SPHERE OF ACTION OR FEELING. EXCESS. MEAN. DEFICIENCY. Fear and Confidence. Rashness. Courage. Cowardice. Pleasure and Pain. Licentiousness/Self-indulgence. Temperance. Insensibility. Getting and Spending (minor) Prodigality. Liberality. Illiberality/Meanness. Getting and Spending (major) Vulgarity/Tastelessness. Magnificence. Pettiness/Stinginess. Honour and Dishonour (major) Vanity. Magnanimity. Pusillanimity. Honour and Dishonour (minor) Ambition/empty vanity. Proper ambition/pride. Unambitiousness/undue humility. Anger. Irascibility. Patience/Good temper. Lack of spirit/unirascibility. Self-expression. Boastfulness. Truthfulness. Understatement/mock modesty. Conversation. Buffoonery. Wittiness. Boorishness. Social Conduct. Obsequiousness. Friendliness. Cantankerousness. Shame. Shyness. Modesty. Shamelessness. Indignation. Envy. Righteous indignation. Malicious enjoyment/Spitefulness.

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