Reality Creation Secrets

The Reality Creation Technique

Johari window is a technique of risk management created by psychologists Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in 1955, that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and as well as others.

According to this technique, risk can be classified into four quadrants (Unknown Unknowns, Unknown knowns, Known Unknowns, and Known Knowns) based on a) available information b) degree of variability and c) degree of ambiguity.

Meaning of main terms:

Unknown: One that is not known. Having an unknown value. Something that requires discovery, identification, or clarification. Future circumstances, events, or outcomes that are impossible to predict, plan for. Not within the range of one’s knowledge, experience, or understanding, strange or unfamiliar (

Known: Generally recognized (Merriam-Webster). Used to refer to something or someone that is familiar to or understood by people (Cambridge English Dictionary).

The 4 classifications of the above risk management technique are:

Unknown Unknowns are risks or uncertainties that can come from situations that are so unexpected that they would not be considered (unexpected or unforeseeable conditions). They are phenomena that can not be expected because there has been no prior experience or theoretical basis.

Unknown Knowns are hidden facts. Because they are not known, hence they are hidden from us. These are also known as “untapped knowledge”. These align more closely with the ambiguity risks.

Known Unknowns (expected or foreseeable conditions) which can be reasonably anticipated but not quantified based on past experience.

Known Knowns are no risks! But these facts and requirements. These are known facts and/or requirements. These are also known as “tapped knowledge”.

The Sizes and Distances of the Sun, Earth, Moon

 Absolute ValuesRelative ValuesTo Remember
Distance Earth-Moon384,403 Km ≈ 27,6 cm30 cm
Distance Earth-Sun149,597,871 Km ≈ 100 m100 m
Moon Diameter3,476 Km≈ 2,5 mm3 mm
Earth Diameter12,756 Km ≈ 9,31 cm
Sun Diameter1,392,000 Km1 m1 m

The Law of the 3 Threes

100 m / 30 cm ≈ 333

100 m represents the first dimension of reality Space (Unkown Unknowns).

30 cm represents the second dimension of reality Time as a measure ( Unknown Knowns).

The 333 is the number of times Time fits Space and reflects Space-Time. It gives the relative position as a spherical coordinate system that enables every location on Earth to be specified by the set of these numbers (x,y,z) that makes the third dimension Space-Time continuum (Known Knowns).

The above ratio describes exactly the process of cause and effect as ongoing psychological factors of actions-reactions and the way the human mind perceives, acts, and reacts through the three fundamental dimensions of reality mentioned above (expressed in the 4-dimensional Euclidian space: width, height, depth, and length).

Spiritually in the way for an individual to act in the pursuit of higher knowledge by taking steps in the perfection of his own character, he has to perfectly match each and every time the three dimensions of reality represented by the three threes by always turning the Unknown Unknowns to Known Knowns.

The first two threes reflect the three-point Space dimension (energetic or spiritual body) and the three-point Time dimension (emotional body), as the first two steps that have to be perfectly aligned in order to turn mental perception (mental view) to mental expression (a step before final creation) through the electric and magnetic fields accordingly.

Then the third three reflects the final three-point step needed to bond Space (through the magnetic field) and Time (through the electric field) to the Space-Time continuum (the physical body through the electromagnetic field).

As you probably realize, humans, live, act, experience, and behave on Earth being in physical bodies but react through Sun as pure energy (Spirits). This is the reason that reality deceives the human senses and the Law of Three Threes proves it as it shows that coordinates are not absolute but relevant numbers.

Finally, the Law of Three Threes simply states that human actions-reactions affect human existence on the three separate levels, spiritually, emotionally, and physically through the conscious-unconscious and subconscious mind.

The Rule of Creation

Also, the first two steps of reality creation reflect Space as pure light or positive energy or heat (reflects the positive feeling as the level of surplus) and Time as dark light or negative energy or cold (reflects the negative emotion as the level of scarcity), and the third step reflects their bonding point as negative energy also consisting of two elements (1/3 Pure Energy or Spirit + 2/3 Dark Energy or Emotions).

