How Does Matter Antimatter Differ?

In this article, we will answer questions on how the human mind perceives, organizes, interprets, and expresses information turning it into the matter as a personal reality, through a cohered and systemic approach:

Questions such as:

What is matter-antimatter? How do they differ?
How are matter-antimatter attracted to each other?
What happens if antimatter touches matter and how they react?
What is matter-antimatter annihilation energy?
How matter-antimatter is related to the vision system and how they affect personal reality through personality?
How the human thinking process creates personal reality and what is the role of the geographic and geomagnetic poles?
What is gravity-antigravity?
How to discover your true potential and life purpose?
Table of Contents

Human Vision System

Copyright 2021 – Types of Human Vision Affecting Personal Reality or Matter

There exist two types of vision. One is oriented towards the north geomagnetic pole (describing the magnetic field observed at Earth’s surface) and concerns observation. There are two types of observation qualitative and quantitive through the senses. Through it, the objects and the earthly environment are arranged by their length and height by the observer.

The second vision type is oriented towards the geographic north pole (that occurs near but distinct from the north magnetic pole), and by shifting the above image it rearranges the earthy environment and the objects by their width and depth and transforms them into an earthly living experience here on planet Earth, including the observer himself, through overt observation.

This creates the frame through which stereoscopic vision creates the illusion of three-dimensional reality by arranging and re-arranging objects in a slightly different way at the same time (through two similar but slightly different images one for each eye) sorting them by their level of importance (chances and levels of occurrence) to the observer creating length (space) and its reflection, height (topologically, as a cause) and width (time) and its reflection, depth (chronologically, as an effect) as a coherent space-time or cause-effect continuum.

Actually, planet earth is not the spherical compact body as we perceive it through our senses but an energy space as a result of the existence of human consciousness and the cyclical or dualistic way of human thinking. The constant alternation between the two poles (actual magnetic and geomagnetic) creates the illusion of movement through the action-reaction and interaction forces, cause, and effect. Indeed, planet earth and our physical environment consists the result of a constant human effort to control and adapt the environment to its own capabilities (needs as reactions) and desires (wands as actions).

In fact, it is simply a mechanism that combines the past and the future into the present moment and the abilities, qualities, or rights (as a reaction towards past, as probabilities, solutions, or facts) with responsibilities, virtues, or duties (as an action towards future possibilities, occurrences, results or events) into the co-coincidences or succession of coincident facts (antimatter) with events (matter) as a new State of Mind (present, now), bearing no more risks (creating feelings or emotions of success, contentment, joy, happiness or bliss).

In modern physics, antimatter is defined as matter (the substance of which a physical object is composed) that is composed of the antiparticles (or “partners”) of the corresponding particles of “ordinary” matter (such as an electron and a positron).

Copyright 2021 – The Pace Length of Reality Creation and Existence

Whenever antimatter meets matter then annihilation occurs, and electromagnetic energy is released (a form of energy that is reflected or emitted from objects in the form of electrical and magnetic waves that can travel through space). Especially the mutual conversion of a particle and antiparticle the entire mass of both particles is converted into electromagnetic radiation or light waves (the entire mass of both particles is converted into pure energy). In fact, most of the light in the universe is invisible to our eyes.

The light waves that derive from their interaction by carrying information make our personal reality available as we perceive it and is actually a mental procedure taking place in two stages: firstly due to the split of the original thought into matter and antimatter (through action-reaction forces) and secondly due to annihilation mentioned above (through the interaction electromagnetic forces cause and effect).

Action (I)Cause (III)Reaction (II)Effect (IV)
ConsciousPreconscious UnconsciousSubconscious
Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, TouchMain Character Traits (Observation, Agreeableness, Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion)Neuroticism (Tendency Towards Anxiety, Depression, Self Doubt, Anger)Main Behavioral Traits (Overt Observation, Dependability, Accountability, Passion To Achieve Goals, Citizenship)
Magnetic Field of Force (Love, Senses)Electromagnetic Field, a Property of Space, Electric Polarization, Efficiency (Optimum Results, Kind, Active Imagination, Sensitivity, Assertiveness, Being Careful, Hard Working, Goal Oriented…)Electric Field of Force (Fear, Emotions, Illusions)Magnetization, Magnetoelectric Effect, Effectiveness (Maximum Output, Able, Trustworthy, Reliable, Open, Honest, Fairness, Willingness to Accept Responsibility…)
Concepts, Thoughts, Truths, Faith, ConcernQualities or Rights, ObservationValues, Ideas, DoubtVirtues or Duties, Overt Observation
Internal EnvironmentReflection of Internal Environment, Antiparticles, Antimmater, AntigravityExternal EnvironmentReflection of External Environment, Particles, Matter, Gravity
Action ForceCreation as Electromagnetic Field, Cause as Electromagnetic ForceReaction ForceExistence as Magnetoelectric, Effect of the externally applied electric or magnetic field
Reality (Receive
as a Present Moment), To Be, a Property of Space, Frequency
Reality (Perceive, Catch a Motion), To Exist, Time, Intensity
Completion, Electromagnetic Interaction Force, Electromagnetic Radiation, LightPerfection, Magnetoelectric, Effect by the externally applied electric field and the modification is detected by the change of the net magnetic moment
Behavioral Traits
Character (Reflection of Behavior Tied to Qualitative Character Traits)Qualitative
Behavior (Reflection of Character Adopted to Suitable Behavioral Traits)
Future (As Possibility)Reality (Reflection of Past at Present Moment as Ability, Attribute or Quality, Fact)Past (As Probability)Reality (Reflection of Future to Present Moment as Responsibility)
Types of Human Personalities Affecting Personal Reality or Matter

