Manifestation How-To Apply

How Reality is Created

The material world is the result of intellect (logic and understanding as to the two main opposite states of mind).

It belongs to a broader cycle of creation and destruction as a thinking model that underpins and determines all reality physical and non-physical.

This cycle is strictly connected to the existence of a number of parallel universes that are classified according to the above states of mind to the following categories, conditions, and attributes:

Undefined: Lacking a definition or a value.

Indefinite: Without limit; forever or until further notice; not definite vague or unclear; undecided or uncertain.

Defined: determined, fixed, or clearly marked out.

Definite: free of all ambiguity, uncertainty or obscurity having distinct or certain limits.

Non-physical: Something that exists outside physical reality. Not related to the body or nature.

Anti-physical: Contrary to nature; unnatural (wiktionary). Anti-physics: The strange, other-worldly of antimatter that is taking place in the minds of men (science).

Physical: The matter is a substance that has mass and takes up space by having volume.

Everything: Is used to refer to all things about the whole. Reflects the continuity, the whole (Pan= Ancient Greek). Represents Spirit and Space.

Anything: Refers to a part of a whole (Ηοlon). Represents Character and Time.

Everything: Bonds with anything to create something and then a thing that is matter, present, or reality.

Something: One having more or less the character, qualities, or nature of something different. (Merriam-Webster).

A-Think: Matter exists in various states or faces such as solid-liquid, gas, and plasma.

Everything vs anything: Key difference; Anything means any one thing while everything includes all things seen and unseen.

How Manifestation Really Works

The present is the comparative magnitude between the space span that derives from the warm light of the sun reaching the earth and perceived by the senses, with the corresponding period of time that derives from the cold light of the moon reaching the surface of the earth.

The two lights (sunlight and moonlight) meet in the present time and create reality on earth. Because sunlight (bearing concepts as feelings) needs to cover a longer distance in order to reach and transmit information than the opposite moonlight (it actually reflects the past in relation to that of the moon) the conscious part of the mind pushes it through the magnetic field back into the future.

For the same reason, the unconscious part of the mind pushes moonlight (bearing conceptual references as illusions or ideas) into the past through the electric field. Conscious mind through critical thinking pushes again past forward to the future. There, probabilities meet possibilities and they are perfectly aligned as they form present abilities (ability: capacity, fitness, or tendency to act or be acted on in a specified way, Merriam-Webster).

In this way, space bonds with time creating space-time, where thoughts meet with ideas, feelings with illusions, truths with values, and character with spirit. This is the mechanism behind reality formation and existence.

Reality comprises three-dimensional space, time, and meeting point the space-time continuum. They express their properties as a material or physical world through the four-dimensional height, length, width, and depth.

How Human Soul Affects Reality

Human Soul is made by the three-four parts or layers as parallel universes representing the three opposite worlds such as Non-physical (Sun), Anti-physical (Moon), and Physical (Earth).

Those three-parts (triad) or layers are reflected by the three-four phases or states of matter such as solid-liquid, gas, and plasma. Sun refers to a gas (non-physical), moon refers to plasma (anti-physical), earth refers to solid and liquid (physical).

First parallel universe (Space). It reflects the undefined, non-physical, or everything as conditions or attributes. The world of thoughts with the sun and sunlight as representative (hot daylight). Here there exists the Spirit (pneuma) as a coherent energetic body.

Second parallel universe (Time). It reflects the indefinite, anti-physical, or anything. The world of ideas represented by the moon and the moonlight (cold nightlight).

Their meeting point (of the first and second parallel universes) creates the electric and magnetic fields.

The electric field reflects the emotional body as a character, facts, and probabilities (perceived as Past). It also reflects the defined, or something as attributes.

The magnetic field reflects the definite or a thing as a physical body, expressed as experiences, behavior, and possibilities, and perceived as the space-time continuum (as present stretched always into the future).

The readjustment of the alignment of the two fields (electric and magnetic) takes place during the night time while sleeping.

At the center probabilities bond with the possibilities to form certainties into the present.

Both fields by bonding together create our home planet, physical body, matter, everything felt or seen, and create the living experience here on earth (perceived, felt, or seen as present continuous).

The spirit through the parallel universes starting from the first parallel universe is manifested in the magnetic field as a physical body. Every material entity or body but also the planet earth as we experience it is manifested here.

