New Secret To The Law of Attraction: How To Manifest!

In this article, we will try to examine some of the reasons why the law of attraction, as most people know it, is incomplete or inaccurate and then clearly define what are the steps needed to apply in order to make the law of attraction work appropriately and bring your heart’s deepest desires to fruition.

Definition of Law of Attraction:

The law of attraction simply states that like attracts like or as above so below, and seems to be simple or easy at first. But many people wonder why it doesn’t work. There are obviously some reasons why this happens and will hopefully be fully understood in this article. We will also explore the right way to make the law of attraction work efficiently.

5 Main Reasons Why The Law Of Attraction May Not Working:

1) One reason can be that it doesn’t work instantly. Sending out positive energy doesn’t seem to be enough. Some others claim that you must trust the law of attraction in order to send you back in its time. You may ask for more money for instance and hope that you acquire this money somehow from somewhere. You may send out positive energy with gratitude in order to receive back the goods in multiple ways and times.

2) Another reason is that people put much emphasis on what they see. If the law of attraction is not working they lose interest and become frustrated. Then they lose confidence and stop believing. They tried hard to make positive thoughts, visions, and affirmations but nothing really worked.

3) Another reason is that people lose clarity. The Universe needs specificity. You maybe ask for more money but how much money you ask for? A dollar, a hundred dollars, a thousand dollars and so on. want to make every day your best day? See this resource that will raise your “success vibration” and will help attract what you desire

4) Another reason may be that someone may not be strongly attached to the outcome. Luck of persistence could be another reason for not manifesting your desires. The universe responds to your vibration but you’re not really free to choose the right vibration to respond accordingly. Then you get confused and you lose interest. You feel hopeless and desperate. Indeed some people think that they focus on the absence of what they really want.

5) The last but not least underpinning reason for not manifesting your desires is momentum. This is the real reason behind all this. The law of attraction responds mostly to your feelings that are in turn controlled by your thoughts. Your thoughts can gain momentum projecting in different directions thousand thoughts for good or bad, better or worse.

The last reason seems to be the most important missing element. Sometimes people project negative thoughts being in a negative state of mind and as a result, they receive back unfortunate events. That, in turn, leads back to the negative thoughts leading in this way back to an unfortunate and negative spiral.

4 Steps Towards Manifestation – The Appropriate Way:


First of all, you have to find a solution such as a way to lessen and soften bad feelings and emotions that are for so long depressed deep down inside you. But it takes time and energy as it doesn’t happen instantly all of a sudden. The right momentum is very important and it needs time and practice in order to become your second self, as a new habit.

Unfortunately, this is not enough either. Possible feelings and emotions derived from a positive frame of mind are not enough to make the desired reality come to fruition. The reason is that everything up to now appears on the mental level. Actual reality the one that you perceive may become different from the anticipated reality altogether.

Why? Because of the lack of the momentum mentioned above. Another word to describe momentum in order to fully understand is synchronization, that is all those events that suddenly appear in our lives and we become aware of, as coming to us for a very special reason. This awakening of awareness can be defined as a rise in consciousness, that is a special meaning of a higher purpose for achieving your ultimate needs and wants throughout your life.

That also happens because there are no accidents inside the Universe. Everything happens for a reason. You have to definitely understand this in order to intentionally manifest your desires and not unintentionally. In this way your spiritual journey begins to make a meaningful change in your life, bringing you back more and more coincidences, as real omens, that you are actually on your right track.

But what we mean actually by saying on the right track? Is there any and how to find out? However, the right track is the true essence of the law of attraction that most people miss realizing and most of the gurus tend to ignore. The law of attraction happens every time and all the time but you are not fully aware of its presence in your life. Want to make every day your best day? See this resource that will raise your “success vibration” and will help attract what you desire

(2nd Step):

Then, you have to make a conscious association between your thoughts and the coincidences that appear in your life. The reason behind all this is that the anticipated reality, the one that you really hope and aspire, differs significantly from the actual reality the one that you are living in. The sent omens by the Universe show you the path that you should follow. Please be aware that, at this stage, you cannot impose your own terms to the Universe.

You can only follow, watch carefully, listen and learn. By doing this you will able to un-code the pattern of your life’s path and realize where it heads on. Then you will realize your life’s destiny. Your ultimate or higher purpose. How? Because they reflect the most innate desires that your inner being truly desires the most. They consist of the ultimate purpose of your time living here on earth.

(3nd Step):

Your heart felt’s most innate desires are those that make you go on despite the challenges you have to face. The derived experiences from the above adjustments will make you feel more content, happy and secure. This is because it is not what you think you really need or want.

Now the most important thing is how to realize who are they and what they mean to you. They are deep inside your heart as this is the “real mind” that will bring you to the appropriate path, and make you meet the unique destiny that waits for you full of gratitude and positive feelings in every aspect of your life. Then you will feel free and content as those feelings will resonate the most inside of your entire being.

(4th Step):

Align your heart’s innate desires with your mind’s positive thoughts. In this way, the real magic should start happening in your life. Mind and heart should coincide. The heart dictates the path. Then the mind pinpoints the means, sustains and facilitates the procedure. Never the opposite. Conflicting masculine and feminine energies will come together. They will be perfectly aligned with each other. Only then actual reality will start taking place gradually day by day according to your dearest desires.

In Conclusion:

Take a look deep inside you and you will find the gold you’re looking for. Choose to always think, act and react from a positive state of mind no matter what life brings to your path. Listen to your inner self. Listen to your heart. Your heart is the real magnet and not the physical mind alone that will gradually bring you to the way to manifesting your most innate desires such as health, love, money, and career, aligned to your life’s real purposes and to lead you to a more joyful, exciting, fulfilling and delightful life. Start here and now. You deserve it!

If you wish to find the way easier in order to finally transform your life for the better, taking a structured and proven approach on how to really make the magic happen, please be open-minded enough and take a close look here.

Thank you. I hope that you found my article helpful.

Good Luck!

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