How Manifestation Really Works

Love and fear comprise the two basic or main states of the mind. They also represent the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind as the two opposite sides or poles. In the middle, there exist the values – truths, experiences, and facts that they comprise the belief system (point O).

Emotions are forces that bridge the two opposite poles and we conceive them either as cause or effect. Emotions are action-oriented forces that turn to motions after the intervention of the thoughts or feelings and the conscious mind (free will). Reactions are actually emotive responses to actions through the subconscious mind, and they are finally perceived back again by the conscious mind creating new feelings and emotions as new experiences and then the cycle begins again. Through this mechanism, personality comes into play and then personal reality or matter.

The main condition for the above system to set up is the connection with the center of the system that is the heart (point O). Then the two fundamental states of the mind (Love and Fear) lie opposite on the two sides. Under the two fundamental states, there are sub-states that derive from the main above states (such as faith-doubt, knowledge-decision, etc).

The bridge between the above poles – states (or sub-states) is the emotions as forces of cause and effect and by their density. The density of these forces depends on the levels of the emotional and cognitive states because of these values-truths, facts, and experiences (belief system) and from the level of consciousness.

The leveraging in the density of feelings or thoughts and emotions along with the level of the consciousness comprises the level or the degree or the span of the perceived reality and accordingly the span of possibilities that lead to the actual or personal reality (through personality).

The bigger the span the most possible the thoughts (or desires) to come to fruition. The higher the level of the perceived or anticipated reality the broader the span of expressed reality the easier-smoother and the higher the quality of life. Values-truths and facts and experiences (belief system) are enriched each time through new experiences.

New experiences also increase the level of consciousness. The higher the level of consciousness the higher the pace of synchronicities the more anticipated the effects the better confronted the causes, the actions – reactions, and the safer the results.

Why Your Manifestation Is Not Working

The above sources – powers push the system that continuously adjusts through conflicting powers (cause and effect). This constitutes the push driven approach caused by the current way of thinking of humanity. This brings uneasiness to the system. A hard and unpredictable life. From order to disorder. There is needed the existence of equilibrium to make the system calm down and stop the pendulum of cause and effect.

From the old and obsolete system to an adjusted one following the shortest or middle road. From cause and effect to affecting the cause. A brand new pull driven approach. To our very own luck, there is one! That is the point(s) that is called the middle in-between point(s) that we will now examine in great detail.

How Personal Manifestation Works The Best

Now the system as far as the personal reality is concerned, because of a continuous interchange between the conflicting powers mentioned above (cause and effect) on the personal level, gives the impression of the existence of time.

But already as we know time is a cyclical metaphysical attribute caused mainly by the cyclical way of thinking. Time is an illusion. A psychological factor. It gives the impression of things evolving in a linear or no-linear way or time span.

As a result, logic and understanding on a personal level now become purpose and vision. Why? Because the notion of time and future creates an expectancy upon the individual that in turn creates desires and initiatives. Potential comes into play and a new uplifting stage of awareness from both sides.

From the purpose (right side of the mind), we have self-actualization as a desire that according to Maslow is the full realization of one’s potential and one’s true self.

From the vision (left side of the mind), we have self-empowerment as an initiative that is taking charge of your own life through the decisions you make every day by not giving away your power by allowing others to decide for you. This consists of a new context or way of thinking. A reverse way of thinking. An intended inter-change of poles or states of mind.

Manifestation How-To Apply

Through the above self-actualization as a desire, we will finally arrive at a new sub-state of mind (point E) that is mindfulness (nonjudgmental state of a heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions or experiences on a moment to moment basis).

Through self-empowerment will finally arrive at self-acceptance (point F) as a new sub-state of mind (becoming aware and acknowledging your behavior, habits, and personality and not being afraid to look yourself as you are). Those are the middle in-between points that we mentioned above (E and F). Through these points, the rectangle (A, B, C, D) takes its highest value or area.

What is the main difference between the push and pull driven approach? In the first case, awareness comes only through the conscious part of the mind while in the second case awareness comes from both sides of the mind (purpose and vision).

And why this is important? Because besides balancing the system by taking charge of your own life, those two new states of mind draw the values-truths (that is the regard that something is held to deserve or principles or standards of behavior or one’s judgment of what is important) and facts (they refer to the truths about the world or a statement about some aspects of objective reality) against the new sub-states of mind (mindfulness and selfempowerment ) neutralizing the causes and then their effects.

That’s why we call this approach affecting the causes. Now the whole system (rectangle A, B, C, D) is balanced and the cause and effect of the old system become obsolete. Perfect!

How Does Manifestation Happen

But this is not all! Values-truths will be drawn and weighted against mindfulness and they will alter from a judgemental subjective state or condition to a nonjudgemental one of complete awareness.

On the other hand, facts will be drawn and weighted against self-acceptance and they will finally alter from a subjective state or view as they actually are to an objective and honest selfreview and adjustment, accepting their true meanings as omens or reassurance of the appropriate path to follow.

In this way, by becoming aware and acknowledging your behavior, hobbies, and personality from one side (that is your outer world) to your character on the other side (your inner world) they will adjust to each other and be perfectly aligned.

As a result, expressed reality (rectangle E, F, C, D) that is the reflection of the lower part of your body through personality and which actually reflects matter, will be aligned with perceived reality or character that is the upper part of your body through personality again (rectangle A, B, F, E) which in turn reflects only a subjective reality enhancing your own interests.

In this way, perceived reality (inner world) will get feedback from expressed reality (outer world) and adjust to it towards a new more balanced and predictable actual reality.

That is something that could not happen by following the old way of thinking and mindset of cause and effect. Everything now takes place in the inside as an inner war or adjustment but purposefully.

That’s why we call it a pull driven approach by altering your mindset towards new reverse states of mind and affecting the causes! Now the system works backward extinguishing all the stresses and agonies caused by the old cyclical way of thinking.

In Conclusion

To summarize we can say that for an individual in order to change his way of living for the better he has to realize his true potential inside the context of his true abilities or capabilities on a steady day to day basis.

By being in the seat of driving his own life instead of following the others and by searching for the gold inside instead of outside then he will come to a new state of awareness through self-gnosis (that is a clear view of his personality) and then to a new state of existence on a higher plane of self-knowledge and consciousness.

Thus individuality as an old and obsolete mindset will gradually shift and finally bond with personality, the character with behavior, ignorance with gnosis, dark with the light. Then by following the middle and shortest road described above, with optimism and decisiveness, the actual personal reality (rectangle A, B, C, D) of the inner cycle will gradually expand.

It will expand towards the outer cycle that is the objective reality or collective consciousness of all things to be and exist on this 4th dimension (as a passage to the next one of the 5th dimension) until the inner cycle coincides with the outer one (towards points J, K).

Then all parts will come back together into wholeness, masculine and feminine energy will bond together into oneness. Beyond these points, self-gnosis will be replaced by a new state of enlightenment towards higher consciousness that is the direct-gnosis or “opening” of the third eye.

Then the real magic will begin to happen as more and more people will start to realize that individuality and the distinction between cause and effect as opposite conflicting forces are simply a mechanism a materialistic way of thinking an utopia! Needs and desires will loose their initial grip on you and the right answers will be available even before you ask for them!

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