Spiritual Awakening: The Rise of “Homo Spiritalis”

When Spiritual Awakening Begins?

The spiritual awakening process is a sudden realization of your other self the spiritual one and is a lifelong journey.

It begins when suddenly realize that there is something greater steering the path of your life. You become aware that the outer world reflects your inner self. That the illusions are a part of the way your mind works to create your reality.

Here you will find the proof you are looking for that life is not what you think of yourself. In fact, is yourself that dictates the path of your life. You deserve to know the truth and amend your mentality accordingly. Gnosis is your power and your spirit is your drive and your driver to your greater destiny.

Why Spiritual Awakening Happens?

The spiritual awakening process is many times triggered by a dramatic event in your life that has a profound effect on you as a person. Some examples can be health reasons as depression, illness, economic crisis, near-death experience, losing a loved one, etc.

What leads to spiritual awakening? Spiritual Awakening is a challenge for being a new person and it happens when you are no longer living in a dream world filtering everything through your ego and focusing always either on the future or the past.

Spiritual Awakening helps on starting the spiritual path and getting to know yourself on multiple levels which can be helpful on all of your paths.

Why Spiritual Self Is Important?

Spiritual awakening requires your willingness to change your previous mindset that no longer supports your spiritual evolution by letting go of limiting beliefs formed mainly by the ego. You need to dissolve your ego and to quiet your minds and stay mindful in the present moment.

As you will see by the way of your thinking problems only exist in your mind and when you realize it you gradually alter your mentality leaving things and problems behind.

Spiritual Awakening is a sign that you are growing and maturing as human and seeking ways to be more peaceful with others and your self.

A Spiritual Awakening indicates that you are a special person not because you feel superior to others but rather you feel special to your own self that is your Spiritual Self from inside.

Putting Spirituality In A New Perspective

What exactly is spirituality? It is a state of mind where someone begins to get to know himself from the inside. It reflects beliefs hold rather deep inside as values and truths based on a belief system and as a way of understanding and living his own way of life.

Here we will examine some key elements of spirituality as how spirituality really works to better understand how and what to expect by looking beyond outer appearances and limitations and to search for the deeper significance of the existence of your soul and spirit and the need to love and respect for yourself as for everybody.

Spiritual Love, Spiritual Law, Spiritual Awareness, Spiritual Enlightenment, and Spiritual Healing are some of the important aspects of your spiritual lifelong journey.

Here are some key elements of spirituality:

Consciousness = “The quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself”The state or fact of being conscious of an external object, state, or fact (Merriam -Webster)

Life = Experience = Earthy Existence = Conscious Events = Perceiving Events or Reality = The period from birth to death.

Experience = The Conscious Events that Makeup Individual Life = The Act or Process of Directly Perceiving Events or Reality

Fact = Something that has actual existence = An actual occurence = In Truth.

Thought = Ιdea or Οpinion = Ιntention = Ηope or Ιdea = Αction or Process = Concern = Desire = Ego = Behavior = Spirit = Love

Idea = Thought or Suggestion = Opinion or Belief = Concept = Form = Pattern = Image = Replica of a Pattern = Need = Character = Fear

From the above, there is no doubt that Life takes place as a living experience in the right part of the mind that is the conscious mind as perceiving events or reality as facts, through action-oriented thinking or process, from the day we are born until our death.

How Spirituality Affects Reality

Now the big and logical question is that if life as reality is perceived as we saw above who made this reality? We will also try to explore how this reality works and evolves as time goes by.

In order to communicate, humans have developed the well-known languages ​​of mankind. From what we have seen in previous articles, the communication between the two parts of the mind and with the Source is achieved through feelings – illusions and emotions.

So it is necessary for the expression of feelings and emotions besides acts, the use of written or spoken words. The reason is that people following the materialistic path of their evolution lost their inborn capability of communicating directly through feelings and emotions.

As proof, we can say that there are no human words that express or come even close to the concepts of feelings and especially of Love. Love is the focal point of a state of mind represented by the human heart. This is where Love is its neutral state that is pure love which means it reflects the Self-less state of mind.

Through this state, any thoughts that cross the heart are felt and provided in reality. Otherwise, nothing is created or comes to someone’s knowledge. Negative feelings and emotions will be the result.

