Master Your Mind Design Your Destiny – Release Your Mind

Behind every certainty, we will always find some assumption, question or doubt. This is just the nature of mind. Doubt triggers our perception against our belief system in order to create reality. Reality is the effect when doubt is the cause. Inside the old context, the effect is derived from the cause. On the other hand, when the belief system is challenged there is always an attempt for the mind to anticipate the possible or the desired results. In this way, the effects are preconceived a priori so there is no psychological cost or emotional letdown. So inside the new context, we have the doubt – action – result – experience – reality. When we consider that time is an illusion (mental projection) then doubt makes our reality. Release your mind from preconvictions. Clear your mind. Expand your mind to a new potential.

The mind now becomes the mechanism behind that procedure and doubt the trigger. Mind in this way becomes the projector and the receiver at the same time. The mind is the mean and the initial cause. So actually in this way the mind receives what it really preconceives. Brilliant! So there is no possibility or ambiguity but only desire and then certainty. Now the environment becomes more predictable. Good is most desirable and mind works in this way in order not to create harm. But there is not actually good or bad result in certain circumstances until it comes to someones’ knowledge in order to make a judgment. It has to come and be weighted against the actual value system. Incrementally continues rising in awareness and then in consciousness. This is the real query behind every experience and the other way around. It goes both ways. Control your mind. Master your mind design your destiny. It’s a loop!

Master Your Mind Design Your Destiny

People learn from situations that make a sense or contributes in some way to their way of living. Now valued is something that has a meaning and therefore is important to someone. Only then something makes sense to their value metric system. Values are actually needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows their importance “A Theory of Human Motivation” and they are arranged in a hierarchy with the higher ones taking precedence over the lower ones. Basic needs lay at the bottom of the pyramid. They are perceived through feelings and transmitted to the mind. Then they become wants. Wants are needs that come to the someones’ awareness just because of their absence, lack or shortage. Now every decision someone makes is based upon the hierarchy of their needs – wands (or values) that in turn triggers the desire (motivates) to go on in order to cover that need or wand. So inside the new context, a value is a need, a wand or a desire as long as it has a meaning or makes a sense to someone’s value metric system. So basic needs are received instinctively but wants or values are actually perceived.

Access Subconscious Mind

So how can someone change his reality? By changing the way of thinking? Not really. The mind is made this way in order to sustain and evolve someones’ reality. There is a way to silent mind but seems to be unachievable because it is difficult for someone to handle or take over the mind. However, to silent mind is possible in order to access subconscious mind. The human body is actually a peripheral memory where data are stored. Body feels, acts, reacts and surely remembers. It is a perfect machine. Keeps whatever it needs in order to work properly. When something goes wrong then adjust itself and heals. So there is no need to store data inside the mind. Mental thoughts of every kind and for every reason are made by mind. So mind at the same time works as a projector, as a receiver, and as a processor in order to survive and thrive through everyday trials.

Clear Your Mind To New Possibilities

Now here it comes the big truth about reality. We do not talk about alchemy in its old context but an inside transformation. Why? Because what counts positively against its value system remains. Anything else is aborted. It has space to receive and handle whatever it considers valuable. So mind has its own conservation system as any other system inside the human body. What really matters comes to its awareness. Judgment supports the belief system through the value system. A valued system expands through the proper awareness that something contributes to its value. The next step is the experience that follows. A learning experience that gives value to the system leads finally to gnosis. Self Awareness. Self Gnosis. To know someones’ self in its own context. To begin to know who is really hiding behind that person. It’s true essence. Its true destiny and the reason to exist.

Enhancing Your Mind Body Spirit

So there comes the desired transformation through new needs, wands, beliefs and finally a new awareness. An ongoing inside procedure where someone lives, grows and experiences looking deep inside himself and not outside. It is a continues process and it is not a goal-oriented but it is through self-acceptance. Knowledge of one’s self is the key and its ultimate life’s goal. Through conscious acting and not reacting. Listening other’s people point of view and not imposing his rules or wants upon the others. Accepting and releasing.

Look At Your Motives – Listen To Your Heart

Get away from the scene, watch and release any preconceptions and the old belief system. Build a new one. Welcome, a new set of values to your life. Let them come on their own terms. Whatever the self-needs or wands they will come in time and on time either. Recognize what your body asks you to do. Listen to your heart. Trust your intuition. Act with integrity and self-evaluation. Stay focused on the direction look at the bigger picture and let the means and your life goals define themselves on the way. Then the desired results will make themselves. And they will surely and definitely overpass your anticipated results because there won’t be an outdated value metric system to judge against. Look at your motives instead of your needs and wands. Let them define the cause and not the other way around. Welcome to the new era. Change your cosmos by changing your self!. Change your mind change your life! Master Your Mind Design Your Destiny

In this way, someone gives space to Divine to fill the gap and make its presence in every day’s life. New life experiences will give rise and reason for a new state of consciousness to emerge. That new state will lead to a new reality. This is the learning curve inside the new context. As more and more people move to this state of consciousness society will begin to change. New life, new beliefs, new world. As needs and wands become less and less important real values will precede themselves. A shift in paradigm! Transformation! Those new values will finally lead to their real destiny through their Ultimate Goal. HAPPINESS!

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