Spiritual Human Evolution And Origin Of Life

What Is Spiritual Human Evolution And Sustainability?

Every heartfelt desire is also a goal. This is a goal-oriented approach since the origin of life. The reason behind this is to always turn unknown unknowns into known knowns and eliminate risk.

Another reason is to sustain and evolve any species to their physical existence and survival. So human sustainability is one of the main and critical factors behind the success of the development of the appropriate skills and capacities by promoting wellbeing as the basis of long-term happiness and success (Bliss).

Every Goal reflects the external environment and appears as a problem to be solved by exploiting character, behavioral traits, or skills in the best possible way. So heartfelt (moral) desires are goals set by community family and friends rather than coming from the heart as sincere feelings or emotions based on strong felt purposes and objectives.

The reason is to lead to the evolvement of the species by creating excellence by replication, mutation, and selection.

X (Goal or problem or risk) / Value (Measure) = Solution (Occurence)

X is also a given that reflects Everything as Space = 1

Value reflects Time and is always fixed = 3 (the three equal parts as the main factors of reality creation:  Space, Time and Space-Time)

Space / Time = Space-Time

So the solution is always 0,333 that reflects the physical occurrence at the mind’s physical expression level. This reflects the coordinates of the meeting point of the conscious-unconscious and subconscious mind here on planet earth as the relative distance from their common origin (0).

At the spiritual level, the subconscious mind reflects the sun, at the emotional level the unconscious mind reflects the moon and at the physical level, the conscious mind reflects the earth. There at their meeting point, the mind creates matter following always the Golden Ratio.

Zero (0) is the focal point and the three threes the coorninates of the x,z,y Axes.

The Cycle Of Spiritual Human Evolution

Problem-solving has become a fundamental factor in creating and sustaining life. Always, a goal-oriented approach that never ends. Just for the sake of the sustainability and evolution of the species of the physical reality realm. By always chasing the heartfelt desires imposed by the mind and not by the heart. By exploiting the abilities as a character and behavioral traits.  Just to Be you and me here and now. Occurrence as the sustainability of the fittest species since the origin of life.

The three steps of the process or push-driven approach are 1) to identify the problem 2) to choose the most suitable to the case process for solving this type of problem based on the abilities personal and social traits 3) Execute the process and continuously improve the abilities or skills.

This process evolves through three steps that are replication (action), mutation (reaction), and selection as survival of the fittest species through selection (occurrence) reflecting the conscious, unconscious, and subconscious mind respectively. Up to now, this is the procedure that brought humanity to this evolution stage.

The Old Paradigm As A Push-Driven Approach

The Cycle of Spiritual Human Advancement

There comes a big misunderstanding. Every thought or idea as triggers due to the dualistic way of thinking they set up the system by bonding together the three parts of the mind conscious-unconscious and subconscious (order). In this way, the electric and magnetic fields bond together probabilities (as character traits reflecting past) with possibilities (as behavioral traits reflecting future), and abilities (as skills reflecting present).

Then by the intervention of the conscious mind by exploiting decision making and free will and by the dividing thought, they split again into the three structurally parts of the mind (conscious-unconscious and subconscious) through action-reaction forces as causes and effects at the spiritual, emotional, and physical levels (disorder).

So the experience is already there. The only ingredient missing in order to create an event or light is the occurrence at the physical creation level. The conscious part of the mind through the reaction forces always pushes the past (as probabilities) towards the future (as possibilities) turning them into the abilities of the present and then to mobilities towards change (through a free will) in order to create certainties on the present moment (events).

Certainties as occurrences always reflect the subconscious part of the mind. So the subconscious mind reflects always the solution to the problem. The solution is aways a physical appearance as an inhered part of an event at the point where the three parts of the mind bond together creating matter.  So the conscious-unconscious and subconscious mind they finally all meet (coincide) at the subconscious part of the mind on a deeper level.

As you probably realize at the physical creation level humans even though they create reality consciously on the spot they perceive that reality subconsciously in their future instead of consciously in the present as they should.

Senses are deceived by the mind because of the time intervals between past (unconsciously), present (subconsciously instead of consciously), and future (consciously instead of subconsciously). In other words, the mind always stretches the present into the future. The present moment is always lost.

Now everything becomes even more confusing. Humans do not actually see or feel as they think. They actually see or feel what they are willing to see or feel like in their future. They just act and react to internal and external triggers without even realizing it (unconsciously). As a result, they are unable to adjust and respond on the spot as they should. They place the horse behind the cart. Life becomes hard and unpredictable.