One vision is focused on the past and the other on the future. At their base, where they meet, they create the present moment and the 3D environment. Observation and overt observation create the environment including the observer himself as an innate part of the image. When the system is in inaction (equilibrium point) it is always oriented to the western magnetic pole (not northern) where the magnetic compass rotates.

The western magnetic pole (an actual magnetic pole that is placed on the western side of the north geographic pole that is located on the polar ice cap) even though always moves along the movement of the actual magnetic poles according to magnetic changes is always rotated towards Love as a precondition of the orientation of the mind (Love as a predominant powerful State of Mind).

The Human Thinking Proccess

Copyright 2021 – States of Mind-Affecting Personality and Personal Reality

In fact, there is no movement at all. Movement is an illusion of place and time caused by the constant shift in consciousness between geomagnetic and geographic poles. Geomagnetic poles reflect action-reaction as antipodal points (antipodal points on a circle are 180 degrees apart) and geographic poles are the opposite points of interaction forces cause and effect. Each stimulus concerns an internal process as there is no external intervention. Everything happens internally and the conscious mind is always oriented by default towards the future expressed as love and possibilities.

By definition when the conscious mind is directed towards the future the unconscious mind is directed towards the past. When there is a stimulus or problem because of the risks with the greater chances of happening or being true (probabilities), as a reaction towards a provable solution to eliminating their impact (based on past experiences), they combine with suitable behavioral traits and they turn to abilities, qualities, or rights (preconscious mind) and then to the optimum level of the appropriate character (most efficient to the case mental and moral qualities) adapted to the most efficient handling of the most limited resources (including personal time and energy).

At the same moment risks as chances of occurring or being true (possibilities), after their assessment of the level of the risk, combined with qualitative character traits as a possible action towards the future, they turn to the appropriate to the case at hand most effective behavior (the most effective to the case way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others) maximizing the possible results (responsibilities, virtues, or duties – subconscious mind). Whenever there come the anticipating results (maximum possible results by deploying the most limited probable resources) the conscious mind will return to its original state of equilibrium oriented towards the magnetic west (Love).

Nature of Personal Reality and Personality

Copyright 2021 – Types of Human Thinking Affecting Personal Reality or Matter

In this way, through the mental continuous movement along the two poles and the constant alternation between the magnetic and the geographical poles as invisible electric and magnetic fields of force, an Electromagnetic Field is created as a property of space that caused the motion of an electric charge due to Magnetoelectric Effect.

Antiparticles are formed naturally by a large accumulation of energy and Particle-Antiparticle Pairs are produced spontaneously. They have the same mass as one another but opposite electric charges and therefore attract each other. As their charges are opposite, the total charge is conserved, and when they meet they annihilate disappearing in a burst of light.

When energy transforms into mass both matter and antimatter are created in equal amounts. As a result of the dualistic way of thinking (critical and analytical), the illusion of length and height (antimatter), width and depth (matter), and motion, as a 3d reality is created and comes to existence at their central meeting point where the earthly geographical and magnetic poles both meet.

Observation arranges objects in space through the senses and overt observation rearranges them in time through emotions. At their meeting point, the objects are arranged and rearranged by length, width, height, and depth, including the observer himself. The reality (creation and existence) now co-coincide with personal identity and they both create personal reality (antimatter-matter as a space-time continuum) through personality as a coherent Electromagnetic Field.

The consequences of the co-coincidence of the above forces cause and effect due to observation and overt observation are antigravity and gravity. Because of gravity as a consequence of the existence of matter our planet Earth keeps an orbit around the Sun. It holds down the atmosphere and the air we need to breathe and make the living experience possible. Gravity pulls on mass but also on the light. Antigravity is used in order to balance gravity and owns its existence to the antimatter as a cause.

What is the Difference Between Chance, Probability and Possibility?

The main difference between chance, possibility, and probability. Chance is an unpredictable occurrence. The word possibility is derived from the Latin word possibilitas which means able to be done. Probability is most often used when talking about something that has a greater chance of occurring. The word probability is derived from the Latin word probabilitas, which means provable.

