Secret Code Language Alphabet

Here, we will answer questions about what is the Secret Code Language Alphabet and how it works as a hidden driving force behind the Greek language by turning letters or symbols into numerical values built on mathematics, creating personal reality through human consciousness:

Questions such as:

What is the Secret Code Language Alphabet?
Which are the hidden Greek Alphabet Code Letters?
What is the real purpose of the existence of the Greek language?
How the Secret Code Language Alphabet is related to consciousness?
What is the impact of the Secret Code Language Alphabet on personal reality?
Which are the 3 levels of the Greek language according to Pythagoras?
How does Secret Code Language Alphabet explain Nicola Tesla’s hidden code 369?
Can consciousness exist without language?
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Greek Alphabet Code Letters

The Greek language is not accidental. It was built on mathematics, and what few still know is that every word in Greek has a mathematical background.

The current Greek alphabet

The letters in the Greek language are not simple symbols. Their most important property is that each letter has a numeric value, each letter is a number as a Secret Code Language Alphabet, hence each word is a number (digital root).

There is a vast knowledge of locked-encoded words due to the mathematical values ​​they have. One of the pioneers on the subject was Pythagoras (an ancient Greek philosopher). Pythagorean thought ends with the correspondence of each letter of the Greek alphabet with a number as Secret Code Language Alphabet.

Pythagoras Principle

The Pythagoreans answered the question “what is wisdom?”. The only answer is “the number” while in the second part “what’s second in wisdom” (i.e what comes second after the number in wisdom) they answered: “He who gave the names to each thing” (that is, the one who gave the names to each thing).

Numbers, shapes, harmony, and stars have something in common (sister sciences), so mathematics (numbers), geometry (shapes), harmony (music), and astronomy according to Pythagoras, as sister sciences in a specific order were the ladder for the evolution of -the-helix of DNA, reflecting the connection of mind-soul of the Creator. A Creator who created based on these four sciences.

The current Secret Code Language Alphabet is missing letters of the ancient Greek alphabet, which are placed in the table below. These are Digamma (F), Koppa (Q), and Sambi (ϡ as a small “π” with a slight tilt to the right).

Secret Code Greek Language Alphabet

Impact of Secret Code Alphabet Symbols

So each word produces a specific sum (digital root) as a Secret Code Language Alphabet, e.g. ΗΛΙΟΣ (SUN) = 8 + 30 + 10 + 70 + 200 = 318. The Pythagoreans introduce us – with the above saying – to a numerical “game” between numbers and words (lexicon). What is the interest of this “game”? That words and phrases coincide with each other creating equal numbers or giving numbers that refer to facts and dates.

Here are some examples: The first word we are interested is the word number (from the verb “ararisko”, which means put in order) – ΑΡΙΘΜΟΣ (NUMBER) = 1 + 100 + 10 + 9 + 40 + 70 + 200 = 430

ΑΡΙΘΜΟΣ (NUMBER) = 430 – exactly 430 are the words¨΄ ΜΑΘΗΜΑΤΙΚΑ, ΝΟΜΟΣ, ΕΥΘΕΙΑ (MATHEMATICS, LAW, SΤΡAIGHT LINE). Indeed, mathematics does not exist without the number, while the number is the law of the universe itself, as long as this straight line is defined by two coordinates defined by numbers. If we think that “θείον” “divine” is like the number “omnipresent” and that both are characterized by wisdom, then the following equation is perfectly justified: ΑΡΙΘΜΟΣ (NUMBER) = ΕΙΝΑΙ Ο ΘΕΟΣ (IT’S GOD) = 430. Is it a coincidence?

Secret Code Greek Language Alphabet Letters

27 number symbols with numerical value compose the Greek Alphabet as a Secret Code Language Alphabet, 3 groups of 9 number symbols each group, with a sum of each group 45, 450, 4,500.

ΑΛΦΑ (A) = 1 + 30 + 500 + 1 = 532 => 5 + 3 + 2 = 10 => 1 + 0 = 1

EN (ONE) = 5 + 50 = 55 => 5 + 5 = 10 => 1 + 0 = 1

ΟΜΙΚΡΟΝ (O)= 70 + 40 + 10 + 20 + 100 + 70 + 50 = 360, as the degrees of the circle

In order to be able to understand the meanings of the words of the Ancient Greek language, we must first know some things about the Greek language itself.

The ancient Greek language is the only one that is not based on the fact that is simply a mathematical masterpiece that we will try to approach. Greek roots have been used for centuries and continue to be widely used to form new words in other languages. Greek and Latin, as language reservoirs, are the main sources of international scientific and technological vocabulary.