In the next step, they split pure and dark energy into pure and dark light (caused by the divided thought after a decision is taken) through the conscious mind by following an actual ratio, or proportion, the Golden Ratio determined by the Greek letter Phi (Φ=1.618 …) used to describe how the above elements of light (pure or heat and dark or cold) within a piece of art (or other forms of creation such as the human body, body temperature, plants, DNA, solar system e.t.c.), can be placed in the most aesthetically pleasing way (it happens through the intervention of the human heart – the source of the subconscious mind – as an emotive reaction).

The whole procedure should be carried out through a focal point that is the human heart (point 0) in order to advance into true knowledge. The Greek letter Pi (π) refers to the ratio (as a constant) of the circumference of the known universe (human consciousness) by its diameter (X-Axis: The line on the Reality Circular Flow graph that runs horizontally left-right between Love and Fear, through zero) that will always be equal 3.1415926535897 usually shortened to 3.14. The same number we get if we divide the circumference of a tennis ball by its diameter or the circumference of the planet Mars by its diameter. This ratio differs slightly from the above third three (physical) because of the inaccuracy of the calculation of the relevant distances between the sun, moon, and earth.

So physical existence or creation is always made by the two elements of Light (Pure and Dark) deriving from the divided Thought after bonding Space and Time together following the Golden Ratio mentioned above, creating the Space-Time continuum at the physical level. This is the Rule of Creation based on the Law of the Three Threes and the Golden Ratio.

In this way, through spiritual evolution, a human takes what always needs and aspires and not what he thinks he needs or wants. The human heart dictates the rules of the game and the mind simply provides the appropriate framework to support it.

This is the reason that the Law of the Three Threes (also Three-Fold Law or Law of Return) is sometimes described as karma.

The Stages of Reality Creation

“There are things known and unknown and in between are the doors of perception”. Aldous Huxley.

Perception (mental view) is the way that the brain interprets unknown or ubiquitous situations or signals.

Mental Perception is based on a mind constructed model of the world based on the belief system and opinions. Mental Perception is colored by the experience of reality.

“All things are subject to interpretation. whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not the truth” Friedrich Nietzsche.

Every time the right part of the mind the conscious mind filters the data perceived by the senses and interprets them according to the life experience to the most possible or probable sense through self-made filters in order to create reality.

The belief system gives the most likely possible explanation (probability) as a direct result of the belief system in accordance with past experiences through Common Sense.

To accept something as true is the act of believing. To believe is to trust in this truth. To accept something as true before seeing it. For example to believe in a higher power.

Belief is not a choice but you can choose to believe in something or not influenced by the evidence that supports that belief. To have faith in something confidence or trust. To believe in your abilities in order to succeed in some areas or goals or to solve a problem. To accept something as unique, true, or real. To regard the existence of something as a fact. To hold an opinion.

Positive belief (real or true) is to be willing to do or accept something. Inclined or favorably disposed of in mind. Prompt or act to respond. Power of choosing. Try to make do something by the exercise of mental powers.

Real: To believe or accept that something is true or exists (Macmillan Dictionary).

True: In accordance with fact or reality (Merriam-Webster).

Positive or negative beliefs (unreal or false) shape the opposite mentality of scarcity or surplus of wealth, health, prosperity, abundance, or well being, as we saw past experiences or occurences as facts shape the probabilities.

Unreal: Conceived or made without regard for reason or reality. Lacking in reality, substance, or genuinenessArtificial, Illusory (Merriam-Webster).

False: Not real, but made to look or seem real. Not true, but made to seem true in order to deceive (Cambridge English Dictionary).

Possibilities shape the future occurrences as a potential that reflects the external framework. They both (probabilities and possibilities) bond together in order to create the abilities (skills or personal and social traits) as a potential expressed in the present moment. All three of them constitute the mental framework where duality takes place (due to the Law of the Three threes).

Your Ultimate Guide to Create Your Reality

Between the Unkown Knowns and the Unkown Unknowns, there comes ambiguity, doubt, or ambiguity risk. Ambiguity or doubt recalls mental perception. Our perception of reality is always subject to past experiences and beliefs. You become without realizing the unconscious creator of your destiny. Consistent action in spite of fears and doubts is the key to a new way of life by experiencing here and now Μindfully.

Besides, the Unkown Knowns and the Unkown Unknowns reside the abilities to solve a problem or manage risk. The ability to solve a problem means that has to be acknowledged as a problem (a risk) first. As long it is decided to be a problem then it has to be believed or approved as a real problem by the belief system. Then it must be solved somehow.