Under the physical body (as a magnetic field) there exists the emotional body (as an electric field).

Under the emotional body there exists time (as a cold nightlight).

Under the time there exists space (as hot daylight).

The emotional body reflects the observer’s character his values, ideals, and beliefs. They are always pointing to the past as probabilities (facts) that are also forwarded towards the future in order to meet possibilities and they both form the present (because of action-reaction law and critical thinking).

Thoughts as spirit reflect truths (a+lithi-a in Ancient Greek that means to wake up to remember to recall) such as social norms and represent the observer’s external environment. They are manifested at the magnetic field as behavior and they always appear in the observer’s future.

Probabilities reflect ideas (illusions) pointing to the past.

Possibilities reflect thoughts (feelings) pointing always to the future as time through critical thinking.

Probabilities through the action-reaction law even though they point to the past they are also reflected in the future (due to the critical thinking) so possibilities meet with probabilities and they both form certainties into the present as space-time.

That is the reason that the future always reflects the past in a cyclical way!

At the last stage of creation, the emotional body coincides with the physical body in its ultimate form in existence. In this way, the energetic body turns to emotional and then to the physical body reflecting the three layers (triad) mentioned above.

How Reality Deceives Human Senses

The man even though experiences and behaves on Earth as a projection or an image he actually lives, learns, and creates at the center of his existence where his heart locates which is actually his own Soul.

The soul in its core is an energetic entity (Spirit) connected to the Sun so it never dies (is immortal). The soul finally is connected with the physical body through the human heart.

Within life cycles, the soul loses its external layers but it never loses its core layer that is made of information as pure light forming its energetic body.

Information as correlated data is sent from the bottom of its existence through sunlight. On the other end, data are perceived by the senses and they are decoded through feelings turning into energy (action-reaction) that is applied through the Sun.

By the intervention of illusions as moonlight they turn into emotions, facts, and earthy experiences and finally create the emotional and then the physical bodies.

Every life cycle compounds to the soul’s learning procedure through its earthy experiences so it becomes wiser and wiser until the three-four parts come back together into total unity.

Human development on earth goes through stages following his soul’s learning development. It is actually a closed system that supports self-development towards higher states of consciousness creation and existence.

Critical thinking as a cyclical way of thinking constitutes the base of the above mechanism in its and every life tour on earth until it finally comes to its own terms and can no longer support further Soul’s learning development.

Can Reality Be Altered?

Τhe present constitutes the common resultant between the past and the future. The past reflects the most likely occurrences (probabilities as facts) while the future reflects possible occurrences (possibilities). The most probable occurrences (facts) of the past together with the possible occurrences of the future create certain occurrences (events) of the present, experienced after the intervention of critical thinking (event: something that happens – Merriam Wember).

Thus, the past and the future are conceptual references to the present and not the other way around. The reason is that the past is already over, so it no longer exists, while the future has not yet come.

The present is formed by the conscious part of the mind in two stages: a) by thoughts or ideas as causes or mental inputs (mental views) into the system, a priori (as actions or tendencies to act as a conception) and b) is experienced ex-post as effects, by reactions to actions throughout the matter, as thoughts or senses and ideas or illusions (mental expression).

a priori: relating to or derived by reasoning from self-evident propositions – presupposed by experience,

ex-post: based on knowledge and retrospection and being essentially objective and factual, (Merriam-Webster).

When someone alters the values ​​with the truths in the first stage (a priori) while the above mechanism remains the same, then the psychological needs will take the place of the desires and they will be realized directly in the future. When also the truths replace the values then they will also be reflected in the past as facts and then into the future.

That further means that someone has to be honest with himself. To have an objective view of his own character as possible. To empower himself by fighting his own demons head-on. Then his attitude towards future, behavior, and reality will alter accordingly.

The word fact loses its previous meaning and now means a probability of the past. What is happening now is an experience stretched into the future. It would be a mistake for rational thinking to accept what has happened in the past as certainties, and the reason is obvious.

Logic through critical thinking could not accept certainties of the present the same as certainties also of the past. Certainty is something that someone is experiencing here and now as events (as reactions to actions experienced through the conscious mind) and not something that happened in the past. The past is past and reflects facts as probabilities.