The Problem With The Push-Driven Approach

In this way, humanity chase always the wrong desires of the flesh towards short-term happiness and not of the spirit. Spiritual evolution is diminishing as a result. So the solution to any problem becomes just the reason for existence and nothing more. So the cause is the problem and physical existence of the effect.

There is no physical existence or appearance without goals, problems, or risks to be solved or eliminated. It is a procedure based on problem-solving as a reality creation mechanism in order to always keep the mind busy. An evolution cyclical process through decision making in order to create and sustain the survival of the fittest of any species (including humans).

But what takes place at the physical level does not reflect the real essence of the spiritual life. The real essence and the real purpose of life are Bliss. Bliss is the ultimate prize given to a sustainable species for being sustained and exist so far. So it is something more than To Exist. It is also To Be here and now.

Success and Long-Term Happiness is also the other fundamental ingredients of Sustainability. That means to continue To Exist and To Be as an evolved, happy, healthy, and successful species through an elevated Consciousness.

So it is difficult to always align the three parts of the human mind the conscious-unconscious and Subconscious mind. The reason is obvious because of the time divergence at the spiritual, emotional, and physical levels. The right timing is lost.

As a result, every occurrence is not followed by subsequent emotions and feelings on the spot. So life goes on, on an automatic pilot than as a coherent continuous conscious approach. Thus To Exist is not Equal To Be. This creates a disturbance of the spiritual and physical laws and constant dissatisfaction at the physical level of existence.

But how to Be here and now at the present moment and sustain your self and on the other hand to exist here and now when you search for long term happiness? Timing is lost because the long term is not an absolute value. Is a relative value consisting of fractions of repeating (or continuous) happiness.

Subconscious mind even though seems to appear at the physical creation level in fact at a spiritual level it locates at the focal point 0 where the heart locates. Events take place on the spot on the present moment but an unaware mind receives the effects with a time difference by the time the sunlight (bearing the information) and moonlight (as a compiler of that information) meet on earth. The senses deceive the mind. Timing is lost once more. The conscious is unable to respond appropriately. Bliss is lost either.

This is another problem deriving from the push driven approach. At the beginning of the evolution process of humanity, people lived depending more on their abilities to hunt and grow their own food on the table. So people were more aware or focused on their own needs and less on their wands. As time went by because of machine mash production and the booming of science and technology people begun to live far above the level of their true abilities.

As a result, problems became more and more complicated. Social problems and risks far existed the abilities of the average human. This created an overproduction of goods far more than needed. Especially in the developed western societies supply far existed demand.

Instead of having strong feelings of surplus/abundance or the fulfillment of wands, we get weak feelings as a high level and resistance to fear or risk and weak motives or goals with a direct impact on the level of happiness “Easterlin Paradox”. As a result, people gave more weight to short-term happiness and gratification as sex, everyday pleasures of the flesh, money, fame, glory, and false power.

The process remained the same but the bliss was lost somewhere on the road. However, spirit struggles to outweigh this gap and the pace of the evolution process was diminishing as a result. Now people live up to their capabilities instead of their true abilities as skills or levels of expertise. Capabilities as the potential to perform a task somehow someday. Timing once more is lost. Bliss is lost.

Bliss (push driven approach) = Success + (Sort-term) Hapinees + Heartfelt (Moral) Desires (Feelings and Emotions)

The Need To A Shift To A New Paradigm

The Cycle of Spiritual Human Evolution

Act, do not react became the new motto of today’s days in order for someone to align inner with outer self. In my opinion, neither one is correct. Reality formation and creation is a spiritual, emotional, and physical ongoing process. As distinct levels one inside the other they always come together as action-reaction forces. Someone can not force one without the enforcement of the other. The right answer is neither to act nor to react. Just to Respond. That is to be response-able. This a whole new approach to the old paradigm.

We are not talking about heartfelt moral desires anymore. Heartfelt moral desires have to do with social principles of conduct, ethics, and behavior.  We talk about the warmhearted feelings and emotions that derive from the above procedure by servicing themselves and the others. We talk about virtues. We talk about qualities as prudence or discretion. Virtues are qualities that reside in the heart. They are the disposition to respond.

Bliss (pull driven approach) = Success + (Long-term) Hapiness + Perfect (Moral) Virtues

The real reason for human existence is towards sustainable happiness, bliss, and increased or elevated Consciousness.

The same happens with success.  It depends on the objectives and the overall goals.

The Benefits With The New Pull-Driven Approach

This turns everything around. The old process-oriented procedure becomes obsolete. The reason is that sustainability or occurrence is given at point 0. An occurrence at that point is nonsense because there Everything Exists no matter what someone feels or sees.

