Spiritual Love Relationship – A Shift To Greatness

It is well-known that there are different kinds of love. Love relationships, motherhood love, brotherhood love and so on. On the other hand, it is easy for someone to realize that they all have the same origin. Divine Love!. So what makes the difference in love relationships that make people go crazy about and spend countless hours talking and analyzing love relationships. This post will examine those kinds of love relationships from another perspective, a spiritual one in order to de-legitimize them.

Spiritual Love Relationship

Spiritual Love Relationships do not grow in a vacuum. Ordinary love relationships can grow and shift to this state. They can spark facilitate and maintain a spiritual awakening. New feelings, new experiences, new sensations, new beliefs, new experiences, new intimacy. A change from inside. Not outside. A spiritual awakening!

What is Spiritual Love All About

Ordinary love relationships are based on mutual respect, commitment, and communication. Each part tries to give value to the other part and this consists of a healthy basis for a long-term relationship. However, Spiritual Love Relationships are something even greater. They do not try to give value to anyone. Each one part tries to give value to himself first and for the most. This is not an egoistic approach at all. It is a shift in the way that someone perceives himself against the other one just because of his presence as an equal part in a love relationship.

We will try to analyze that kind of mentality. It hasn’t to do with unconditional love either. It has to do on how someone feels, perceives and behaves about himself in the context of sharing his life with someone else. It has to do with the degree of awareness and how someone realizes that plethora of positive feelings about himself. The other part is only the cause or the catalyst and not the end goal. Inside the new context, each lover strives for self-greatness and not for relationship rightness.

How To Find And Maintain Spiritual Unity

Spiritual Love is not usually loving with the first sight. It is not something that is just happening. It is not by accident either. It is for a reason. And the reason is to create and maintain the awareness of one’s self. It is not the couple that gives value to the part because there is no individuality in its old context but the other way around. The individual gives rise to the awareness of feeling happy and content in a relationship. Then the other side becomes aware of those positive feelings and emotions that give rise to his awareness so both parties become aware of the new state of their relationship on a higher plane.

Those kinds of relationships have a solid basis and they consist a happy, healthy and content relationship. Love in this kind of relationship flows freely and instantly and rises with time in higher planes of awareness, self-acceptance, maturity, and happiness. Classic term for unity loses its initial meaning and we can now talk of souls merging were both parties sustain their independence and grow as even and mutual souls.

Ways to Nurture Spiritual Love Relationships

Inside the old context, both parties try to nurture their relationship by giving space to one another, by caring, by sharing and by communicating their beliefs, their needs and their feelings. In the new context, they do not share needs and wands because there is no spiritual lack or shortage anymore. When someone forgets about needs and wants only then their real purpose shows off. Pure Happiness!

In the new context, there are only positive feelings of being present in a happy union or merge of distinct personal values were self-awareness and self-acceptance is the key. Be present, be content, be happy and then make the other part share your happiness with you. This is the new motto.

The New Approach To Love And Connect

A Spiritual Love Relationship is actually on its core another form of relationship. But this one is a bit different. It doesn’t create any expectations of the other part. It is not a pushing on or possessive relationship. On the other hand, it is not considered to be a passive one either. Whenever one soul feels content the other one feels content too. This is a holistic approach to liking and loving inside a Spiritual Love Relationship. But is not a simple sharing either. It is actually a flow of happiness between both lovers. There is no end to this kind of love because Spiritual Love is energy and as such is neither created nor destroyed. It is an In heritage to humanity and nobody owns it or posses it. It’s also invaluable because is not man-made.

Indeed, in this kind of relationship, there are no emotional walls or hard feelings. Simply because each part realizes that hard feeling are not their feelings itself but the stance that someone takes against those feelings. Doubt and fear of keeping or losing someone is the old way of considering and maintaining a relationship. Inside the new content, there is no doubt, no fear, no cheating, no rejection, no pain, no healing. Only acceptance. Self-Acceptance!

To summarize this is the new perspective were old relationships move towards to new state of consciousness because there is a shift in paradigm. The old model sustained our society for too long up to now. New way of life is emerging and make the necessity for love relationships to change either and move to a whole new context in order to survive and sustain the growth, the wellness and the well-being of the new society which is now born, nurtures and matures with new and higher values following the path of righteousness and integrity.

Spiritual Love Relationships are in the dawn of this new era of Spiritual Awakening. It is time to abandon the old and a brace the new and the unknown. Time to discover the new self the new awareness the new life that takes straight to its ultimate goal. PURE HAPPINESS!








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Spirituality is a broad term usually used by people to show a change or a transformation in the way they realize their own life. “Dum Spiro Spero” is a Latin phrase and spirituality has to do with the root Spiro “to breath” and the noun spiritus which means “breath, air, life and soul”.

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What is the real purpose of spirituality? Stop annoying and start enjoying. Stop asking and start finding the essence of life. Stop thinking on how your life would like to be and start being, living and experiencing. This site wants to find those like-minded people that are about or experiencing that condition in their lives. One by one and step by step that condition becomes a movement making a better society where mutual respect is the building stone of a better tomorrow. When someone stops thinking of the things he wants or needs then their real purpose will appear. Pure Happiness! Bliss!

Nobody is totally correct as nobody else is totally wrong. It’s not the synthesis of the opinions as many people believe or splits of the reality that make the only truth but the other way around. That’s exactly what it is. A shift in paradigm. A reverse way of thinking. And that’s REALLY healthy too.

Strive For Bliss Not For Perfection

A brace this movement with both hands and give your self what it aspires for. Not only hope but Freedom and real or pure Happiness. These are actually a mental condition that brings to someone peace and clarity. This is the old dogma “Mens sana in corpore sano” that means “healthy mind lives in a healthy body” and encourages someone to follow the path of righteousness. However when you strive for bliss you actually strive for Self-Righteousness that is the path that leads to your Ideal-Self, Self-Gnosis, Self-Contentment. This is what we consider today as a “healthy state” as body and mind are interrelated more than we think and more than ever.

The way you see things will never be the same. Take nothing for granted but everything for coming. Stop expecting and start accepting. Doubt is for life but aspiring is for living. Spirituality is for awareness, for learning, for knowing. But is actually something even greater. To Be. Not only to Exist but also to Be Present here and now!

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