Present reflects abilities as possible actions and their possible outcomes (considering the internal-external environment) before they turn to certainties or events as reactions to these possible actions. Now, the behavior comes into play and the spirit that gives life and movement into the body along with the creation of his reality. The power of this reaction takes place through the sun and its tremendous energy that makes the earthy living experience possible and feasible at a spiritual and physical level.

In this way, we will have truths ​​on both sides of the mind (conscious and unconscious) and the past will inevitably meet with the future on the present. In this way, the two stages will coincide (a priori and ex-post) and the desires will be realized in the present perceived as coincidences and not as random incidences or occurrences. Man is now not only the creator but also the designer of his own life path at the same time.

Τhe Εffects of Τhe Present Moment

The past and the future are not only created through the present but constitute also the mechanism for the creation of the present. However, since there is only the present moment as a living experience, any change as an intervention will also occur through the point of connection between the past and the future. It also means that for the sake of the present moment as a certainty yourself interconnects all your current, past, or future lives.

So your immediate ancestors for you were your dominant relatives while their immediate descendants were just possibilities to the future until the moment you were conceived and born.

Par example, in order for someone to become a father (probability) a child should be born (the birth is the event or certainty as a reaction to action) at some time in the future (possibility).

Probability is at the birth’s past as precondition (conception) and possibility in its future as a condition (cognition). In order to become a grandfather, a grandchild should be born at some time in the future (the birth of a child is the event or certainty at the present time again), etc.

Your ancestors or descendants also reflect parts of yourself and your character. Each of your ancestors and any of your immediate ancestor’s bonds right now to create one of your immediate ancestors (your parents as a reflection of yourself) and then you the exact person as their possibility, forming their only certainty at present.

The same will happen to your offspring. The pain point here is that the present moment will be the common denominator, so everything or everyone and anything or anyone is existing now at the present moment as mental entries expressed as something or someone and then created as a certain thing or human being (following the action-reaction law) despite that you are not immediately or fully aware of it.

The Implications of Spirit on Reality

Reality is the result of the intervention of the Spirit of human Soul (an immortal energetic entity) through matter (interaction of actions-reactions) on earth. So in order to be able to impose his desires upon the matter, he needs to cultivate the appropriate conditions that will lead him to live a fully happy and content life as he always dreams and deserves.

Sun represents the basis of Soul, Space, feelings, thoughts, and human spirit (pneuma). Behavior becomes its mental expression upon matter (that is actually a matrix as a simple mental condition, consisting of bytes of 0,1 hot and cold). It follows the Fibonacci Sequence 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so on, that it governs the architecture of the universe and is tightly connected to the Golden Ratio  “nature’s universal rule” which is 1.6180339887498948482… The energy behind this procedure takes place in the Sun through Spirit and is perceived as coded-uncoded packs of information (sunlight-moonlight) by the human senses creating reality as matter.

On the other hand, the attitude turns the human character into an emotional body through the intervention of the moon and the moonlight. Moon represents Time (conception). It constitutes the basis of the appropriate momentum or the timing for aligning the emotional body with the physical body (as actions-reactions).

So Spirit constitutes the core element of the human Soul consisting of pure light. The energy of the Spirit as reactions to actions (behavior) throughout the Sun is needed in order to turn the emotional body into a physical body.

Thus electric field bonds with the magnetic field to create the electromagnetic field that underpins every physical entity. When the two fields are perfectly aligned hot outweighs cold and healthy human body temperature remains stable at 36.6 degrees celsius.

The human body temperature was adjusted to the golden ratio. The golden ratio point of the difference between the boiling temperature of the water and the freezing point gives the human body temperature.

The hours 04:00 and 19:00, on a 24-hour clock, would be at an angle of 137.5° (the golden angle). So: the golden ratio is controlling our circadian rhythm, which means the 24-hour day/night cycle is intimately linked to the golden ratio.

The Implications of Reality on History

Therefore we can conclude that everyone’s life is the proliferation of his own character into reality and is unique and even special. Each individual creates and experiences his own reality on earth as destiny (imposed) even though he thinks that he directly creates it.

History should teach and set an example for what is most likely to happen in the future. Because critical thinking pushes always the past into the future in order to create the present, we can say that the past determines the present throughout the future.

