How The Earth-Sun and The Moon Were Formed

Are The Earth and Moon Planets?

Through a dualistic way of thinking a materialistic way of living became available as a new reality. It doesn’t really matter when, how or why it happened. It’s a fact. According to this new dualistic or cyclical way of thinking, as a mechanism, what is constructed in the right hemisphere of the mind is deconstructed on the left side and the opposite (going from order to disorder). This happens in three stages:

Stage 1

Knowledge is based on the right hemisphere as logic and experience (see above diagram). Earthy experience and cognition are therefore based on the right hemisphere of the mind. From the right hemisphere, this knowledge (the earthy experience) is deconstructed through understanding in the left hemisphere of the mind. The later consists of a conceptual reference. An image. Because this image is actually the opposite (negative) of the original concept (as an emotional reaction to an external stimuli), the earthy experience would finally have to be transformed into a fixed, non-living (dead) body as opposed to the giant blue planet full of life that is our earth, as we know it today.

It wasn’t always like this. For many years the earth was considered to be a single level flat land and thus passed into the collective consciousness. The moon is actually the catalyst for this collective consciousness to exist that has long been regarded as such. All of the above co-exist on the Mental View level (electric field) before the matter is created on the material or Mental Expression level or magnetic field (Positive Expression).

Stages 2 and 3

At the 2nd stage of the creation, the moon (which I repeat is the conceptual print of the notion of the earthy existence as a stimuli to an emotion – derived from the earthy living experience) takes now exactly the opposite view of this image on the magnetic field or Mental Expression level, that is our home planet earth, as we now perceive it, as our reality. This is because of a feeling that occurs after we become aware in our mind of such physical change or living experience that is actually the effect of the reaction to the initial emotion, as a cause.

Indeed, this deceptive empty matter of the moon (that is the feminine energy or dark light) under the above pre-condition as an energetic field is also realistic and is very present, as an image, in the negative or passive state of the mind (left side – understanding). Thus, it actually constitutes a form of organization or a womb as the outer shape where masculine energy (from logic – right side of the mind) is projected and fills the void and finally gives the shape of the matter as we perceive it in the outer world at the magnetic Mental Expression level (3rd stage). It is worth to mention here that the three above stages even though they happen instantly they are experienced in a sequence.

To summarize, we can conclude that the notion of the existence of the earth leads to the image of the moon which, in turn, reflects back the creation of the earth and the living experience on the material world. Just imagine the mind as a digital camera taking a picture not from an actual object but from an idea or notion and then processing that digital image to virtual reality. That’s the mechanism!

Why The Moon Changes Shape

It is therefore not surprising the existence of the very strange attributes of the moon that often changes shape mainly in the mornings until the energies are tuned up but also the changes of its brightness in the sky or the fact that we only view continuously only one side of it. It is also certain that this is a hologram perceived as a true planet. This happens because of the existence of consciousness.

As we already mentioned in another article Gnosis = Epignosis (and the opposite as the one leads to the other) that further means that at the energetic (electric) level Earth = Moon (they are actually not be seen as physically equal for a very certain reason that we will explain below).

The Moon vs Earth

However, the earth is also a hologram manifested in the Mental Expression level as a conceptual understanding through the existence of the moon. Thus the feminine energy expressed through the moon (throughout Sun) gives birth to the male and female energies at the Mental Expression level that is also known as creation or matter giving to the earth dual sex. Male and female sex as a condition.

This is exactly the case with both male and female human sexes. These sexes reflect exactly the dual sex condition of the earth. So we’re not talking about only two different sexes but also different planets, worlds, entities or realities taking place at the very same moment as a coherent experience or reality!

What is of particular interest is that the earth on a manifestation or Mental Expression level appears as taking three times the size of the moon.

As an assumption, we can say that at the level of creation the collective consciousness creates reality by taking into consideration two parts of the dark light (that reflects the dark energy) and one part of the bright light (or energy). So we perceive the existence of the moon as a bright disk about one-third the size of the earth. This constitutes a fixed pre-condition of consciousness that is always reflected throughout the whole creation of the universe, as the main rule.

Are The Moon and Earth the Same Size?

As the global or collective consciousness continues to grow, the difference (between dark and bright light or energies) will diminish until the masculine and the feminine energies merge together into single energy. Then the moon on the sky will become equal to the earth on one to one basis until they both merge together into the wholeness.

Indeed, the round shape of the earth is derived from the round shape of the moon that in turn comes from the circular flow of creation of reality (The Reality Circular Flow) due always to the dualistic – materialistic cyclical way of human thinking!

Why The Moon Landing Was Probably Fake

However, the existence of the earth is mainly due to the deceiving existence of the earth’s satellite, that is, the moon throughout the Sun as an intermediate body or means. The only reason that the moon there exists on the horizon, I repeat, is because of the mechanism of consciousness (Epignosis) as a conscious reference of the earthy experience (Gnosis).

Furthermore, according to the above model or mechanism, no one ever visited the moon as it seems to be only an empty energetic space or electric field with no matter at all. It’s only an illusion, a perception, a projection an image or whatever else could that be, except matter!

Finally, we can assume that if someone tries to reach the moon then it will find out that it refers to or derives from a single reflection of the earthy experience as empty space (like a mirror) throughout the sun and nothing more! Indeed, the relativity of its size comparing to the size of the earth gives a false impression of the existence of a distance!

Why The Moon Orbits The Earth

Also, the full moon phase occurs when the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, called opposition. Only then their opposing energies are perfectly aligned through the Sun as proof of the above writings. Also, a lunar eclipse can only happen at a full moon.

We have to state that the moon can be seen moving in the sky possessing the attributes of a real planet, but it is not, as it is derived from an illusion (as an image) that it also takes space in the sky like an empty energetic body or field (a dead body with no soul) because exactly of the existence of the magnetic field and the consciousness.

Indeed, by studying the above model, the sun doesn’t appear to move. It actually works as a communicating vessel between the earth and the moon. In the same way, the moon gives the false impression that stays together with the earth. In reality, there is no movement at all.

The above lunar eclipses and the moon’s elliptical orbit are due to precession (metaptosis) because of the different stages of creation, from notion to image and then to reality. So, it is more than obvious that we talk about energies and their adjustments on a regular basis, throughout the sun, as always the part of the moon that is seen from the earth it depends always on conceptual perceptions and other psychological factors. Time is also another main psychological factor that is counting always on an upscaling scale and contributing in this way to the false impression of the moon’s orbit!

In Conclusion

These exact above factors reflect the existence of the sun, the earth, and the moon, due mainly to consciousness and the electromagnetic field, that hold them together and in order (and not because of their gravity as most people believe). In another article, we will examine in detail what the sun is all about and its importance in the procedure of the creation of different realms. Only then everything will be tied together in order for the entire system to make sense!

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