How Personality Creates Personal Reality

The prerequisite for human existence on earth is the existence of the planet that will host that existence. Thanks to the existence of the planet earth the earthy living experience is possible. In order for the mind to create the earthy living experience, it will, therefore, has to acquire or create the home that will house this being.

The mind experiences what it acknowledges and acknowledges whatever it experiences. Otherwise, there is no experience at all.

Prior to this living experience, the appropriate level of awareness is needed through understanding. We have to make it clear here and realize that the appropriate level of awareness as a pre-condition is necessary in order for the living experience to take place, as a condition.

Just recall the rule of the cause and effect as their underpinning forces that have an impact and apply both to the physical as to spiritual reals also. As above so below.

Interpreting all the above we can say that without the existence of the planet earth is not possible any form of earthly living existence but also without any sort of experience or consciousness on earth, the existence of the planet itself is not possible either.

The moon orbits the Earth and the Earth orbits the sun.
They are all in the same galaxy, The Milky Way. The moon and the sun can not support life but they can both support life on earth.

We can now conclude that the existence of the moon, earth and sun is only possible for the sake of the collective consciousness (including human consciousness) and vice versa!

How Our Personality Shapes Our Interactions with Reality – Implications

Personality traits are defined as habitual patterns of thought, behavior, and emotion that endure over time. Our personality affects our perception and actual behavior.

At the center of creation, there is the consciousness that forms the basis of personality. Personality includes also character. Consciousness sustains personality. Personality creates personal reality. The sum of personal realities creates a collective reality. Collective reality expresses and affects creation as a whole.

At the center of all personal realities there exists the intersection point. There lies the center of collective consciousness (including human consciousness) but also its source (sud-consciousness). It all starts and ends there. At the center of collective consciousness (as far as human consciousness concerns), personalities and personal realities are human hearts.

The entire human body reflects the actual personal reality expressed in the material world. The upper part of the body above the heart reflects the consciousness through the functions of the conscious-unconscious mind before the manifestation of reality. The lower level of the body below the heart reflects reality before manifestation.

The body also reflects the unconscious mind before manifestation and the conscious mind reflects spirit. They have to bond together in order to create reality. At the center of the heart, there also exists the subconscious mind or Soul.

The human heart there exists as a focal point facilitating and sustaining the whole procedure as a communicating vessel between conscious-unconscious and subconscious minds. It applies to both personal and collective consciousness as their subequal realities as well.

How Human Body Relates with Solar System

The human heart is an organ that pumps blood throughout the body via the circulatory system, supplying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and removing carbon dioxide and other wastes. The tissues of the body need a constant supply of nutrition in order to be active.

The heart contains electrical “pacemaker” cells, which cause it to contract — producing a heartbeat. A healthy heart contraction happens in five stages. Then the cycle repeats.

The solar system comprises the Sun and all orbiting objects. Apart from the planets, their satellites and their rings, several smaller celestial objects such as asteroids and comets are found within the gravitational field of the Sun.

Because hydrogen is a major constituent of stars, this means that the star’s plasma consists primarily of free protons that need to bond together to form the helium element. Under these conditions, the Sun is a huge thermonuclear reactor that converts hydrogen into helium.

On the other hand, the solar wind, which is a stream of particles from the sun, forms a bubble in the interstellar medium that encompasses the Sun, planets, and asteroids.

The importance of the Sun in the evolution and maintenance of life on Earth is crucial as it gives all the energy, even for the creation of oil and coal, with the exception of nuclear.

With the fundamental process of photosynthesis, it provides the necessary energy for the growth of plants and those of living organisms and maintains the surface temperature of the Earth at tolerable levels for life.

How The Human Body Reflects Reality

The human body reflects the solar system. It connects every planet to every major human organ. It doesn’t matter which planet with which organ. It is important to observe that just as they organize the solar system around the sun; they organize the human body around the heart. The focal meeting point of the two systems is the sun and the human heart accordingly.

Proof that the heart of the solar system is the human heart is that it pushes blood to circulate inside the arteries in such a way that it reaches all organs. It is a natural pump that takes blood from the veins and sends it to the arteries. The heart functions continuously throughout the life of the body.

The heart circulates blood through two pathways: the pulmonary circuit and the systemic circuit.

We can conclude that the human heart is also the center of the solar system. Thus all the features that transpire in the sun also correspond to the characteristics of the human heart and the opposite.

How The Mind Reflects Reality

The mind circulates data through the two hemispheres in order to create reality.

The heart function also reflects the mind function. They both work in stages and in a cyclical way. They also work through circuits.

This is how the mind creates and sustains reality through the heart’s functionality. The two circuits of the heart reflect the two circuits of reality creation. From logic as the conscious part or side of the mind to understanding as to the unconscious part or side of the mind and vise Versa.

At that point where the two circuits meet is the point where the electric field meets with the magnetic field. Every electrical intervention consists of a disturbance into the system that bonds the two separate fields into one field that is the electromagnetic field. This is exactly the field that facilitates and sustains reality and matter.

The bonding of the two fields into the electromagnetic field is possible through the nuclear fission of the divided thoughts at the interaction point where the two fields electric and magnetic bond together, and that is exactly what actually happens underneath the solar’s activity.

It reflects both the mind’s and heart’s functionalities. As a result, solar activity through light gives birth and sustains every living existence on earth and solar system or galaxy.

Indeed, sightsees light expressed in reality as matter, as it does not perceive the underpinning energies that generate and sustain that matter which in turn results from the bonding of the electric and magnetic fields, deriving from the divided thought, caused mainly by the materialistic way of thinking, as a mechanism.

In Conclusion

I realize that it is somehow difficult for someone to grasp the fact that everything that comes into existence is inextricably interconnected. From cognition to understanding and then to the shaping of the body and to the formation of the external environment and the whole universe.

However, based on the existing level, everything is infinitely connected. Indeed, every cell of the human brain reflects exactly the relevant position, stigma, and classification of just about every celestial body inside the universe, known or unknown yet by scientists, and any human cell, organ, and function. Nothing is left outside or by an accident.

Collective consciousness creates and sustains the whole creation and manifestation of reality. The earth and the galaxies are the effects of collective consciousness and the underpinning materialistic way of thinking, as the main cause.

Every living or abiotic being on the planet is involved to a certain degree in creation as long as they possess any sort of consciousness. Human personality creates and sustains personal reality on an individual level of consciousness.

The whole system develops always and evolves through the rise of consciousness at the individual and collective levels towards higher and higher levels of creation and existence.

The nuclear reaction to the sun’s core is also the effect of collective consciousness as a cause. In this way, the materialistic way of thinking forms the basis that governs all creation including sun that in turn supports and sustains life on earth.

At the physical level through the supply of free energy from the Sun through the mechanism of the free choice from reproductive models, every living organism is constantly increasing its entropy as a state of function in order to stay alive (We will review this in detail in another article).

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