The belief in the ability to solve a certain problem or manage risk creates the problem itself as an inquiry or requirement that needs discovery, identification, or clarification. Thus the Unknown Unknown has turned to Unkown Known. The first step of the mental procedure has been made.

The second step is to be perceived by the belief system as manageable in order to be accepted or favorably disposed of by the mind. If the second step is achieved then there comes the power of choice of what to see (through Critical Thinking). Thus the Unkown Known has turned to Known Uknown and finally turns to the Known Known as the third and firth steps of the mental perception procedure.

Whatever you choose to see it comes to your reality. At that point in the mental procedure, mental view, or perception bonds with a mental expression before final creation.

How to Achieve All Your Desires

For the Spirit, abilities are both based on truths and facts as values and experiences considered as trials (as proof of the possession of the skills or means to solve a problem) in the way to gain knowledge and experience. Truths (beliefs) reflect the way to get into the Unknown Unknowns and by adjusting the behavior to turn them to the Known Knowns. Always turn Unknown Unknowns to Known Knowns.

Every thought as truth or feeling triggers the belief system in order to turn the Unknown Unknowns (risks or uncertainties) to Unknown Knowns as a confirmation.

Every Unknown Known as an idea or an emotion triggers the belief system as a value in order by choosing the appropriate character to turn Unknown Knowns to the Known Unknowns in order to assess the level of fear or risk and the level of potential success.

Then Known Unknowns by exploiting the appropriate behavior assess the level of happiness by turning finally to Known knowns (certainties with no risk). In this way, the risks or uncertainties as problems turn finally to certainties (no risk) as solutions to the problems.

This an ongoing mental process that never ends. Thus mental perception turns uncertainties to certainties before mental expression. Both mental perceptions and expressions bond at the present moment and pre-define what to see or feel. Whatever you see or feel becomes your reality.

Thus, mental processes (perception and expression) turn to life events. What you see or feel is what you perceive. What you perceive depends on what you believe of yourself as the ability to solve a certain problem or eliminate risk.

What you live on the spot (through mental expression), is partly a feeling of what you experience as a mental solution or success to the problem you created in the previous step, and partly an emotion (through the heart) felt as a psychological factor or occurrence towards happiness giving peace to the heart by taking part or contributing to the solution as a success (physically).

The determining factor in order for a random event to be received as a Coincidence (Mindfully) it has to be received on the present moment consciously (intentionally) and not unconsciously (unintentionally) in order to bring to the receiver the most positive feelings with the less negative emotions (Bliss).

The heart is the source of the emotional body. Emotions can benefit you by being more aware of the inner state. The goal is to keep your heart open and make deeper connections with the hearts of others and with yourself.

In this way, you finally experience what you logically see or feel Consciously through feelings and at the same time be alert Subconsciously that you are physically involved in that experience through emotions (Synchronicity). At this level mental perception coincides (Coincidence) with mental expression in the present moment (through the warmhearted emotions – as reactive moral emotions of Love through the human heart – such as kindness, sympathy, generosity, altruism, compassion e.t.c.). To be present here and now to an endless present (Space-Time continuum).

Mental Perception or Experience through Action (To Exist)

Mental Expression or Occurence through Reaction (To Be)

Sychronisity (Mental Perceptiom = Mental Expression)

Sychronisity (Coincide Concious-Unconsious and Subconcious Mind)

Fact = To Exist (Experience)

Event = To Be (Occurence)

Co-Coincidence = Event + Fact = To Exist + To Be

So Life Events as Earthy experiences or occurrences are half mental inquiries or risks as actions (Thoughts or Feelings bonded with the opposite Illusions or Emotions) and half mental solutions as reactions (Divided Thoughts into both Feelings and Emotions) to these inquiries. In this way, finally, feelings and emotions (due to emotions that are action-oriented as causes) turn to motions (that are reactions as effects) and then to personal reality.