Therefore history repeats itself exploiting unique characters each and every time. Since the past and the future are actually conceptual references to the present, this means that the unique character of each person becomes also his own destiny.

Proof of this is the fact that even with the physical death of someone the existence of reality still exists for the rest of people. Also, physical death is not the end but constitutes a possibility of the future that turns to a probability after the next incarnation and then into a certainty as a new present (life as a gift or in-heritage).

In order for man to be able to intervene and change destiny, he must fully understand how the internal and external environment is formed and created and how it is affected before it even manifests itself in the present.

Once he fully understands that reality is actually the mirror of his own belief system character and behavior in relation to the perception of the external environment only then he can intervene efficiently and effectively.

Until he succeeds in achieving this change, he must continue to live and behave according to his higher truths, values, beliefs, and ideals.

In Conclusion

Believe it or not at our present timeline (space-time continuum) and the way we perceive our environment the past and future only constitute a mental perception (conception) and expression (cognition) on the electric and magnetic fields.

The past constitutes just a precondition as a probability (a fact) reflecting the internal environment in order to fulfill another condition as a possibility in the future reflecting the external environment, through the present created as the ability of possible action (as a trigger) and perceived as a reaction to this action through the conscious mind that is actually the splitting and bonding point of human thoughts and ideas as causes and effects.

When you are looking at the Sun, you are actually watching the source of your own Soul. Humans behave and experience here on Earth but in fact, they act and react through mind and Spirit (as pure energy through the Sun).

Earthy living experiences make up the procedure through which Soul lives, learns, and creates contributing to it’s learning curve. In the Sun there is no time. It represents continuity as a Space of the first parallel universe. As there is no time, there exists only a present moment.

Preconditions are probabilities and conditions are possibilities. They do not really exist (as mental entries or views) until they are both fulfilled (as mental expressions or outputs). The way they are fulfilled is through their interaction point as an event, a reaction to action, or certainty.

The living earthy experience refers to the way the human body creates and perceives those certainties throughout the conscious mind. Certainties as ongoing events (as reactions to actions) taking place on the spot are in fact what we mean the present moment.

Even these certainties are still questionable as a by-product of uncertainties (probabilities and possibilities as mental inputs-outputs). In this way, even though everyday living becomes complicated and unpredictable overall man’s life path becomes predictable enough and vulnerable. The material world wins Spirit.

Earthy living experiences become the by-product of mental inputs-outputs after the intervention of the emotional body. Time is an illusion, a conception, a psychological factor. The present moment is a common denominator that interconnects the past present and future. So the Soul through matter becomes able to learn through earthy living experiences and emotions that could not happen otherwise.

Also the Spirit through light as the energy behind reaction as the bonding and splitting point of thoughts and ideas (through critical thinking) moves always humanity forward to the future and creates our reality here on earth as a daylight and nightlight (sunlight and moonlight). Thoughts and ideas at the spiritual level make the world go around through the unlimited nuclear power of the sun at the spiritual, emotional, and physical levels.

In order for humans to break the vicious cycle, altering the data before they even enter the system it is the secret behind creating the desired reality and imposing themselves on the material world. We showed above how this could be feasible and possible by changing mental inputs and thus affecting outputs! By opening the mind to the new and unexpected possibilities instead of counted probabilities, and by examining their causal relevance, only then inputs outweigh or meet outputs as coincidences and not as random occurrences. Spirit overcomes and wins matter.

In this way, the reality on earth enriches the Spirit (the energetic body of the Soul) with valuable earthly lessons, knowledge, and experiences and then with new incarnations, realities, lives, and so on in an endless cycle of construction and destruction through the materialistic way of thinking.

As we realize earthy living experience is a totally mental procedure exploiting mental opposing forces as causes and effects that outweigh themselves. In fact, nothing is created nor is destroyed. Virtual reality just for the sake of the living experience. Flesh and matter are mental expressions as reactions to mental perceptions as possible actions. Adjusting behavior through critical thinking becomes the main regulatory force behind these experiences.

Whenever humans fully realize this fundamental spiritual secret law, then they will be able to intervene and uplift themselves into a whole new higher level of creation and existence without disturbing the fundamental rules and spiritual laws mentioned above, designed to steer and facilitate their ongoing spiritual evolvement.

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