As we saw above every Thought = Ιdea or Οpinion = Ιntention that further means that thoughts are action-oriented either as causes or as effects. No matter if the triggers appear either as thoughts or ideas, feelings or illusions, desires or needs, actions or reactions, coming from inside or outside, the ultimate choice always belongs to the conscious mind!

We have to state here that thought in order to come to someone’s awareness knowledge or reality as experience it has to be bonded to the value system of the individual in order to turn to a fact! That means that reality is a reflection of the value system of the individual bonding from both sides of the mind as values and truths.

This is a very interesting finding that declares that reality is a push driven approach and the mind always chooses which experience will live on the spot bonding the most important appropriate effective or familiar truth to value in each and every occasion and moment!

Because of this, it gives the conscious mind full control over the reality that seems to be an intentionally driven process as a life span project by Logic and not an outside imposed fate. But there is a risk because action-oriented thinking that leads to the habit of setting priorities in order to overcome procrastination as a mental and physical skill has to be controlled by the mind in order to become a permanent part of the behavior and avoid the temptation of always anticipating the results.

As a result, the human mind by exploiting Spirit (by amending his behavior) has control over his destiny if he knows how to appropriately control his mind! Procrastination usually leads to the opposite results by pushing the system forwards and losing control and timing. That doesn’t mean that by controlling the mind someone can impose directly his desires on reality.

However, it can affect the causes through a pull driven approach that makes the system more controllable and adjustable to the circumstances as we saw in other articles in order for someone to act on the spot proactively and not reactively and make things easier or more predictable.

By keeping his mind always on the present moment any desire or thought will perfectly bond with its opposite need or idea because it will be felt by the heart and realized. Thus the future will take care of its self. Proactively in the sense of Mindfully!

It will also give the needed time for the consciousness to expand by experiencing more and more coincidences as the needed lessons in order to boost and shorten the learning curve.

Otherwise by living either in the past or in the future timing will be lost. Thoughts push always the whole system forwards while ideas push backward. The belief system is in a constant conflictive state.

Coincidences take place in time and space. They both have to be applied in order to be finally perceived by the senses and realized as new and preferred facts or desired experiences felt on the spot by the heart and perceived by the conscious mind, instantly.

Spiritual Awareness and Spiritual Unfoldment

Spiritual Awareness will gradually lead to Spiritual Unfoldment. It describes how you gradually come to realize more fully who you are, and how to be of use.

You are both at the same time what you think or feel of your self and in the eyes of the others. The reason is quite simple: 1) Every thought or idea in order to come to reality must be bonded to the opposite state of mind either as need or desire throughout the conscious – unconscious mind and 2) In order for them to be fulfilled, they also have to be supported by the appropriate level of consciousness as desires and their opposite psychological needs that are above the basic needs for survival.

Whenever the level of consciousness is quite low any thought as a desire or need as an idea will be outside its span. What is outside or above the current level of consciousness will be out of human awareness and even though it would be created somewhere in time and space it will never be received, provided, or manifested in reality. We have talked about this in detail in other articles.

Spiritual Love and Emotional Body

However, the connecting link for the above communication remained always the human heart. Illusions express the 6th sense through which communication with the Soul takes place where facts, experiences, and values ​​- truths exist.

Values and truths as data express the inner world of the individual through which the emotional body is initially created turning to facts and through the intervention of the spirit and behavior turning to experiences the earthly human body is created in its final shape and form.

Therefore, the feelings and illusions are in fact the language of the Soul (psyche). Right there at the center of the heart, there exists Soul as facts, values, and truths saved as information (as data processed, stored, or transmitted). Information is stored there as potential. From there and through Soul everything begins and ends throughout the mind, body, spirit, and matter.

Thoughts, reflect feelings. Ideas reflect illusions. They both constitute the means of communicating between feelings and illusions through conscious – unconscious and subconscious minds.

We can say that man is an “Info Project‘ with a given life span based on experiences and facts that is born, evolves, ages and dies just because of their existence as causes and effects that constitute the underlying action-reaction forces through thoughts or desires and ideas or needs as a cyclical way based on active thinking and behaving like a closed system.

Spiritual Enlightenment and Reality

Spiritual enlightenment is the realization that the person we think we are is actually a mere projection of what we really want to be and appear on the outside. Our body by exploiting our mind through awareness and spirit manifests itself in reality.

We can also assume that feelings and illusions are like a programming language for humans for communicating with the Source that in fact reflects their Soul (psyche). It is the opposite compiler that “translates” human language into Source language trough feelings and emotions. That’s exactly what it is for someone who understands the basic terms of computer science language.

