Destiny Definition – Define Manifest Destiny

Destiny Defined

Destiny is a predetermined course of events or state or a condition imposed by fate. Destiny is meant to be in the future or meant to happen. Destiny is also a goal or an aim that leads to a greater purpose of someone’s life.

Destiny or Karma?

Karma is often defined as the result of a person’s actions, or destiny. But if you break it down in Sanskrit, karma means ‘making, doing, or lord of.’ Ma is the root for ‘me’. So you could translate karma as ‘what I do to myself.’
Thus karma concerns purpose, vision, set of values. It is also a way of building a life and the purpose behind that life.

The main difference is that destiny is mainly imposed by external factors when karma considers someone responsible for his own actions in life. It mostly depends on internal factors.

Luck or Fate? Is Everything Predestined or Is It All Down to Us?

What is fate all about? “the development of events outside a person’s control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power”.

Luck is defined as events that are beyond our control. They seem subject to a chance. Luck can also be defined as the state of our ignorance. But ignorance creates worry and doubt when refers to the future. Doubt triggers the mind to take a stance against the future. Also “Doubt is the beginning of wisdom” as another ancient Greek proverb goes. But doubt comes mostly from a state of mind of worry and fear.

Referring to the future mind triggers reason through doubt and thus splits energy. Depending on the state of mind positive or negative emotions are created through the opposite feelings. The reactions of those feelings against those emotions through the belief system are perceived both as positive or negative experiences. This is what we call duality. An ongoing war against reason and perceived emotions, mind-spirit, and heart.

“Move your hand along with Athena” is one of my most favorite ancient Greek proverbs that means that “besides the help of the Goddess of luck you have to make an effort or act accordingly, in order to have the desired results”.

According to the above proverb, it actually goes both ways as destiny and karma complete each other. If we also take into account that there is not actually time then there is no future and no fate. Every one perceives whatever preconceives through mind-spirit, feelings, and emotions interpreted through their belief system. So no fate neither luck is the right answer. In this way, destiny becomes a purpose. a self-fulfilled prophecy. A fulfillment of own potential. A Self-Realisation!

Definition Manifest Destiny –  A Wayfinding In Action

Destination refers to an expressed will or a desire to an activity or an action in order to get to someplace. Its last aim is to benefit in some way or to experience happiness. Destination concerns the scope a cause or an endpoint.

Wayfinding refers to a destination. Destiny is like wayfinding to some place when a destination has to do mostly with navigation. The first consists of the art of finding the appropriate path that leads to a destination without technical instruments and charts. This leads to a shift in paradigm on how someone perceives and behaves inside this context. There is no right or wrong destination to someone’s destiny path. Only the appropriate ones in the sense of the needed paths in order to evolve the learning experiences.

A Wayfinder relies on knowledge and logic as opposed to emotion based on knowledge and not superstition or belief. Love and faith provide direction towards destiny. When a destination becomes a conscious omen of a bigger picture of reality then it becomes a learning experience. So is not there by chance. It is for a purpose. That’s what destiny is all about!

Destination defines the means in order to get to someplace. Destiny provides the tools in order to build (organize) a safe and enjoyable life trip towards the future. The very difference is that destiny becomes a destination when there is not a vision of the bigger picture. With the proper vision is in place then destiny becomes a voyage a life trip and destination a simple intermediate station.

You can avoid a certain destination but you can not avoid the path that leads to your destiny. Because destiny is a purpose is a will. As a will comes from the heart and what comes from the heart sooner or later comes into your reality consciously and not unconsciously (through synchronization).

Finally, a Wayfinder needs the ability to transform complex visual images in the mind (i.e. sophisticated thinking in pictures).

Manifest Your Reality – Manifesting Your Desires

Can someone change destiny? Yes and no at the same time. Not at the way, people think. A shift in consciousness is the right way. Consciousness is energy and energy is consciousness. A shift in consciousness is a move to the energetic field. A change from inside and not outside. When the inside changes the outside will change accordingly as a result. Not the other way around.

The real magnet to create reality is that of a love state of mind. Why? Because through that state mind it can move energy to a certain direction. In this way, it is easier for the mind spirit to coincide with heart’s real desires. How? By looking at your true motives behind your desires. Then by listening to your heart’s logic will show the way to follow. A thoughtful desire weighted against your heart’s motives will finally bring you to your desired destination.  Then desire will become your will and then your destiny.  The mind is the facilitator in the procedure and not the end cause.

Listen to the call of destiny in order to reach the appropriate destination. Let the omens lead you where you are supposed to be. It is not what you think you want or need. Forget necessities. Finally, think with your heart and feel with your mind! Only then you will move in the appropriate direction. Synchronicity will show the way and reinforce your faith into your future, without feelings of loss and pain but with feelings of positive emotions full of joy and happiness!.

Let divine offer you more than you think. Then you will realize that what you get is more than you thought possible and they will truly cover every need or want and diminish any fear in order to get you where your real destination resides. To your life fulness, with love, abundance, and happiness. Then you will realize that you finally met your unique and incredible to yourself true destiny as your destiny met your true-self. A self- Fulfilment!

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