addition, personality is under the influence of the number 3. Human reality creation is under the influence of number 6. Number 9 influences numbers 3, 6, and 0 (360=3+6+0=9). They always meet together vibrating at their natural frequency at a higher amplitude due to Self-Resonant Frequency at 360 hertz, bringing together past (3), present (6), and future (0) under the frequency of number 9 as an inductor until their vibration increases significantly leading to their damage (complete destruction – Annihilation).

However, the frequency under the number 9 as an existence constitutes also the frequencies of numbers 6,7,8, and 3 (783=7+8+3=15+3=1+5+3=6+3=9) due to the global Electromagnetic Resonance phenomenon Schumann that appears at extremely low frequencies (ELF) of the Earth 7.83 Hz (named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann). At this stage, resonance is achieved between the objects as they vibrate at their natural frequency.

The whole reality creation phase cycle is under the control of the number 6 as it controls all the other numbers from 1 to 8. However, number 6 derives from a psychological factor (number 3) controlled by the preconscious-conscious mind as physical distance or place. The human reality creation phase leads to a certainty (under number 6) as a real event, self-affirmation based on a false certainty (under the number 3).

Number 9 controls the reality existence phase cycle towards non-existence as a needed step before the next existence phase cycle. It is a physical factor that reflects the measurement of the physical distance as a time of the previous step controlled by the number 6. Number 9 is controlled by the subconscious mind.

Number 6 is the key that controls the universe. Number 6 depends on the number 9 for its accuracy of the occurrence of an object. Whatever comes to fruition (in occurrence) is under the influence of the number 9 (as a digital root). Number 9 actually as a measurement value reflects non-existence due to Self-Resonant Frequency as the ideal output performance mentioned above.

Reality = Reality Creation Phase Cycle (Order) + Reality Existence Phase Cycle (Dissorder) = Certainty (under the frequency of number 6) + Occurence (under the frequency of number 9).

Occurrence as a number 9 always reflects non-existence. Number 9 reflects an emotion. So time is also an emotion or an illusion. Existence is an illusion. In addition, creation is also a feeling. Certainty is just a gut feeling. Reality reflects truthness, self-certainties, or self-affirmations. A state of being on the basis of evidence (one who bears witness).

The Role of Collors To Consciousness

At present, numbers 6 and 9 both meet as Antiparticle-Particle Pairs in stages through human character and behavior.  One of the first things about quantum mechanics is that particles have a wavelength, and thus a frequency. This means basically the particle oscillates, even if it doesn’t move, with a frequency directly linked to its mass.

Light or visible light is electromagnetic radiation within the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is perceived by the human eye. Wavelength is directly related to the frequency of a given waveform. The visible spectrum in humans is associated with wavelengths that range from 380 to 740 nm—a very small distance since a nanometer (nm) is one-billionth of a meter.

Longer wavelengths will have lower frequencies, and shorter wavelengths will have higher frequencies. Given the increase in frequencies due to the Self-Resonant Frequency mentioned above and because of the subsequent decrease in the range of the wavelenghts it finally leads to the conversion of mass into energy or electromagnetic radiation through annihilation from creation and existence (order) to non-existence (disorder).

The primary properties of visible light are intensity, direction, frequency of wavelength, and polarization. Objects appear in different colors because they absorb some colors as wavelengths that are reflected or transmitted. The retina of our yes contains two types of photoreceptors rods and cones. Cones detect color and rods let us see things in black, white, and grey. 

Visible light is usually defined as having wavelengths that mean a frequency range. Humans being trichromatic, contain three types of color receptor cells or cones. Each wavelength is a particular light like the primary colors red, blue, and green. Each color or wavelength applies to the preconscious, conscious, and subconscious mind.

Wavelengths as colors are inversely proportional to frequency and the color sequence gets reversed and is controlled by the preconscious mind (through the electromagnetic field) reflected by the preconscious-conscious-subconscious mind under the number 3.

They are also controlled by brightness by the subconscious mind (due to the magnetoelectric effect) and are transmitted to the subconscious-conscious-subconscious mind, under the number 9.

Number 6 as the first perfect number means the sum of its factors (1,2, and 3) are equal to the number itself. Number 3 is the only number to equal the sum of all the terms below it (1,2). Number 9 is also a square number of 3.

Number 3 as a common divider of the numbers 3,6,9 produces the sum of the factors of number 6 (1,2 and 3). Number 6 contains, controls, and combines all the properties of visible light by the human eye of the different wavelengths detected as colors, having the same frequency no matter who is viewing it.

Numbers 3 through the preconscious mind and 9 through the subconscious mind, as wavelengths (colors) and their density (brightness), are both controlled and combined by the conscious mind under the “Divine Code” number 6.

The Impact of The Way of Thinking

Critical and analytical thinking is a human-centered design thinking approach as it takes place on the conscious part of the mind in stages, where critical thinking always precedes analytical thinking.

Critical thinking is used in order to evaluate, inform and interpret what to believe to be right or wrong and is self-directed, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking. Under this thinking style, the thinker always takes into account a whole circle as a problem or risk that divides always in half (1/2) as a procedure towards the solution.

