Spiritual Laws Of Success In Creation

Laws of Motion In A Spiritual Perspective

Newton’s laws of motion are three physical and spiritual laws of success that together laid the classical and spiritual mechanics of reality creation and existence. They describe the relationship between body mind and soul and the forces acting upon them and their motion in response to those forces.

More precisely, the first law defines the forces qualitatively, the second law offers a quantitative measure of the forces, and the third asserts that single isolated forces do not exist.

They can be summarised as follows: First law In an inertial frame of reference, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force.

Second law: an inertial frame of reference, the vector sum of the forces F on an object is equal to the mass of that object multiplied by the acceleration a of the object: F = ma. (It is assumed here that the mass m is constant).

Third law: When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.

The three laws of motion were first compiled by Isaac Newton in his Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, first published in 1687.

Why First Law of Motion is important?

What is meant by inertia?

Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its velocity. This includes changes to the object’s speed or direction of motion. Inertia comes from the Latin word, iners, meaning idle, sluggish.

An object will preserve its state of motion unless acted upon by some net force.

Putting human inertia in a spiritual perspective we can say that:

Every human mind continues to be in a state of equilibrium (self-less or fearless) until it is acted upon by a net force as a trigger.

The first law of motion puting in a spiritual perspective can be re-written as follows:

Every human continues to be in a stable state of social distancing, isolation, or detachment unless acted upon an internal or external fact or life event, thought, or idea.

Internal life events can be idealistic values such as platonic love, self-love, etc. External life events can be social ties or personal relationships. They draw at each other.

Spiritual Law Of Attraction

The acceleration (a) of an object depends directly upon the net force (F) acting upon object, and inversely upon the mass (m) of an object.

Force = Mass * Acceleration (F=m*a)

Heavier objects require greater force to accelerate while lighter objects require less force to accelerate.

The second law can be re-writeen as follows:

F(love) = m (being – body and soul) * a (the power of likeness or the level of attraction)

or The level of Intimancy (attractive force) = being * the level of attraction

The level of attraction is the cognitive action as a choice towards himself or the others.

F (Fear) = m (being – body and soul) * a (the power of repulsion)

The power of repulsion is an emotive reaction towards someone else or himself.

The level of repulsive force against hinself or the others.

Spiritual Law Of Detachment

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

This can be re-writeen as folows:

For every action the power of attraction as acceleration there is an opposite and equal reaction that is the power of repulsion, detachment, or fear as an acceleration towards the opposite way. Their sum is zero. The opposite also holds true.

For every action the power of repulsion or fear as acceleration there is an equal and opposite reaction that is the power of attraction as an acceleration towards the opposite way.

Practically the above means that to the same degree someone likes or loves himself or the others (or someone else) he dislikes or repulses the others or himself accordingly.

Cognitive actions draw emotional reactions and emotional actions draw in turn cognitive reactions. They co-exist or not at all.

Their ultimate goal is dual:

1) To move the human being (body and soul) towards himself of the others through the various conditions or circumstances and create a continuous movement trying always to reach the equilibrium between good or bad, right or wrong, true or false, with the ultimate goal to create the personal reality through the personality that is his character and behavior.

2) To lead through problem-solving to the elimination of internal or external risks real or imaginary and finally reap the prizes of being a successful and happy person of finally succeeding and taking part in that succession. The ultimate happiness as a life goal is to reach a state of ultimate bliss where there is no pain, risk, apprehension, worry, nothing.

Spiritual Law Of Interaction

Apart from the pairs of action-reaction forces exerted on an apple that is laid on a table and which is at rest, there is a third force and not a condition that is the resultant of the other two forces that are exerted on the apple and are equal to zero.

The weight of the apple (W) is balanced by the vertical force (Fn) exerted by the table on the apple through the third force in order to achieve the equilibrium condition.
This force is called interaction (Cause and Effect). It is the force exerted between all bodies and is always attractive.

This very force is perceived by the observer and in fact, is identified as the core reason behind any change in the status quo of the movement of an object.

In order to create the forces of traction and repulsion, the existence of this third force of relief must exist as a precondition. Τhat is, all three forces must coexist at the same time or not at all.

The earthly experiences of every living organism are based not only on the existence of just two interacting bodies but three forces as bodies including one more body that of the observer.

Without an observer, there is no observation and no fact. Without fact, there is no experience. Without experience, there is no existence and therefore there is no creation and no reality.

So creation and existence concern the coexistence of three (or four) forces in total and not just two. Action-reaction and interaction (Cause-Effect) forces. This creates interactivity between three entities or bodies as forces that are equal and opposite. Their sum is always zero.