The beginning of everything is the Greek language Alphabet Code itself (which of course we did not get from someone else as we will see below because it is not possible). The letters of the Greek alphabet in total were 33 and the vertebrae, the last 5 vertebrae (which play the role of the antenna) are directly related to the mind and correspond to the last 5 unspoken letters known only to the ancient priests.

The 3 Levels of the Greek Language

Pythagoras informs us about the 3 levels of the Greek language as a Secret Code Language Alphabet, which are the following:

  1. Speaking
  2. Signal (a. Signal, b. Signed)
  3. Hidden – Krypton (a. Intervals b. Vibration c. Lexis number d. Number)

The first is the speech.

The second is the relationship of the signal with the signifier that we will analyze below.

The third is the space (distance) and the vibration (time) which awakens the mind through eigenfrequencies (or natural frequencies) from the created pulses, the lexicon (relation of letters and words to numbers), and the tone-arithm (relation of letters and words to musical tones).

Each letter corresponded to a number, but also to a musical tone, so letter = number = tone (musician), which shows that in the Greek language behind the letters-words there are numbers (lexicons) and musical tones (tone-arithms).

The 4 sister sciences according to Pythagoras were:

  1. Numbers (mathematics)
  2. Shapes (Geometry)
  3. Music (Harmony)
  4. Astronomy

These sciences are interrelated and are intertwined like the Russian bamboos. Now combine the alphabet that encloses numbers and musical tones with these 4 sciences as a Secret Code Language Alphabet.

Astronomy = aster + law, α-στηρ (aster) = means what is not supported, so astronomy = the universal laws that govern what is not supported somewhere, which have to do with music (harmony), shapes (geometry) numbers (mathematics ), and all this with the “αιθήρ” (ether) which surrounds the celestial spheres.

Pythagoras listened to the harmony (music) of the celestial spheres so we speak a language that has to do with the flow of the universe.

The Greek language is the only one that can be used for PC due to the mathematics and musicality not only of the Alphabet-words but also of the mathematical concepts that are born e.g. the word “θέση” (position) becomes: synthesis, adjective, proposition, hypothesis, exposition, addition, assignment, disposition, opposition, etc. If we now translate these words into English they are completely irrelevant to each other.

If we compare now e.g. the English language which has 80,000 words of which 80% are Greek (as the University of Wales informs us) and to measure that this language has been evolving for 1000 years, we can easily conclude that Homer speaks of a language which has depth in the year 100,000 BC; 500,000 BC? who knows…

But the absolute proof is its mathematics itself, which does not exist in any other language on the planet. Let us not forget that the Creator uses mathematics to create, so the Greek language necessarily has to do with the source (root-0/1).

But before “Hidden – Krypton” there is the “Signal”, that is, the connection of words with their meanings. So when there is no connection of the mind with the concepts through mathematics, it is unable to describe new concepts that exist in nature, with the result that the mind remains in the dark, so the neurons of the mind do not give birth to new concepts.

The musical-numerical alphabet creates musical-mathematical words that describe corresponding concepts, which come from the observation of the nature of Creation and therefore by the Creator himself.

Einstein:  “The theory of relativity occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition….My new discovery was the result of musical perception”.

The question is how many millennia it may have taken to create this perfect mathematical complex in which letters are numbers and at the same time musical tones and words, that is, the set of numbers and musical tones that hide within them apart from complex musical harmonies, concepts which are not at all accidental but after extensive observation of nature?

So Antisthenes rightly reminds us of “The beginning of wisdom or the Names is Episkepsis” (a second thought upon an initial thought or a detailed inspection)

How Does Lanquage Influence Consciousness?

Consciousness related to the current situation is the mental process of relating or transforming unpredictable situations, chances, problems, or risks into predictable or manageable events through a mental state of being aware due to (spiritual) awakening.

As we saw in previous articles critical and analytical thinking is a human-centered design thinking approach as it takes place through the conscious part of the mind in stages.

Critical thinking is self-directed, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking. The thinker always takes into account a problem or risk as a whole circle that divides always in half (1/2) as a procedure towards the solution.

Through critical thinking, a thought splits into action-reaction forces under the influence of the number 1 as action and 2 as a reaction (1 always splits into two halves of 0,5 each, that outweigh each other as equal and opposite forces).

Through action force, a full circle is created as a problem or risk. Action forces refer to concepts, thoughts, truths, faith, concerns, spiritual world, external environment.

Through reaction force, the previous circle splits into two equal parts as the path towards the solution of the previous problem or risk. Reaction forces refer to values, ideas, doubt, internal environment.

Critical thinking triggers at the same time the analytical thinking, as cause under the influence of the number 3 as a character, and effect under the number 9 as behavior, that draw to each other and by their meeting under the middle number 6, they are perceived as personality and then as a coherent personal reality.