Possibilities and probabilities are similar in meaning, but there is a slight difference. Probability: The level of possibility of something happening or being True. Uncertainty or false certainty, ambition or aspiration. Possibility: A chance that something may happen or be True. Event, certainty, or truth as actuality. They both have to correspond to the belief system in order to be perceived and experienced by the individual.

Chances after their level of assessment as uncertainties or risks they come to the creation of reality as abilities through observation. Abilities reflect the level of possibilities or chances but not certainties (probabilities). Through overt observation (also known as a disclosed observation as the participants given their permission for their behavior to be observed), they come to the existence of reality as responsibilities (a reflection of the chances of possibilities that something may happen or being true as self-certainties or occurrences). Their meeting point is truthness, self-certainties, or self-affirmations. Whatever is true remains and is experienced. What is wrong or fake is failed or rejected.

The higher the chances that something may happen to be true, the lower the level of possibilities (causes) of something happening or being true. The lower the chances that something may happen to be true, the higher the implications (effects) that something may happen to be true (chances of occurring or being true and levels of the causes and effects of possibilities or level of possibilities that something may happen to be true are inversely proportional). However, probabilities and possibilities either as causes – effects or abilities – responsibilities, always break even.

Feelings and emotions are the tools and consciousness through character and behavior is the mechanism. You have to believe in your strengths and know your weakness in order for true potential (personal, social) to be employed, noticed, or realized. It is a trial to some degree. It depends on the level of awareness or consciousness of yourself and the world around you. That makes a cyclical way of thinking or logic in rounds. Inputs – Outputs – Inputs. Feelings, emotions – character, behavior – feelings, emotions. Emotions motivate behaviors and behaviors create new emotions.

Possibility = The State or Fact of being Possible = The Chance that Something may be True

Probability = Something is possible but not Certain = The Level of Something being True

Abilities = Probabilities (Provable Solutions) + Suitable Behavioral Traits (The Most Efficient to the Case Way in Which One Acts or Conducts Oneself, Through Observation)

Responsibilities = Possibilities (Able to be Done) + Qualitative Character Traits (The Most Effective to the Case Mental and Moral Qualities, Through Overt Observation)

Geographic North Pole = Abilities = Intensity of Light = Wavelenght = Amplitude = Cause = Height

Geographic South Pole = Responsibilities = Velocity of Light = Range of Wavelenghts = Frequency = Effect = Depth

Magnetic West = Love = Possibilities = Chance = Space = Length

Electric East = Fear = Probabilities = Level = Time = Width

Human Centered Design Thinking

Critical thinking is used in order to evaluate, inform and interpret what to believe to be right or wrong. The thinker employs reasoning to come to a conclusion or form an opinion. It takes outside information into the account. The thinker explores other elements that could be of influence. Is self-directed, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking.

Analytical thinking is a thinking style that enables the thinker to break down information into a series of comprehensive data. It represents a cause-and-effect style of looking at a problem such as understanding the relationship between them by asking questions and by using analytical thinking skills to tie the answers together.

They both look at facts but use them for different purposes. In analytical thinking facts, are used to build information and support evidence that leads to a logical solution. Critical thinking uses facts to determine a belief and form an opinion or decide whether something makes sense. The analysis of facts is to form a judgment.

Critical and analytical thinking is a human-centered design thinking approach as it takes place on the conscious part of the mind in stages where critical thinking always precedes analytical thinking. In this way chances and their levels as the main properties of occurring of possibilities that something may happen or be true, turn to pure electromagnetic energy or waves described by three physical properties: frequency (f), wavelength (λ), and intensity (I), matching exactly the main properties of the occurring of possibilities mentioned above (chances of occurring or possibilities as frequency or velocity of light or range of wavelengths and their levels of occurring or probabilities as the intensity of light or power of light).

In the first place thought (a concern or opinion produced by thinking, or occurring suddenly in the mind) splits into action-reaction forces (through critical thinking) that outweigh each other as equal and opposite forces while triggering at the same time the interaction electromagnetic forces through analytical thinking (cause as a perception – creation, and effect as an expression – existence), that draw to each other and by their meeting (the combination of particles and its antiparticles that results in the subsequent total conversion of the particles into energy) they cause light and the creationexpression of personality (character and behavior) as a coherent personal reality.

True potential and Life Purpose

It’s important to do the things you love and enjoy using limited time and energy. Full-time activities. To find your passions. The true meaning of your life. The sooner you find your life purpose the greater the outcome will be for you.

Your life will become full of joy satisfaction, excitement, passion, energy, and self-expression. For every opportunity that comes your way, you will understand which is your path and destination. Aligning with your goals you will become more focused and efficient.

The process is to find your true passions when you define them you should continue by defining your life’s purpose and creating the personal vision, mission, and goals.

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