The creation of the third pair of forces as the result of their interaction is observation. The observer interacts as a third body between the other two bodies.
It is actually the catalyst as the intermediate mean of relief between the two forces exerted on two different bodies colliding with each other.

Since the observer (preconscious mind) is motionless (forceless or powerless) in the middle of the interactive act, what is really moving is the result of the splitting thought into conscious-unconscious and preconscious-subconscious mind due to the four opposite forces (action-reaction and interaction forces cause and effect).

Forceless is also a force – an interaction force. It lies in between the other two forces (love and fear). At their initial level (at point 0) these forces become selfless, forceless, powerless, and fearless. This is how the living experience is created through interactivity in the external environment.

Implications Of the Law of Interaction to Reality

As an example, we can mention a rower who sits in the center of the boat rowing. His two hands through the oars which act as levers on the water and through the reaction of the liquid element the boat moves in the same direction which is exerted as initial pressure.

If there was no water the boat would standstill at a point of equilibrium like the apple on the table. The four equal and opposite by pair forces we are referring to represent the conscious – unconscious and preconscious – subconscious minds.

On a spiritual level, the action reflects the space as the problem or the risk (as a provable solution to an unexpected occurrence or chance), the reaction is the measure (the way to ascertain the level of the risk) for solving the problem and interaction is the solution and the result of the problem (exploiting the appropriate means and the way) that the observer will finally experience as a result of the chosen solution.

Then through the solution, the observer will reproduce the problem and its possible solutions. In this endeavor, this will be achieved through the belief system and its subsequent trues and values. Through his character and the appropriate behavior, he will create or represent the environment that led to the problem and live or experience the result of the solution of the problem itself.

To make this better understood imagine the surface of a lake where we throw a stone too far. We do not see it but we observe the ripple around the point of impact. Thus, the experience has already been created. The surface of the lake and the stone as forces were perceived through their interaction point, that is, the final result observed by the observer.

This also happens in the creation of reality. Therefore as in the case of the apple on the table, the point of equilibrium creates their image (of the apple and the table) so the ripple around the fall of the stone on the surface of the lake creates the point (or a set of points) as a new equilibrium.

Therefore the solution creates and reproduces the problem and its solution. In this way, the four separate parts of the mind co-coincide together as conscious-unconscious and preconscious – subconscious minds in a single interactive environment.

As a result, destiny is not considered as imposed from the outside but instead as exposed from inside. Character and behavior are the tools for the creation of reality through the filters created by the individual himself through his previous experiences the beliefs system as trues and values.

In Conclusion

Every object, plant, or living being, or even the planet earth as a tiny part of the whole universe owes its creation and existence to the third pair of forces of interaction forces. Nothing really simply exists. Everything coexists confirming and reflecting the spiritual rule of love and fear, attraction, and repulsion and their interaction. Coexistence is the basis of creation and existence as the two sides of the same coin.

Newton’s laws of motion coincide with the spiritual laws of success in reality creation. Physical and spiritual laws laid the classical and spiritual mechanics of reality creation and existence.

Everything around the observer owes its existence to the three laws and to the opposite forces of action-reaction and interaction forces (cause-effect). Inertia or movement are conditions caused because of the three forces mentioned above.

The observer (through the preconscious mind) in its core (soul) is motionless or forceless as a neutral state of mind that reflects the preconscious-subconscious mind (selfless, fearless) between love (from selfish to selfless) and fear (from fearful to fearless). Then everything moves around him because of the intervention of the other two forces as opposite states of mind love (conscious) and fear (unconscious).

Existence and creation represent the order as a thought or idea that is the reflection of the two opposite states of mind love and fear. Splitting of the thought to non-existence or non-creation reflects the third state of mind as a disorder. Their interwoven interaction into a coherent reality creates turbulence in human minds. The reason is obvious. Human evolution and evolvement is an ongoing process into the unknown. Always turning unknown unknowns to known knowns.

The human mind fails to realize that in fact turns known knowns to the unknown unknowns and then back into the known knowns again through the intervention of the preconscious-subconscious mind! Thus existence (conscious mind) merges with creation (unconscious mind) into a coherent thought or idea and then through the intervention of the conscious mind again splits into four equal and opposite parts creating reality as a non-creation or non-existence state (conscious-unconscious-preconscious-subconscious).

Even though the human mind thinks that creates reality consciously in fact it creates reality preconsciously exploiting the four forces of action-reaction – interaction (cause and effect). Preconscious – subconscious finally turn existence and creation (at the mental perception level) into reality (non-existence or non-creation at mental creation and expression level) so nothing really created nor destroyed according to physical and spiritual laws.

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