In this way chances as possibilities and their levels as probabilities, turn to pure electromagnetic energy or waves described by three physical propertiesfrequency (f), wavelength (λ), and intensity (I) under the number 3, which as a symbol is the graphical reproduction of an 8 cut vertically into halves of two (equal) halves of a circle.

Number 3 refers always to a provable solution as a false certainty not yet in existence and number 6 reflects the present moment as an actual certainty or an actual solution (uplifting energy from 3 to 6 due to a leap of faith). The above three physical properties of the electromagnetic energy or waves correspond exactly to the three sister sciences and levels of the Greek language according to Pythagoras:

  1. Numbers (Mathematics as false certainties or provable sollutions, numbers, causes, or density – under the control of the number 3),
  2. Shapes (Geometry as wavelengths as actual certainties, or actual solutions – under the influence of number 6),
  3. and Music (Harmony as the combination of simultaneously sounded musical tones, to produce a pleasing effect, as frequency, occurences or results – under the energy of number 9),

matching exactly the main properties of visible light within the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum of the occurring of possibilities mentioned above (certainties as shapes, geometry, velocity of light or range of wavelengths and their levels of occurring as mathematics, probabilities as numbers, the intensity of light, direction or power of light perceived by the human eye as Resonance or Music after annihilation takes place as vibrational motion at a natural frequency of occurrence).

Occurrence as a real event is something that occurs in a certain place during a particular interval of time. A fact, as a false certainty or provable solution of a problem or risk, is the cause as a trigger or density based on past experiences or solutions, while occurrence is the effect as a result of frequency.

Space as false certainty or provable solution reflects the cause. Occurrence as result or frequency reflects time as the effect. Cause and effect reflect both certainty and occurrence or manifestation as reality or present moment felt as a space-time continuum.

Can Consiousness Exist Without Language?

So Reality is called the cause and the effect (Causal Effect) taking place together at the same time on the spot. When (false) certainties as abilities and uncertainties (occurrences) as responsibilities (response-to-abilities) are brought to the present moment and felt as real events they are both governed by the energy of the number 6 for both density and frequency.

Creation of Reality as false certainties or causes: The mind receives reality as past, a property of space, density, or false certainty. They relate to the “speeches” or thoughts perceived as triggers that turn to provable solutions to chances, problems, or risks under the number 3. They correspond to the numbers as signals by the signifier due to the Electromagnetic Interaction Force, Cause.

Existence of Reality as certainties: The mind perceives reality as a present moment, To Be, shapes, geometry, the velocity of light, or a range of wavelengths. It reflects the relationship of the signal with the signifier mentioned above in detail, as correspondence between the letters-words, the numbers, and the musical tones under the influence of number 6.

Existence of Reality as occurrences or effects: The mind perceives reality as a catch of motion, To Exist, time, that is actually the frequency under which facts are taking place on the spot due to the Magnetoelectric Effect by the externally applied electric field and the modification that is detected by the constant change of the net magnetic moment, as an Effect in practice (in Effect continually in effect through conscious reasoning – intentionally conceived thinking that is coherent and logical).

Occurrences or effects are also governed by the energy of the number 9 contributing to the annihilation that occurs which is the mutual conversion of a particle and antiparticle of their entire mass into electromagnetic radiation or light waves.

Their meeting point (of certainties and occurrences) also refers to the 3rd level of the Greek language as the vibration (Resonance) which awakens the mind through eigenfrequencies from the created pulses, the lexicon, and the tone-arithm, already mentioned above (Hidden – Krypton).

In Conclusion

The fact that the Greek alphabet is not copied from somewhere is shown by the fact that Homer in 2300 BC had at his disposal millions of primary words. A significant portion of English vocabulary comes from outside borrowings.

The letters in the Greek language are not simple symbols. The principle of everything is the Greek language itself. Each letter has a numeric value as a Secret Code Language Alphabet.

According to Pythagoreans, the human mind reflects the relationship between the numerical alphabet and mathematical words that describe the corresponding concepts which (by default) occur in the Creator’s mind.

These concepts are automatically or unconsciously set in the same language as notions in human speech or thoughts as their building stones. They happen to be the same building stones of human consciousness corresponding exactly to the three sister sciences and levels of the Greek language (numbers, shapes, and music) and the physical properties of electromagnetic energy (intensity, wavelength, and frequency), as past, present, and future.

Past as a cause, false certainty or a provable solution to a problem or risk, under the control of number 3, and future as an effect or result under the energy of number 9, in the ongoing mental game through preconscious-conscious-subconscious mind, felt and experienced as a personal reality or actual solution of a space-time, cause-in effect (causal effect) or certainty-occurrence or manifestation continuum, under the influence of number 6.

This documentation corresponds exactly to Nikola Tesla’s hidden 369 code on how and why these three numbers hold the key to the universe described in detail in another article.

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