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Greatest Manifestation Principle

Two Ways of Thinking – Duality:

1st way: “Duality can be exploited to solve problems, by considering simultaneously two perspectives-the primal and dual view of the problem. These translations take the form of duality: they turn argument-driven computation into a demand-driven computation by exchanging input and output throughout, turning terms ‘inside out'”. (Cambridge English Dictionary).

Now we can say that the above procedure starts from a passive state of mind (understanding – as a cause) towards an active state of mind (logic – as an effect) through positive and negative mental expression (matter).

2nd way: However, turning around the above interpretation we can say that translations (views) starting from an active state of mind (logic – as a cause) can turn supply-driven computation into a demand that is affirmative-driven computation (understanding – as an effect) by exchanging input and output through negative and positive mental expression states again, turning terms inside out once a more.

The underpinning triggers in both cases for any action-reaction, cause, and effect are emotions that are action-oriented.

As we realize in both the above cases (ways) conflicting forces outweigh each other through the primal and dual view of things by exchanging input and output. Knowing (logic) turns out to understanding and the other way around through cause and effect, action-reaction law.

The only objection, here, is that they both comprise of an input to the system. The reason is that the right and left sides of the mind are not correlated directly with each other. They are communicating (corresponding) through the heart and then through mental expression (positive and negative).

How To Manifest Your Destiny

As we saw in a previous article, the above procedure (duality) happens simultaneously but their results are far from being instant. Even though the mind makes thousands of thoughts each day planning about the future only a fraction of them come to fruition in a foreseeable time span. Why? This happens for two reasons.

One reason is to protect us from negative thoughts coming into fruition and hurt our survival. The other reason is that we do not see with the eyes but actually our mind visualizes (though heart, mind, body, and senses) and creates matter in two different and parallel realities inside the same dimension (4th dimension), without even realizing it (see below – The Reality Circular Flow).

Their meeting point (O) where the observer is – yourself – that is where everything there exists as the meeting or intersection point of all parallels. Point (O) is also the meeting point of the 5th dimension or Spiritual dimension. Now everything makes sense!

As a result, instead of having (one) duality driven – reality (deriving from both sides of mind as two ways of thinking) we have a double duality driven – reality (double duality two systems at the same time but only one reality one existence and one living experience).

Yes. We live in two different worlds (two different earth plains) at the same time and this is very confusing. One leg stands on one plain and the other one on the other! Crazy but absolutely true!

The results of this above double duality driven – reality is that our thoughts are either late in coming into fruition or they are outweighed by the next coming conflicting thoughts and then the next thoughts again and again without I repeat being aware of this happening consciously.

Physically we experience one coherent reality. Our own unique reality. But what a fascinating reality! Why? Because ordered thinking turns out to a disordered and unpredictable reality! The disorder becomes a constant way of living. This turns out to be very devastating by most people. Survival becomes a struggle, a constant fight, a hell.

How To Manifesting Dreams

And now comes the great question. Is that created for a reason? Can this change? How can we turn destiny around? Million-dollar questions. Really! Nothing is random, and that is for sure. Everything happens for a reason. But as we already stated in another article, this is more of a self-fulfilled destiny.

The one we all create in another dimension that is the 5th spiritual one without even realizing this. By following our habitual patterns coming from past experiences over and over again.

But how can we alter the sequence of the events or the array of facts being in a physical state here and now? By meditation. And what meditation is all about? Visualization of your preferred events to come pretending as they are already here. At the present time!

As we saw above at point (O) the observer – that is yourself, everything there exists. Every destiny can there happen. So yes, it is very possible to alter destiny and as a self-fulfilled destiny this is, every experience (through feelings and emotions) that you aspire can be the destiny you desire and you deserve to live and experience.

Yes, there is a way to make a heaven here on earth in this life span. Destiny is not fixed or written in stones only if you are aware of it, and if you finally realize this well-hidden secret. No doubt!

We have to make it clear here and now and once forever. Destiny is not something imposed on us by fate or just happens as most people believe!

Free will and pre-destiny are perceived parts (forces) of opposite states of mind (cause and effect, needs, and wands). The one leads inevitably to the other.

A mechanism caused by a cyclical way of thinking. The future and time are also psychological states of mind. A metaphysical attribute. An illusion. No free will, no time, no future, no destiny. Only psychological states of mind with a clear, definite, and residual scope. To create events as an ongoing reality here on earth through actions-reactions!

Manifesting Meditation

So if you are present here and now and then visualize consciously on the 5th dimension then you can have an altered experience here on the 4th dimension in return, which will finally be your reality. You are in charge. By replacing your old and obsolete habitual patterns with new ones. Through your mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Whatever you dearly desire and resonates the most in your heart (that is the truths or values that really motivate you) and this strong and weird feeling makes your belly and body skirts that will come to your life, eventually.

Why? Because at point (O) there meet your wants and your needs (through cause and effect mental view) with matter (their mental expression).

So the upper part of your body (conscious mind) reflects your wants and your needs (perceived reality) while the lower part (unconscious part of the mind) reflects your expressed reality and they are both interconnected through your heart.

They both (perceived and expressed realities) create (here in the 4th dimension) your actual reality (consciousness). At that point (O), actual reality meets also the spiritual reality (that is pure consciousness). Both realities (actual and spiritual) are also interconnected through your heart.

Whatever comes from your heart and you perceive it as a strong and strange feeling in your lower part of your body (mainly belly) while consciously visualizing, that will come to your reality eventually, through synchronicity (events that are “meaningful coincidences”).

How To Manifest Greatness

I repeat once more to make it clear. The meet point (O) reflects also your truths (your values) as a strong motivation (that is your belief system). There exist your truths (that is the meeting point of your conscious – unconscious mind that interrelates through your heart with your subconscious mind).

Everything springs from your heart. Unless you change consciously the old automatic habitual patterns of your unconscious mind (caused by past experiences), you will continue to live your deceptive life here on earth and follow the fate imposed upon you, again and again, living actually in the past (by you – your inner or higher-self).

But if you change the patterns of your life intentionally, aligning your conscious – unconscious with the subconscious mind, your needs and wants, by being mindful then you can turn things around, alter gradually your belief system, raise your consciousness, and finally make your star shine, giving meaning to your own unique destiny and live your legend here on earth on this life span, purposefully or meaningfully.

In this way, by using your spiritual mind that is your subconscious mind consciously (along with the conscious – unconscious mind) by weighing carefully your wands against your needs (moderation is best – “Metron Ariston” – Ancient Greek) you will finally be able to turn your actual reality to an expected or rational destiny.

As above so below” refers exactly to this inter-connection of the conscious – unconscious and subconscious mind, your needs, and wands!

An expected destiny means fulfilling, peaceful, meaningful, content, and full of happiness way of living. A blissful way of living. This is the ever hidden secret that turns everything around. A new way of thinking a new way of living! A new era. Period!

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