Entropy: The Hidden Force That Complicates Life

Entropy is “the amount of order or lack of order in a system or a measurement of the energy in a system or process that is not available to do work” (Cambridge English Dictionary).

Entropy means internal change. Entropy continuously increases spontaneously. It occurs through the flow of heat from the warmest to the coldest bodies in a system. The flow of heat in a system has the effect of increasing its entropy. Living matter is not autonomous in terms of energy. It is often described as a dynamic equilibrium state. The dynamic equilibrium state holds the sun’s energy in the form of a constantly expanding biosphere.

Each occurrence of an event that occurs in nature increases the entropy of the part wherever it occurs. Through metabolism, the body achieves its release from all the entropy it has to produce as long as it is alive.

If Entropy Always Increases How is Life Possible?

The second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy of a closed system cannot decrease. However, within a system, the entropy of a system can decrease by raising the entropy of another system.

Entropy is a state of function. The changes in the entropy of a system are determined by its initial and final stages. The total entropy of the universe can never decrease. Entropy can decrease, provided that it increases somewhere else by at least as much.

How Does Your Body Maintain Homeostasis?

Homeostasis, from the Greek words for “same” and “steady,” refers to any process that living beings use to actively maintain fairly stable conditions necessary for survival. 

The core of human nature is positive. This is happening for the reason that he always stays connected close to the Source. The basic human motive is self-fulfillment. This provides a continuous opening to experience and competence as a strong drive for improvement.

This above is a self-centered approach to understanding the environment and personality. The subjective way that each person experiences their environment also determines their behavior. But this is also a major problem.

Finally, man is self-defined by the belief that he has the capacity or the right to free will and choice to live the life he likes or wands within the limits of his inherent abilities.

That is not true in actual reality. As we have seen in another article, free will is just part of the process as a mechanism and not as a right to free will or expression. Freewill finally leads to pre-destiny and vise Versa. Thus there exists a pre-defined destiny that no one can avoid or surpass.

Why is it Important For Our Bodies to Maintain Homeostasis?

Maintaining homeostasis is essential for any organism to remain healthy and stay alive. It is essentially the body’s ability to control the environment from the inside. Basically, it is characterized as the way that your internal organs work together in perfect harmony.

The only way for a man to change his fate is to gradually change this self-centered approach to understanding the environment and personality. Even though he is living on an individual level and experiencing inside an open system he does not perceive it as such.

While the sun provides infinite power that could support its biological needs forever, thinking and understanding through the above materialistic approach drives him gradually to biological degeneration and ultimately to physical death.

How to Change Entropy in Life Expectancy

Although man has succeeded in creating and preserving matter and reality through consciousness and the subsequent materialistic way of thinking, he has not yet succeeded in preserving himself inside this reality for long.

The reason is because of the everlasting conflicting thoughts between the opposite poles as states of mind that are logic and understanding, trying always to find his initial origins and final destination.

The same reason that creates his actual reality using cause and effect as a push driven approach (as a mechanism) comprises at the same time the root of the problem. Especially the western way of living and the mentality behind it gives a false impression that the mind by causing the effects can impose its own reality.

However, affecting the causes through a pull driven approach is the solution to the problem that consists of a conscious raising of awareness towards higher levels of consciousness, described in detail in another article.

In Conclusion

The western way of living and mindset with its many amenities gives the false impression of the ability of the mind to impose itself on reality and matter. This is not true at all as at the same time the human body and mind comprise and consist of matter.

What you can do instead is to understand this simple finding to let your unique destiny take over and lead you wherever it wants you to be, providing the least resistance.

That further means trusting and accepting your destiny by being mindful at the same time and taking care of the next steps will create the needed purpose and keep your mind on the right track. That will be enough!

By combining logic and understanding as mental portals of creation with entropy as an essential state of function at a physical expression level, reality and time always flow because of heat. It keeps the human body temperature stable for a very special reason. For mind and body to thrive and create a safe environment.

Body temperature is a marker for measuring the timing of the circadian rhythm. Body temperature decreases to a minimum during sleep at around 04:00 hours and increases until the maximum of the rhythm is reached at about 18:00. 

Solar light and heat flow through matter from the warmest to the coldest bodies inside an eco-system. This also constitutes the basis of collective consciousness.

Each part of the human body or sub-system also posses its own intelligence as a part of a broader bio-system and human intelligence. You cannot reverse or stop intentionally this matter’s flow but you can very well let it follow its own path. It knows better how to find the path with less resistance just like a river does.

This is the true essence of life and its greatest lesson! In fact, this is not a defeatist approach to life at all. Οn the contrary it is an important victory!

Allowing personal luck or fate to lead your life and having confidence in your superior self, living here and now you can always be safe. You will eventually become a survivor and a real-life winner.

And this is because it works in the best way not only for everybody concerned but for the common good of all creation as well.

By reversing your mindset by shifting your consciousness from an enclosed to an open ecosystem and accepting and facilitating your personal destiny through a less self-centered approach towards an open and desirable collective destiny only then will you be part of the solution rather than the problem towards the highest levels of consciousness, a better understanding of himself, higher levels of happiness and contentment! A blissful life!

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