Data (from Latin word datum ‘something given’) as raw unorganized facts or experiences are perceived randomly through the feelings from the right side of the mind (conscious – Logic). Then, data through sensory perception are converted into images through the left side of the mind (unconscious – Understanding).

Then they are processed organized and structured or presented in a given context in order to become facts useful as information for the receiver translated into reality, signs, and language, through Logic.

The need for communication arose from the inability to express directly the emotions between people. The need for human expression replaced direct communication like the existence of money that replaced the early economies of goods exchange.

Spiritual Law as a Mechanism

When it is necessary for the mind to retrieve data, caused from any internal or external trigger on the spot, the reverse process is followed by turning the information stored as facts on the Source, through the left side of the mind illusions (values and truths) into images in optical, acoustic or other appropriate receiving forms correlated to the corresponding data to these images as facts or experiences, throughout the opposite feelings and logic.

At this very moment is where spirit through logic can affect reality by adjusting its behavior by giving to the data received as an experience a different meaning. In this way mind through logic turns a sudden event to a familiar one. To a coincidence! At that point experiences as facts coincide by bonding into a new context felt by the heart!

This will lead to an altered experience and then to whole different information and reality. At this point, the system is perfectly aligned or balanced and you make your own reality intentionally! The rest of the time when you are trying to impose your own reality you lose timing the system is out of balance and you experience hard feelings and dissatisfaction. In other words, you live your life unintentionally.

The Soul (psyche) that reflects the subconscious mind, through conscious – unconscious mind, constantly recycles the information processed as data received from the internal-external environment as new experiences throughout an internal process.

However, it is not possible to handle a large amount of data it receives daily through the daily routine. For this reason, it requires greater “computing” power to handle the information it receives with greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

It is actually a mechanism of the mind in order to efficiently enrich knowledge and experience for the recipient. The mind is out of balance that constantly fluctuates its thinking between past and future, and therefore acts like a ruminant by continually retelling and exchanging experiences and information. Emotions are the underlying forces for recycling data. Indeed, to increase the power, it will need to increase its capacity or frequency. It achieves this through the gradual rise of the vibration of consciousness.

In fact, there is no external factor directly involved in the procedure. They all happen internally. The goal is for the individual to continuously adapt to the spot his behavior (through Spirit) by constantly expanding his knowledge base and skills through experience. Learned or acknowledged experiences where thoughts wands or desires bond with the opposite ideas or needs appear or reappear as Coincidences.

The above is a proof that reality is a cyclical inhered procedure where the external environment plays the role of the regulating factor as a context of reference and this itself gradually evolves while the internal character plays the role of the stabilizing factor by providing a stable context of intrinsic beliefs in order to facilitate the whole procedure. It is very interesting to mention here that the human mind does not realize this procedure taking place and thinks of exactly the opposite. That’s why life seems to be so complicated and unpredictable.

In Conclusion

We are as humanity on the threshold of a new era where man strives to escape the constant struggle for daily survival and ego by seeking to fulfill his desires through Spiritual Awakening at higher stages of understanding his source of creation and purpose on earth.

The spiritual needs he seeks to fulfill are in fact the increasing desires of his life in relation to his psychological needs beyond or above his basic needs for survival. This is the critical point where humanity tries to break ties with the past.

The only obstacle to fulfilling his wishes and desires is the need to change his mentality and, in particular, his selfish behavior. When his behavior gradually changes, his Spirit will evolve and then his life will change for the better.

A whole era is coming to an end, and a new kind of human is emerging. He only has to accept another facet of his true character and align his behavior in order to allow this great shift to happen.

The way to reinforce his evolution he needs to trust and accept his True Self and his superior destiny by living on the present moment Mindfully. That is the revolution of the Spirit.

Sciences and arts rise to a new higher level and purpose. From specialization and personalization to fulfilling his higher ideals. Meeting and following his spiritual nature in his daily life. This has to do with finding his own center as a way to relate and affect his own Spirit.

From the “Wise Man” who has so far served his duty as the basis for this transition to the ideal human being as a key element of his Spiritual Nature, welcoming this new rising Spiritual Being.

The human heart is at the center of creation and the human mind is just the instrument. The “Homo Sapiens” and his inflated Ego is obsolete. ” The king is dead, long live the king! “. welcome the “Homo Spiritalis”!

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