At that point occurrences now become mobilities that create change. At this level is not needed to force any action-reaction. The reason is that mobilities are actually responses to actions-reactions. So the reality is actually made from actions-reactions and responses. If someone is focused on the responses (responsibilities) then the mind becomes silent.

No more struggle in order to align the three parts of the mind. They all naturally come to a neutral state allowing subconscious minds to receive the solution instantly on the spot but this time consciously and not subconsciously. Occurrence is felt or seen on the spot effortlessly. Success and long-term happiness are achievable at this stage.

This is a new pull or response-driven approach. Creating a value-oriented approach. That means that people create whenever they need to. It also increases the variety of real needs and the opposite demand whenever and wherever is needed on the spot. The system becomes more flexible, adaptable, and brings the system back into balance.

Pull creation methods force processes to improve by increasing flexibility and reduce risk. Actually, it diminishes risk naturally. Relationships with self and the others become stronger and stronger.

At this point of occurrence at level 0, truths meet with values at their neutral density value [Neither Self-less nor Selfish (+5) and Neither Fear-less nor Fearful (-5)]. So the conscious-unconscious mind through feeling and emotions as causes and effects stop fighting each-other as even and opposite forces anymore.

They continue to exist and contribute to the procedure by being in a neutral mental state. Thus the conscious mind becomes quiet. This is where the soul speaks straight to the heart. In this way, the spiritual and physical laws of cause and effect are not violated.

The difference is that attention now is focused on occurrences as responses instead of needs and wands as actions-reactions and the need for continuous elevation of consciousness through the evolvement of the skills and abilities. Now occurrence precedes as a results-oriented approach and action-reaction forces follow naturally.

But how exactly to shift from the previous to a new approach. From the push driven to pull driven approach. It is quite simple.  Complex social problems of nowadays they all have the same root. Social distancing or detachment (also because of diseases and viruses as threats such as COVID-19) weighs heavily on society. The new approach to the procedure still remains a goal-oriented approach as before but with the main difference.

The main goal and the main objective is to become response-oriented. To become response-able. In other words to become responsible. That means to take charge of the implications because of your own initiatives and actions and not to blame others for your own faults. Stop judging and criticizing yourself and the others for not having the results you aspire or think that you need or want.

In this way, you will get to know yourself better. Your real strengths and weaknesses. To communicate better with your real spiritual needs and wants and learn to live up to your own real abilities (not capabilities).

Thus you will regain the real zest for life and your real purpose of this life cycle on earth that makes your heart skirts from extreme happiness and feel proud of being of good service to your fellow man and to your lovely self.

Aristotle’s virtues:

Courage – bravery.

Temperance – moderation.

Liberality – spending.

Magnificence – charisma, style.

Magnanimity – generosity.

Ambition – pride.

Patience – temper, calm.

Friendliness – social IQ.

In Conclusion

The origin of life is explained through the way the human specie creates, sustains, and evolves through the eons on earth. Human consciousness acceleration compared to the other species brought human evolvement towards its own terms.

Human sustainability is actually attained like a goal-oriented approach in order for humans to effectively and efficiently control and sustain themselves in reality by eliminating the risks of the internal-external environment since the origin of life.

So evolution and development of skills have the same origin as a goal-oriented approach with similar purposes and objectives. To create and sustain the occurrences (life) through problem-solving as a push driven approach through replication, mutation, and selection. They in turn reflect the conscious-unconscious and subconscious mind always moving from order to disorder.

The very same reason behind the procedure that steers the development of the skills and capacities of humanity towards wellbeing, success, and long-term happiness reflects more or less the way the other species are evolved and sustained here on planet earth.

But on the way, humans became clever enough to try and cheat spiritual and physical laws by exchanging risk for time, through selfishness, false power, and money. The push or process-driven approach brought humans to the top of the fittest species on the earth bearing a heavy cost. The continuous trial or tenacity to eliminate or extinguish risk became an even bigger problem by threatening his very own existence.

The new pull-driven approach without disturbing the spiritual and physical laws of cause and effect is a results-oriented approach. Instead of emphasizing action-reaction, order-disorder through problem-solving, humans emphasize occurrences as being response-able. As a result, the focus moves to the present moment consciously instead of subconsciously. Timing is regained.

Now by focusing on results (occurrences as effects) instead of the causes, any solutions to any problem or risk come out effortlessly. No more anxiety about the fear of rejection, social distancing, and isolation as some of the main roots of human unhappiness and depression.

To feel deeply the inheritance of being a worthed (sustain-able) as a (response-able) representative of one of the fittest among all the other species here on earth called Human. To regain the road to the spiritual life that leads with accuracy and safety to Bliss (Eudemonia) as a coherent spiritual, emotional, and physical entity.

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