Through critical thinking, a thought splits into action-reaction forces under the influence of the number 1 as action and 2 as a reaction that outweighs each other as equal and opposite forces (1 divided by 1/2 equals 2 parts of 0.5. One part as a whole circle plus two equal parts of this circle, it makes a total of three parts).

Number 3 refers always to a provable solution as a false certainty not yet in existence. Whether we double or half the numbers, if we start with number 3, we get numbers 3 and 6 only.

Even if we double or half the numbers starting from number 6, we will get the same numbers 3 and 6 every time. But surprisingly even this time 9 is absent in the sequence.

This happens because as we saw number 3 as a symbol is the graphical reproduction of an 8 cut vertically into halves of two halves of a circle. Number 6 represents the sum of the pieces of the circle after the division takes place (four halves of a circle, one circle, and one circumference of the circle combined them all together as a new coherent circle).

Critical thinking triggers at the same time the analytical thinking, as cause under the influence of the number 6, and effect under the number 9, that draw to each other and by their meeting, they cause light perceived as personality (character and behavior) and then as a coherent personal reality.

They both use facts but for different purposes. In analytical thinking facts, are used to build information and support evidence that leads to a logical solution by always dividing the provable solution or false certainty under the number 3 by half (0.5).

This happens in order to continuously stimulate logic (the conscious mind) as mechanically is the same as multiplying the provable solution or false certainty by 2 turning it into an actual solution (certainty or experience) as reinforced ability under the number 6 (3/0.5=6) as well as the subsequent responsibility under the number 9 by pushing the whole procedure into a higher and higher stage or state of bliss awareness.

Both types of thinking use the dividing process of a whole circle by diving in the first case of critical thinking always in half (1/2) and in the second case of analytical thinking by dividing the previous parts deriving from the previous division under the critical thinking by half (0.5) in order to come to a final solution or certainty under the number 6 and the subsequent result or occurrence under the number 9.

Bliss as pure awareness is where certainty as a solution, happiness or truth, and occurrence as value, result, or meaning, converge (6+9=15=1+5=6). Therefore bliss under the resonance of the numbers 6 and 9 is both a feeling of oneness and an emotion of connectedness with the universe and all of creation. Pure or absolute bliss awareness is actually a state of unity, transcendence, completeness, knowingness, wholeness, and uplifted consciousness.

In Conclusion

As we also saw in the previous article digits 0,1,3,6,8,9 are used as numbers and as symbols at the same time. Numbers 3,6,0 and 9 as symbols represent the belief system of an individual as parts of the Pace Length of Reality Creation and Existence Phase Cycle of human consciousness.

Human consciousness as a state of being aware of or responsive to others follows a specific procedure by utilizing the above numbers 3,6,0 and 9 as symbols that refer to the human value code system that reflects, in turn, the constant universal reference numbers “Divine Code” of reality creation and existence phase cycles.

These cycles finally lead into reality as a state of mind of having both existences as certainties and occurrences as substances. Actually, we talk about wavelengths as colors and their brightness controlled by the preconscious-conscious-subconscious mind due to electromagnetic field and the subsequent magnetoelectric effect caused by annihilation and controlled by the numbers 3,6,0 and 9 respectively, described above in detail.

By summarizing, finally the conscious mind under numbers 6 and 9 controls the whole procedure, all colors and their brightness turning them into objects and in this way influences both certainties (as real events, self-affirmation, to be) and occurrences (as a self-certainties or self-assurance, to exist) through the appropriate character and behavior traits, that form the human personality that makes, in turn, the personal reality.

Therefore bliss under the resonance of the number 6 is both a feeling of oneness and an emotion of connectedness with the universe and all of creation. Numbers 3 through the preconscious mind and 9 through the subconscious mind, as wavelengths (colors) and their density (brightness), are both controlled and combined by the conscious mind under the “Divine Code” number 6.

Augustine in The City of God with his statement of the special significance of number 6 as a “Divine Code” by recalling NikolaTesla’s words mentioned above (besides the rest of the numbers 0,3 and 9), proves to be partly right.

The reason is that the number 3 governs the creation while 6 controls the existence of our universe. However, the creation phase cycle precedes the existence phase cycle. But as we saw real events as certainties under the number 6 as a “Divine Code” are based on false certainties under the number 3.

Number 3 proves to be the main key of the “Divine Code” that governs our universe. Reality existence as behavior is just a reflection of the human character based on values as false certainties. Number 6 controls reality as a secondary key of the “Divine Code” based on number 3.

Destiny as (false) certainties towards the solutions to problems or risks under the numbers 3 and 6 bearing positive effects of emotions on reasoning performance and occurrences under the numbers 0 and 9 (due to Self-Resonant Frequency) constitute the basis of evidence of the results to the solutions of the problems or risks that form a human personality that creates in turn personal reality through a mosaic of colors experienced as a pure bliss awareness on the present moment (due to the Electromagnetic Resonance phenomenon Schumann).

In fact, as we finally realize personal reality as a byproduct of human consciousness through both critical and analytical types of thinking, besides as it consists of a constant struggle against higher levels of pure or absolute bliss awareness, is a vanity that blinds us to our own blindness.

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