Living Experience = Experience + Occurence

Reaction = EMotion = Effect = Occurence

Action = Cause = Fact= Experience

Co-Coincidence = Experience + Occurence

Light = 1/3 Experience + 2/3 Occurence

Light = Divided Thought = 1/3 Feelings + 2/3 Emotions = 1/3 Thought + 1/3 Idea (Emotion) + 1/3 Perfect (Moral) Virtues

Event = Effect = Reaction = Motion = Coincidence = Light = Divided Thought = 1/3 Experience (or Feeling) + 2/3 Occurence (or Emotion) = 1/3 Thought (or Feeling)+ 1/3 Idea (or Emotion) + 1/3 Perfect (Moral) Virtues

Virtues are developed through learning and practice. The ancient philosopher Aristotle suggested, a person can improve his or her character by practicing self-discipline. He defines moral virtue as a disposition to behave in the right manner and as a mean between extremes of deficiency and excess, which are vices. We learn moral virtue primarily through habit and practice rather than through reasoning and instruction.

Virtue ethics is a philosophy developed by Aristotle and other ancient Greeks. It is the quest to understand and live a life of moral character, by practicing being honest, brave, just, generous, and so on, a person develops an honorable and moral character.

In my point of view Virtue is half a thought half an idea, half a feeling half an emotion as it reflects both the qualities of a moral character and by behaving in the right manner. At this focal point of the human heart, there is no distinction as there is no polarisation.

Finally, we can conclude that the Known knowns and the Unknown Unknowns and their handling shape an appropriate (to the individual) personality. Personality is based on personal abilities. Personality creates personal reality. Personal Abilities shape the personality that in turn creates Personal Reality. Personal Reality is also an Event. An Event is in fact as an equal and opposite reaction for every action. Their sum is always zero (0). Nothing created nor destroyed.

Event = Personal Reality

Personality = Personal Reality

Personality = Personal Abilities + Responsibilities

Event = Personality = Personal Abilities + Responsibilities = Personal Reality

Event = Action + Reaction = 0 (due to Spiritual and Physical Law – Newton’s Third Law of Motion – As Above So Below)

This is the biggest and the only true Reality Creation Secret in order for someone to eliminate the level of fear, stress, and apprehension and reach a high-level of Consciousness through internal peace, spiritual, mental peace, and clarity towards Success, Perfect (Moral) Virtues, and Long-Term Happiness, Bliss!

In Conclusion

The Reality Creation Technique is based on the way the human mind perceives and forms reality by always turning Unknown Unknowns to Known Knowns in order to enhance spiritual development by eliminating risk and the subequal level of fear.

The Law of the Three Threes describes how the human mind turns external or internal triggers as data to valuable information by exploiting it as a coordinate system.

The Rule of Creation states that any physical appearance here on Earth owes its existence on the Law of the Three Threes by creating reality (Light) through the divided thoughts, by using two parts of dark or negative energy and one part of positive energy (Light = 1/3 Positive Energy or Feelings + 2/3 Negative Energy or Emotions).

Mental Perception or Thoughts (Inputs) is based on a mental self-construction model (order) of the world based on the belief system, opinions, truths, values, and previous experiences. It requires Common Sense and Critical Thinking as qualities. Mental Expression through Divided Thoughts (Outputs) is based on the mental self-destruction of the previous model (disorder) as a choice (free will) into both experiences and occurrences seen and felt on the spot through Synchronicity (To Be = To Exist).

Positive or negative beliefs, facts, values, truths, or experiences shape the opposite mentality that in turn shapes personal or social abilities (responsibilities) expressed through the present moment (Co-coincidence).

Spirit by exploiting personal or social abilities (responsibilities) through flesh gains always new knowledge through the earthy living experiences by turning always Unknown Unknowns to Known Knowns.

Life living Events are half-life inquiries or risks as mental inputs (by bonding feelings and emotions) that reflect actions (through the emotions that are action-oriented) and half mental solutions as outputs (action-oriented emotions that turn to motions) that reflect at the same time reactions to actions as experiences (feelings) and occurrences (emotions).

By always turning Unknown Unknowns to Known Knowns, personality based on personal and social abilities (responsibilities) finally creates personal reality.

The best way for someone to handle life endeavors in the best possible way is to turn inside and listen to his own heart by being kind, honest, and compassionate. In this way, by silencing the conscious mind, and by listening to the subconscious mind, turbulence, fear, pain, and anxiety cease to exist as a problem and then the solution comes effortlessly out.

Behind the reason for creation and existence as an earthy living experience there exist a higher purpose. To learn to listen and trust the inner self as the most valuable asset and the best personal ability or virtue (quality or skill) that a human being can cultivate and strengthen throughout his entire life.

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