Life and Death: Is Death an Illusion?

How Life Works

What is being structured through the left and the right hemispheres of the human mind is decomposed into the right hemisphere after a decision is made. On the right hemisphere, there is knowledge and experience. On the left hemisphere, there is understanding, awareness, and imagination.

They both owe their existence to each other. The birth of the emotions in the right hemisphere results by default in the birth of the thoughts in the left hemisphere of the mind and vise versa. Then the decay of both thoughts and emotions takes place and the subsequent death in the left hemisphere. Always.

The constant alternation between continuous conceptual births and deaths from both hemispheres creates the human living experience called Life.

Are Lifelines Real?

So Life is created from many little births as deaths. With one main difference. Conceptual births lead to conceptual deaths, not vice versa.

The difference is that you think that you are part of it as a central character as a director and as an actor at the same time. The approval of it is that you’re unable to watch your self directly.

You can only reflect your self-image through the self-perception or through a mirror as self-projection. A self-reflection. Thus, in reality, nothing is created nor destroyed.

In the same way, the past and the future are reflected at the moment and the moment is projected back into the past and future. Time is a psychological attribute that lies in between or because of these conceptual exchanges. It contributes to the connecting line between the past, present, and future. So lifelines are real to the degree that people perceive them as such!

How Life Changes

On the right hemisphere, there are thoughts as feelings while on the left there are awareness or perception as emotions that support them. One cannot exist without the existence of the other.

In order for the awareness through the conscious mind (as part of consciousness – conscious, unconscious, and subconscious mind) that holds the personality together for the individual to exist as a distinct or unique unit, there must be the corresponding experiences that underpin it.

Also, in order for the experiences (previous or current) to happen or to exist, the awareness that supports them must exist. Each one triggers and reinforces the other through an endless cyclical procedure.

Therefore, thoughts or feelings, and emotions, or illusions as triggers, define reality. The living experiences derived from increased awareness contribute to a further rise in consciousness and so on.

Life and Fate

The conceptual changes between the two mind hemispheres represent the pace of the imaginary events perceived as a cause and their effects expressed as a matter. They are only conceptual perceptions and expressions. Conceptual reality. Virtual Reality!

Always from order to disorder. This gives the impression of a direction. A destiny or a future. Always moving forward even though concepts move against each other all the time. From perception to the bonding of logic and understanding and then to their decomposion and death.

This is due to the semantic differences that occur between the two parts or states of mind (knowledge and understanding) as there is no direct communication between them, except through the electric and magnetic fields causing the creation of material reality. An endless present moment of continuous pictures as a movie film.

Life vs Death

So physical death is the end of the continuous conceptual births and the opposite deaths through matter during a life span and nothing more. From non-existence to existence and back to non-existence again. Always from order to disorder.

So, in reality, there is no existence so there is no life at all. The whole life cycle is an illusion (a cognitive deception of the senses) that becomes possible mainly due to the existence of the time cycle as its catalyst which is also an illusion either (an emotive deception of the senses). So Death is not an event in the sense that is not a cognitive experience. It is not an illusion either.

Death is the absence of both feelings and emotions. An altered state of existence in another realm.

Life is a dream. A Great Dream! Conceptual perseverance! Half feeling, a half illusion. Half-day, half-night. Half-asleep, half-awake. The half-reality, half-illusion. Half-alive, half-dead. Death is simply the absence of earthy living experiences or feelings. Conceptual indifference. An opposite state of mind. A neutral state of mind. A new way of living in another realm. A very Real one.

When you have your eyes open you actually dream while being awake. When you dream then you actually live! The only difference between life and death is by being in the opposite state of mind. Flesh and reality result from their interaction. When mind silents and rests at its focal point, there will be just inaction (Spirit). No more action-reaction pain and remorse. Only freedom, peace and joy, endless happiness, and bliss.

In Conclusion

Life and Death work as opposite states of mind just as Love and Fear. They actually constitute the reflection of each other. Fear as a state of mind refers to the unconscious mind, to the illusions.

The same happens with death. So death works as a fear. It’s actually the fear of death. It is there for a reason. Its scope is to make living possible. It is not a threat. It’s a human trait, a condition. Its an inhered procedure as a way of living. It reflects the effect when life is the cause but also the cause of a new life in another realm. This is a spiritual law. That is to remind us to live our life to the fullest! Mindfully!

Whenever the mind has relaxed and lives on the moment only then you are connected with the Source. Whether you are awake or asleep when you are or feel connected with the center of your heart then you know that you are connected with the Source. There is no place for fear. There exists no fear of death either (Fearless).

A change in orientation. In the way of thinking. By being Mindful. Turning your thoughts and attention inwards instead of outwards. There lies the real essence of life. Everlasting life (selfless or endless). At that point meets the physical world with the spiritual world beyond physical bounds and commitments!

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